New York.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Will and the kids head to New York to compete in Nationals and take in the sights of the Big Apple. Patti LuPone guest stars.

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In New York City, the kids check into their hotel while Rachel and Finn discuss how well Quinn seems to have taken the breakup. As Finn questions Rachel about Jesse, Will gathers the troops and tells them they need to focus on writing two original songs. He leaves them to their task and heads down to the Broadway theater where April Rhodes' show is playing. Back at the hotel, Puck, Artie and Brittany perform their original song, "My Cup," which fails amongst the group. The gang decides to get inspired by sightseeing around the city while singing a mash-up of "I Love New York" and "New York, New York" from "On The Town."


The guys settle into their hotel room to get some songwriting done, but Finn can only think about how he wants to ask Rachel out. He sends her a text to meet him later at Central Park. Meanwhile, at the empty theater, Will performs "Still Got Tonight," a Matthew Morrison original. Back at Central Park, Finn presents Rachel with flowers and takes her to Sardi's restaurant. While there, Rachel talks to her idol Patti LuPone and receives well-wishes. When Finn and Rachel leave the restaurant, the guys from New Directions are there to sing "Bella Notte" from "Lady and the Tramp." Finn goes in for a romantic kiss but Rachel says she can't and walks away.


The next morning, Kurt and Rachel have breakfast at Tiffany's while discussing their dream to attend college in New York. Rachel admits she wants to pursue music but also may want to get back together with Finn. Rachel and Kurt break into the theater where "Wicked" is playing, and are allowed fifteen minutes onstage by the empathetic security guard. The two sing "For Good" from "Wicked," which helps Rachel realize that the Broadway stage is her true love. Back at the hotel, Quinn has a breakdown in front of Brittany and Santana, whom encourage her to get a haircut to make her feel fresh and renewed. Will heads back to the hotel and is confronted by his kids, who just found out from Vocal Adrenaline's Dustin Goolsby (Cheyenne Jackson) that Will is thinking of leaving the kids for Broadway. Will admits that it felt magical to sing on the Broadway stage, but that his heart is with New Directions.


On the first day of competition, an all-girls glee club sings Usher's "Yeah!" Will sees Dustin Goolsby and the two exchange words. Meanwhile, Rachel meets up with Sunshine Corazon (Charice) and discovers that Sunshine feels so pressured by Vocal Adrenaline, that she'd rather be deported back to her homeland. Rachel shows great sympathy, and wishes her arch-rival well. Sunshine takes the stage and performs "As Long As You're There" while Rachel watches with encouragement. Later, Finn questions Rachel backstage about why she no longer seems interested in him. Rachel explains that she's more interested in pursuing her dream to be a star.


New Directions takes the stage and Rachel and Finn sing an original song written by Finn called "Pretending." Jesse shows up in the audience claiming that that he couldn't stay away. As the performance onstage reaches a peak intensity, Rachel and Finn share an unscripted kiss, silencing the crowd. The group then busts out into another original song, "Light Up The World," much to the delight of the audience. Following the show, Jesse tells Rachel and Finn that their kiss was very amateur and is going to cost them a victory. Sure enough, the "Top Ten" list is published and New Directions discovers that they did not place at Nationals.


Back in Lima at the coffeehouse, Kurt tells Blaine all about New York. Blaine tells Kurt that he loves him, and Kurt returns the sentiment. Meanwhile, Sam and Mercedes are at the coffeehouse, secretly holding hands and commenting that no one knows about their relationship yet! Back at the school library, Finn and Rachel agree that it was worth losing Nationals to experience the kiss. When Rachel says she's leaving for New York after graduation, Finn reminds her that they still have another year together. The two make out, and then join up with the glee club to celebrate their 12th place finish at Nationals.

Mario's Mutterings

Season two is in the books, Gleeks, and we now have an entire summer to stew over what will happen next season for our favorite highschool glee club. Oh wait... there's nothing to stew over! Sadly, the finale brought Finchel back together, something that I think should have been teased for far, far longer. The only thing I've preferred to seeing Rachel and Finn back together has been waiting to see how long it would take for Rachel and Finn to be together. Now that they're back, my interest in the couple is gone. Enter Sam and Mercedes, which I think is a fantastic move by the writers. A nice little curve ball to keep things interesting. As for New Directions placing 12th... you really didn't think they'd take home the championship so soon, did you?

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