Pink Hair And Purple Pianos.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

There are big changes at McKinley High as the kids look to the future, while dealing with their present.

Pink Hair And Purple Pianos. image

As the new school year starts, Will and Emma seem to be cohabitating, Sam has moved with his dad to a new town, Mercedes has a new football player boyfriend, Quinn has died her hair pink and quit the Glee Club, as well as the Cheerios, Lauren has also quit Glee and dumped Puck, and Sue declares war on the arts programs as part of her campaign to get elected to congress. As Kurt and Rachel make plans to move to New York after graduation, Will instructs the Glee Club to rally more students to join them in their quest for this year's Nationals. He is placing purple pianos around the school for them to launch into song to inspire new recruits. However, Sue orders her new Cheerios co-captains Becky and Santana to take out the pianos. Sue wonders which team Santana is on this year. Santana answers, "Team Sue."


In the cafeteria, Rachel rallies her fellow Glee Clubbers to perform in order to prompt interest in their group. They launch into a performance of The Go-Go's "We Got the Beat." Afterwards, Becky throws a slushie in Rachel's face and a food fight breaks out. Sugar is the only one to take the Glee Club bait. She enters the practice room declaring she has Asperger's Syndrome so she can say whatever she wants. She declares she's better than all of them, which she disproves with a horrific sounding song. Sugar is dismissed, but Will pleads her case to the disapproving group. Will eventually does what's best for the club and breaks Sugar's heart when he tells her she can't be in New Directions.


Blaine visits Kurt at McKinley to inform his boyfriend he is transferring to the school. He then launches into a performance of "It's Not Unusual" in the courtyard to introduce himself to New Directions. Quinn shows up and flicks her cigarette on a purple piano which sets it on fire. Will finds out Santana helped set the fire and bans her from the Glee Club.


After rehearsing, Rachel and Kurt confidently enter a mixer for the kids applying to their desired New York City school. They shockingly discover the kids are exactly like them. Before they can impress them with their own performance, the kids put on a rendition of "Anything Goes," complete with tap dancing. In their car, Rachel and Kurt cry over how fabulous those kids were. They feel delusional and arrogant and wonder if they are good enough to make it. Kurt gives Rachel a pep talk and orders her not to give up on her dream. Rachel does the same for him. They decide they need more experience and more extra curricular activities on their resumes. Rachel suggests the Glee Club put on "West Side Story" for the school musical, while Kurt decides to run for student council.

Lori's Take:

The season premiere had a lot going on. I'm intrigued by all the shake ups within the Glee Club and wonder how Blaine will fit in with New Directions. Will his constant access to Kurt be annoying? It remains to be seen. I would have liked more detail on certain couples and individual character's motivations for some of their actions, but hopefully we'll get more answers as the season plays out. Was the premiere worth the long summer wait? Share your thoughts below.

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