Auditions, Unicorns And Booty Camp.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The Glee Club auditions begin for the school musical, as Shelby returns.

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At McKinley, Brittany butters up to Kurt and offers to run his campaign for school president. Kurt agrees since Brittany is popular and could garner him some votes. As it turns out, she offers him a great number of ideas but they are all too "gay" for Kurt's liking. He attests that he doesn't want to simply be known as "Kurt Hummel, Homo." Meanwhile, at glee practice, Will tells the gang that Dustin Goolsby has been fired by Vocal Adrenaline. He then lets the kids know that some of them will have to participate in extra lessons to fine-tune their dancing skills. He also says that since he is fully focused on improving "New Directions" for their next trip to Nationals, he has resigned as director of the school musical, and will be replaced by Emma, Coach Beiste and Artie.

In the staff room, Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) surprises Will by telling him that she is back in town as a teacher at McKinley. She informs Will that she is going to start a new glee club at the school to rival "New Directions." Unbeknownst to Will, Shelby's club is being secretly funded by Sugar's father, so that Sugar will be given a spot on the roster. Will's only concern about Shelby's presence is that it will have a negative impact on Rachel and Quinn. Meanwhile, Quinn and her "Skanks" clique are tormenting innocent girls around the school. Sue approaches Quinn and offers her the opportunity to work together and get back at Will and the glee club. Later, Shelby approaches Quinn and Puck, letting Quinn know that she should get to know her daughter, Beth. Quinn is visibly agitated by Shelby's presence and storms off, claiming that Shelby will never be Beth's "mom."


At glee practice, Mike Chang teaches some of the New Directions members some dance moves. Meanwhile, Shelby approaches Rachel in the auditorium, but Rachel wants nothing to do with her. Shelby insists to give Rachel some advice about her audition for "West Side Story," and the mother and daughter then sing a duet of "Somewhere." Elsewhere in the school, Sue films a documentary featuring Quinn, portraying her as the all-American girl who lost everything thanks to Will's glee club. Will stands up to Quinn while the filming is taking place, telling her that the glee club has always been there for her, and that she needs to "grow up." Later, at Shelby's house, Puck arrives and asks if he can see Beth. He says that he wants to play a role in his daughter's life.


As "West Side Story" auditions continue, Kurt performs "I'm the Greatest Star" from "Funny Girl" for Emma, Coach Beiste and Artie. Later, the directors debate about whether Kurt is too gay to play the lead role of Tony. Kurt overhears and is crushed. Adding to Kurt's problems, he discovers that Brittany has gone ahead posting a series of gay "unicorn" posters around McKinley in support of his bid for class president. He demands that they are removed, and then re-auditions for "West Side Story" in a more "manly" way. He is mortified when everyone laughs at his attempt to deepen his voice and appear more masculine onstage. Meanwhile, Puck confronts Quinn in the girls' bathroom and tells her that she needs to ditch the "Skank" act and get back to normal so they can both be in Beth's life. Quinn visits Shelby and tries to maintain her "Skank" image, but quickly softens and says she'd like to see a photo of Beth. Quinn sobs and Shelby walks away, reminding Quinn that she could be a part of the baby's life.


Rachel visits Finn at the body shop and says she's confident she'll land the lead in "West Side Story." She then suggests to Finn that he try out at a theatre school for next year. Meanwhile, Kurt talks to his dad about his problem securing masculine roles. Burt reminds Kurt that he's gay and that he needs to embrace it by writing his own material. Back at dance practice, Finn feels overwhelmed by Mike and Will's dancing, but eventually starts to get the hang of the moves. Quinn shows up, looking her normal all-American self, and humbly asks if she's allowed to join. She then confides in Puck that she's willing to do anything to get full custody of Beth, even if it involves pretending to go back to her original, all-American self. Will lets Sue know that Quinn has rejoined the glee club, but Sue remains confident that she's caused enough damage to continue leading people to hate the arts. Meanwhile, as Kurt embraces his gay "unicorn" image, Blaine heads to the "West Side Story" auditions and performs "Something's Coming." The directors love him, and ask him to read for the role of Tony, while Kurt watches from afar, visibly heartbroken.

Mario's Mutterings

So we're two episodes into "Glee's" third season, and I've got to be honest, I'm still on the fence about the way things are playing out. It was promised to us by Glee's creators that the show would be getting "back to basics," but I really haven't seen any of that yet, at least from my perspective. In tonight's episode, for example, there were limited music performances, all of which came from musicals/Broadway shows. To me, I assumed that "getting back to basics" meant getting back to the show's first season habit of taking popular songs, including oldies but goodies, and making them fun all over again. I guess I appreciate the maturity in the storylines and the maturity of the characters, but I'm desparately missing that "fun factor" that I believe the show still hasn't found since season one. Am I the only one who feels this way? Sound off!

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