Original Song.

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

It's a Regionals showdown as Sue coaches Aural Intensity, the Warblers refuse to back down, and the New Directions kids decide to sing original songs. Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine guest star.

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At Dalton Academy, the Warblers practice their opening number for Regionals, "Misery" by Maroon 5. Kurt reveals to Blaine that he feels as though other Warblers should get an opportunity to shine within the group. At McKinley, Rachel sings an original song, "Only Child," to Finn. Disgusted by the shallow song, Finn tells Rachel that she should pen a more meaningful ballad. Quinn watches from a distance and decides that she will befriend Rachel to keep an eye on Finn's relationship with her. Back at Dalton Academy, Kurt announces that the Warblers' parrot has passed away. As a tribute, Kurt sings "Blackbird" by The Beatles. Later, Blaine announces to the Warblers that he would like to turn his Regionals solo into a duet with Kurt.


At glee practice, Will announces that My Chemical Romance, under the manipulation of Sue, have issued a cease and desist order against New Directions. This leads the gang to scrap their original plans for Regionals and to take a new approach: they will write and perform original songs. Later, while Santana and Brittany share an awkward exchange over their relationship issues, they open their lockers to find that Sue has loaded them up with dirt. Back in the choir room, the McKinley kids gather to share some of their original songs. Santana sings a song for Sam called "Trouty Mouth," while Puck dedicates his original song, "Big Ass… Heart," to Lauren. Will isn't convinced that any of the songs are suitable for Regionals.


In the hallway, Quinn tells Finn that they need to amp up their relationship after Regionals in order to become prom king and queen. Finn wants to wait until after Nationals, but Quinn convinces him otherwise. At Dalton Academy, Blaine has a heart-to-heart with Kurt about his intentions behind their duet. Blaine reveals his true feelings for Kurt and the two lock lips in a kiss! Back at McKinley, Mercedes performs her original song, "Hell To The No." Will tells the gang that they need to create a more meaningful song, one that is based on the pain and triumph that they've experienced as a glee club. Later, Quinn meets with Rachel and rudely tells her that she needs to move on from Finn. Feeling hurt and rejected, Rachel channels her emotions into writing her own original song.


At Regionals, the judging panel of local TV star Ron Remington, Tammy Jean Albertson (Kathy Griffin) and Sister Mary Constance (Loretta Devine) is introduced. Aural Intensity kicks the competition off by singing a tacky religious song. The Warblers then take the stage and perform "Candles" by Hey Monday, followed by "Raise Your Glass" by Pink. Backstage, the New Directions kids prepare for their performances. Finn wishes Rachel good luck on her solo, and Rachel tells Finn that he needs to pay careful attention to the words she sings. The girls of New Directions take the stage and Rachel performs the original song, "Get It Right," while Finn watches with admiration. The boys then join the girls onstage and the gang sings another original song, "Loser Like Me."


Backstage, the judges discuss the group performances. Sister Mary Constance and Tammy Jean Albertson are weary about the apparent homosexuality of the Warblers. Ron Remington says that the New Directions kids were terrific, but the other judges don't seem to agree. Onstage, the glee clubs gather to find out that the New Directions kids have won the competition and will go on to compete at Nationals! Later, Blaine consoles Kurt about the Warblers defeat at Regionals by saying that the two now have one another. Back at McKinley, Will gets off the phone with Holly Holliday and tells the kids she will be back someday to congratulate them. In the meantime, Will announces that Rachel Berry was their club's MVP at Regionals and invites her to make a speech. Rachel thanks her friends for believing in her and the kids then celebrate their victory.

Mario's Mutterings

Well, kids, the episode we have been waiting for is now here and gone. The McKinley kids have secured a Regionals victory and all signs point forward to Nationals! Overall, the episode was jam packed with songs and some terrific performances that really make you say, "Man, are these kids ever talented!" Without a doubt, all the hype was surrounding "Glee's" first shot at original songs and I'm sure they went over well with the general audience. I kind of thought that New Directions went a little too "S Club 7" with their "Loser Like Me" performance, but that's neither here nor there. The important thing to take from "Original Song" is that Blaine and Kurt have FINALLY kissed and they seem to be headed toward a real relationship. To be honest, I didn't think the two would lock lips so soon. A little too fast, maybe?

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