Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

In a special Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" album-themed episode of "Glee," Sue prints lies in the school newspaper, surprising details about Sam's home life are exposed, and April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) returns!

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The show begins with Brittany hosting her new internet talk show, "Fondue For Two." Along with Mercedes and Tina, the three discuss rumors about people around McKinley. Brittany reveals that Santana is a lesbian, much to the shock of Mercedes and Tina. Back at school, Rachel asks Sam if he'll be her prom date since they're both single. Sam turns down the offer. Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester, dressed as David Bowie, meets with Terri and discusses her plan to resurrect McKinley's school newspaper, the Muckraker, as a gossip rag. It doesn't take long for the paper to be published and for the students to be set abuzz reading rumors about Santana being a lesbian, and Quinn cheating on Finn with Sam.


In Will's office, April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) shows up and tells Will of her plan to stage a play about her life story. Will gives her permission to use the school's auditorium. He then admits that he's having a hard time bringing his glee club together amidst all their rumor-spreading, and comes up with the idea to use Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors" album as a teaching tool for New Directions. After singing "Dreams" with April, Will tells the kids that their task is to choose a song to perform from Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors" album.


Later, Artie confronts Brittany and asks her if she's cheating on him with Santana. He says the rumors are too much for him to handle and calls Brittany stupid before performing "Never Going Back Again." That night, Rachel and Finn stake out a local motel and take photos of Sam interacting with Kurt. It appears to the two that Kurt is cheating on Blaine with Sam! In the bushes, Jacob Ben Israel lurks and also takes photos. They take the rumor back to McKinley where the kids discuss how they really know very little about Sam's past.


In the choir room, Santana sings "Songbird" to Brittany. Brittany asks Santana why she couldn't sing the song to her in front of everyone, and Santana reveals that she'd be too mortified. In the hallway, Rachel sees that Sam is wearing one of Kurt's old jackets. She confronts Kurt about the ordeal but Kurt wants no part of it. Rachel and Finn later head back to the motel to spy on Sam, and discover Quinn coming out of his motel room! Back at McKinley, Sue pressures a group of students, including Brittany, to continue making and spreading gossip about the school's staff and students.


Finn corners Quinn about seeing her at Sam's motel room, but Quinn is more concerned about the fact that Rachel and Finn were cozy together in his car. At glee practice, the two sing "I Don’t Want To Know." Rachel suggests that Quinn's duets with Finn are not as good as her duets with Sam. Rachel suggests that she and Finn do a duet, but Quinn tells Finn that she'll leave him if he were to sing with Rachel. In the auditorium, Will helps April practice for her one-woman Broadway show. She encourages Will to think about leaving McKinley to join her on the road.


In the staff room, Will meets with Emma and realizes that she is gaining a bit of control over her OCD. Emma credits Will for her improvements, and then suggests that Will follows his dreams of performing on Broadway. Will breaks down crying and says that it's because of Emma and his students that he's accomplished anything in his life. Back in the choir room, Rachel performs "Go Your Own Way" while Finn watches in admiration. Quinn and Rachel get into a heated battle of words over Finn until Rachel drags Sam and his motel room into the altercation. Frustrated, Sam reveals that his family has been living in a motel for several months since his dad lost his job, and that Kurt and Quinn were simply visiting to help out the family. Sam storms out of the choir room while the rest of the kids sit in stunned silence.


Sue, Terri and April discuss how Terri was responsible for bringing April back into Will's life to try and make him leave town. Sue reveals that she's going to start a rumor that Will is leaving for Broadway, which will hopefully prompt him to actually leave. Meanwhile, Rachel and Finn visit Sam at the motel room to learn more about his family's current situation. Sam reveals that Kurt has been bringing his family used clothing, while Quinn's been coming around to be a positive female role model for his kid sister. Finn and Rachel present Sam with his old guitar, which the glee club bought back from the pawnshop where Sam had to sell it. Back at glee practice, Will tells his kids that the rumors aren't true about him leaving for Broadway. The gang, lead by Sam on his guitar, sings "Don't Stop."

Mario's Mutterings

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't overly excited for the all-Fleetwood Mac episode of "Glee." The band was never my cup of tea, and I wondered if the success of this week's episode would hinge on the one-group soundtrack. I'm happy to say that, despite not entirely digging the tunes, I thought the episode was an altogether strong showing from everyone's favorite McKinley group. The storyline showed some great advancements by adding more depth to Sam's character, as well as focusing a little more on Santana's homosexuality. I think it's just a matter of time until we see a full-blown make-out sesh between Santana and Britt. My only piece of beef? Kurt's back at McKinley... give the dude some more damn air time!

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