Asian F.

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Will meets Emma's parents, Kurt and Brittany get a surprise challenger for class president, and Mike Chang stands up for his lifelong dream.

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Mercedes arrives late to glee practice and discovers that Santana has re-sworn her allegiance to New Directions. After being encouraged by her boyfriend to audition for the lead role in "West Side Story," Mercedes performs "Spotlight" by Jennifer Hudson and blows the judges away. Meanwhile, Mike's dad meets with Figgins and expresses his displeasure at Mike's A- grade on a test, calling it an "Asian F." He hints to Mike that he may need to quit glee club so that he can better focus on his academics. Elsewhere in the school, Kurt feels confident that he will beat Brittany in the election for class president. Brittany, in an effort to prove to the students that it's time for a girl president at McKinley, stages a flash mob of "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyonce. Kurt watches on and worries about the resounding support that Brittany seems to be receiving.


At Will and Emma's apartment, Will tells Emma that he sees them potentially getting married someday. He wonders how they can be growing so close without Will having met Emma's parents. Emma makes an excuse and quickly dismisses her boyfriend's concern. Back at school, she and Coach Beiste deliberate about whether Mercedes or Rachel should get the lead role in the play. They decide the girls will have to re-audition. Meanwhile, Mike feels great disappointment about getting a lackluster grade. On his way to being tutored, he stops in the dance room and proceeds to dance in front of the mirror. At first, Mike envisions his father watching with disappointed eyes, telling his son to give up dancing because it is just a hobby. He then envisions Tina encouraging him, and with a newly-found confidence, proceeds to audition for Westside Story, performing “Cool.”


In the staff room, Will confides in Coach Beiste that he has yet to be introduced to Emma's parents, so Beiste recommends that Will introduce himself. Outside, Kurt presents Blaine with flowers and lovingly admits that Blaine deserves the lead role in the play. Back at glee club, Will criticizes Mercedes for not keeping up with the dance number. Mercedes reaches her breaking point and tells Will that she refuses to take orders from him any longer, and even comments that Rachel is Will's favorite student. She storms out of the room and Will shouts that she'll be kicked off of New Directions if she truly walks out. Mercedes envisions herself and her peers singing "It's All Over" from "Dreamgirls." When she snaps out of the dream, she comments that her time with New Directions is indeed "over."


In the dance room, Mike's mom shows up and berates her son for failing to show up for his tutoring. When Mike discloses that he wants to be an artist, Mike's mom offers her full support and says that they will tell his father together. Mrs. Chang admits that she, too, always wanted to be a dancer but had her dreams squashed by her parents. Mike takes his mom's hand and together they dance. Back in the auditorium, Mercedes and Rachel face-off to determine who will win the lead role in "West Side Story." After the two perform "Out Here On My Own" from "Fame," Rachel admits to Finn that Mercedes was the better singer. She later storms into Coach Beiste's office and says that she'd like to run for class president against Brittany and Kurt, thinking it will help her win the lead role. Later, the judges inform Rachel and Mercedes that they have been double-cast as “Maria.” Mercedes is disgusted with the decision and says that Rachel can have the part since everyone else is scared to ever turn Rachel down.


At Will and Emma's place, Emma comes home to find that Will has invited her parents over for dinner. Emma freaks out and admits that she's ashamed of her parents because they are “ginger supremacists” (they only like red-heads). As they sit at the dinner table together, Will is disgusted at how rude and racist Emma's parents are, and realizes they are responsible for Emma's obsessions. When the two turn in for the night, Will apologizes to Emma for organizing their meeting with her parents. Emma is clearly back to her obsessive ways, scarred by her parents. When Emma drops down to her knees to pray for help, Will joins her and says he will do anything to support her. He sings "Fix You" by Coldplay. Meanwhile, Mercedes walks into Shelby's office and says that she'd like to join her new glee club at McKinley High.

Mario's Mutterings

The cast of "Glee" has been tweeting all day that this episode of the show was "easily one of the best episodes ever done." What do you think? Did "Asian F" really live up to the hype? I would tend to agree that it has, though I wouldn't call it one of the best ever. What it did provide, though, was a solid opportunity for Mike and Mercedes fans to finally sink their teeth into something tangible. These two characters are often left in the background on a weekly basis. Tonight they shone as the brightest stars (and rightfully so). I've said it before and I'll say it again - Amber Riley (Mercedes) is the star of "Glee." That's my take, anyway. What's yours?

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