Prom Queen.

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Figgins asks New Directions to perform at McKinley's prom, the competition for prom king and queen heats up, and Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) returns!

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At McKinley, Figgins tells Will and Sue that the school's original plans fell through and that he is now in need of New Directions to perform at prom. Sue naturally hates the idea, but Will agrees to it since it's a paid gig and the money will help fund his kids’ upcoming trip to Nationals. When Will tells the kids the news, Mercedes gets emotional and admits that she doesn't have a date for prom. After a heart-to-heart with Rachel, the girls ask Sam if he will be both of their dates. The three not only agree to go to prom together, but to follow a strict budget since they're all low on cash. Meanwhile, Kurt asks Blaine to be his date to the McKinley prom. Though Blaine feels worried about how others will react, he agrees to Kurt's proposal.


Kurt tells his girlfriends that he's taking Blaine as his date. Santana says that she and Karofsky will act as Kurt's security detail to not only protect him and Blaine, but to help themselves garner sympathy votes from the student body. Meanwhile, Puck asks Artie for his help in spiking the punch on prom night. Artie declines to help, saying that he'd need to do something bigger and better to win back Brittany. In the school auditorium, Rachel sits down to practice Adele's "Rolling In The Deep." As Rachel sings, she's surprised to be joined by Jesse St. James, who enters the auditorium. Jesse admits that he should have never traded her in for show choir, and asks her what she's doing for prom.


In the hallway, Finn questions Rachel about Jesse's return, and is evidently jealous to hear that Jesse is accompanying her, Mercedes and Sam on their big night. Rachel tells Finn that he should support her choice, since it kills her every day to see him with Quinn. Finn admits to Rachel that he still cares about her, and that he's not even excited for prom. Rachel gives Finn some hints about the type of corsage he should get Quinn, and the two part ways. Meanwhile, Artie interrupts Brittany's home economics class and serenades her with "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. Regardless, Brittany tells Artie that she still won't go to prom with him since he called her stupid. Feeling dejected, Artie decides that he'll go ahead and spike the punch at prom. Kurt walks with Karofsky and suggests that the McKinley student body doesn't seem to care anymore that Kurt is gay. Karofsky suddenly breaks down crying and apologizes to Kurt for the hell he had put him through.


On prom night, Rachel, Jesse, Mercedes and Sam gather for their "prom-on-a-budget" dinner at Breadstix. As Finn and Quinn pass by, Finn makes a comment to Jesse about how he had smashed eggs on Rachel's head last year. The two engage in a war of words but it's quickly broken up. Prom finally kicks off at McKinley, and Puck, Artie and Sam perform Rebecca Black's "Friday." Later, Rachel takes the stage and sings "Jar Of Hearts" by Christina Perri. Despite dancing with Quinn, Finn can't help but to keep gazing at Rachel, who is also being admired by Jesse. Meanwhile, Sam tells Mercedes that she looks beautiful and asks her to dance.


With the prom in full swing, Artie tries to spike the punch but is caught by Sue. She interrogates him as to whether it was Puck's idea, but Artie doesn't budge. Back on stage, Blaine, Tina and Brittany perform "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You." Finn gets so jealous to see Jesse grinding with Rachel that he picks a fight with him, and the two are both kicked out of prom! Principal Figgins then gets on the microphone to announce that this year's prom king is Dave Karofsky and that his queen is… Kurt Hummel! Kurt is mortified to have been written in as prom queen and runs out of the gymnasium, crying. Meanwhile, in the girls' bathroom, Quinn has a breakdown and slaps Rachel across the face after admitting that Finn would rather be with Rachel!


It seems as though prom has turned into a complete disaster for everyone involved. Quinn, Kurt and Santana are all feeling rejected in their own way. Rachel feels hurt to have been slapped in the face, but still has a heart-to-heart with Quinn. Meanwhile, Brittany tells Santana that she believes in her, and that she needs to continue to be strong. Artie continues to be tortured by Sue, but it's revealed that he was actually just pouring lemonade into the punch, not alcohol. In the end, all the kids, minus Finn and Jesse, gather back into the gymnasium. Kurt takes the stage and bravely accepts his crown, much to the adoration of his friends and fellow students at McKinley. Mercedes and Santana perform ABBA's "Dancing Queen" while Kurt and Karofsky get ready to share in a king and queen dance. When Karofsky chickens out and leaves the gymnasium, Blaine fills in and the students dance the night away.

Mario's Mutterings

The McKinley Prom is now behind us, and we've witnessed what may have been one of "Glee's" strongest episodes for the season. The music was diverse, the performances were grand, and the drama was at an all-time high. I just loved the bitch slap delivered by Quinn on Rachel! And what wasn't there to love about Kurt's defining moment of not just the season, but perhaps the entire series so far, when he accepted his role as prom queen? The critics keep saying that creator Ryan Murphy is pushing the whole "gay" thing too hard, but I actually think it's playing out wonderfully, with believability and tremendous class. All hail Queen Kurt!

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