Blame It On The Alcohol.

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Will and Coach Beiste have fun together, Rachel throws a house party, and the McKinley kids learn a lesson in underage drinking.

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In the principal's office, Figgins tells Will that some students have been showing up drunk to school, and that pop music is to blame. As a result, this week will be "Alcohol Awareness Week" at McKinley. Will then visits with Emma in the staff room and gives her a housewarming gift. As he tells Emma how happy he is for her and Carl, Sue enters and talks trash to Will, saying that her Aural Intensity glee club is going to destroy Will and force him to become an alcoholic.


Puck finds out that Rachel's dads are out of town for the weekend and suggests that she throw a house party, an idea of which Rachel doesn't approve. She invites Finn to the glee room to sing him the original song she wrote for Regionals, but Finn thinks it lacks "experience." In a daring move, Rachel decides she's going to throw a party at her house and partake in underage drinking. The entire gang, including Blaine and Kurt, show up at Rachel's but are bored with her lame attempt at a house party. After some coaxing from Puck, the kids break into the liquor cabinet and proceed to get drunk. When Rachel tries to come on to a sober Finn, Finn tells her that she is being a "needy" girl. Disgusted, Rachel suggests that the gang play a game of spin-the-bottle.


When Rachel spins the bottle, she is forced to kiss Blaine. The two lock lips in what actually becomes a very sensual kiss, and Kurt is visibly jealous. Rachel and Blaine then sing karaoke, performing "Don't You Want Me" by The Human League. The next day, Kurt's dad discovers that Blaine has slept over in Kurt's bed. On Monday morning, the New Directions kids show up to school still feeling hung over. Artie pulls out some more alcohol and suggests they will feel better if they just keep drinking. The gang proceeds to sing "Blame It (On The Alcohol)" by Jamie Foxx while Will watches on. He's impressed by their performance for "Alcohol Awareness Week," but comments that it is inappropriate and that they actually look drunk.


While Blaine and Kurt are out for coffee, a tipsy Rachel calls Blaine and asks him out on a date. Kurt is appalled that Blaine accepts the offer, reminding him that he's gay. Blaine shares his feelings that he may be bisexual, and Kurt turns livid. Offended, Blaine walks away from Kurt. Meanwhile, Will goes out with Coach Beiste to her favorite honky-tonk bar to unload some stress. They proceed to get intoxicated and go on stage to sing "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" by Amos Milburn.


Kurt visits Rachel and pries for information about her date with Blaine. She reveals that although the two didn't kiss, it is evident that Blaine is conflicted and that she and him may hook up. Kurt comments that the only time Rachel has a chance with Blaine is when the two are intoxicated. Feeling challenged, Rachel says that she will kiss Blaine when he's sober to see if sparks will fly. Meanwhile, Beiste takes a very drunk Will back to his house and the two discuss how much fun it was to go out and let loose. Beiste comments that they can't lecture their students about drinking, but only encourage them to make responsible choices. When Beiste leaves, Will drunk dials Emma and leaves a needy message on her voicemail. The next day at school, a hung over Will apologizes to Emma but she claims to not know what he is talking about.


At the Hummel house, Kurt's dad lectures him about having a gay male sleep over without permission. Kurt apologizes but challenges his dad to step out of his comfort zone in the future. Back at school, the New Directions kids prepare for their "Alcohol Awareness Week" assembly performance by taking a shot of whiskey backstage. They then take the stage and perform "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha, but Brittany and Santana suddenly start puking all over the place! The next day, Sue gets on the public address system and relays her disgust at the glee club for drinking underage. She then humiliates Will by playing the drunken message that he accidentally left on her voice mail!


Figgins summons Will and the glee kids to his office. They think they’re about to be reprimanded, but the principal commends the kids on their realistic “special effects” while performing "Tik Tok." He reveals that the student body was so scared by the performance, that incidents of student drinking at school have been completely eliminated. Back at glee club, Will apologizes to the students for being a poor role model and swears that he is going to steer clear of alcohol, and that they should, too. Will makes the students promise to swear off alcohol until after Nationals. He also offers to support the students at any time they slip up and partake in underage drinking. Later, Rachel meets Blaine and plants a kiss on his lips. Blaine feels nothing from the kiss, which excites Kurt. Rachel is also excited as she decides she can use this experience to write a song for Regionals.

Mario's Mutterings

Another impressive installment of "Glee" this week, coming in the form of a pseudo-public service announcement against underage drinking. Though I thought the episode as a whole was entertaining, I have a bit of a bone to pick with the show this week. Don't get me wrong. The performances were terrific (yes, I'm a closet Ke$ha fan), and the story line offered quite a bit in terms of character development (especially regarding Kurt and Blaine). But I think it was a bit too silly the way Ryan Murphy and company wrapped the episode up in a neat little package, suggesting that teenage drinking is a problem that can easily be solved. As a high school teacher, myself, I've experienced firsthand the reality of teenage drinking as well as the social, emotional and mental ramifications that come along with it. Will giving the students his cell phone number in case they need a ride home when they decide to get drunk? PUH-LEASE. A little too "Gleeful" of an ending for me. Maybe next week's episode will tackle the revoking of Will's teaching license, followed by the subsequent arrest and pedophilia charges for driving his drunken students around town?

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