Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Rachel tries to get back into McKinley High's social swing, Sam forms a Justin Bieber tribute band, and a depressed Sue joins New Directions.

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In Spanish class, Will thinks about how he has moved on from both Terri and Emma. Just then, Emma rushes into the room and tells Will that Sue has left a suicide note. The two barge into Sue's house and find her lying there, depressed after losing Regionals with the Cheerios. The teachers decide that Sue should join New Directions to help lift her spirits and to make her refrain from wanting to destruct the glee club. Meanwhile, Sam sees Quinn in the hall and asks if their date is still on for Friday night. Quinn seems hesitant about their plans and Sam thinks about how he has been feeling Quinn slip away over the last few weeks. He decides to win her back by changing his look to resemble Justin Bieber and starts a one-man band named "The Justin Bieber Experience."


At school, Rachel argues with Brittany and reminds her of a recent deal they made where Brittany would tell everyone that her new fashion choices are inspired by Rachel Berry. At glee club, Will tells the gang that their competition at Regionals will be Aural Intensity and the Dalton Academy Warblers. They discover that this year's theme is "anthem." Sam suggests they do a Justin Bieber song and proceeds to serenade Quinn with "Baby." Puck, Artie and Mike approach Sam and reveal that they want in on "The Justin Bieber Experience" to help rejuvenate their own relationships. Finn is disgusted and says he wants no part of the group.


In the hall, Rachel discovers that Brittany is influencing the way others are dressing but that Rachel is getting no credit for it. Rachel tells Brittany that the two need to start dressing the exact same so as to avoid any confusion. Meanwhile, Sue revels about how she has infiltrated the glee club and is going to single-handedly destruct New Directions. She spreads rumors between Rachel and Mercedes, causing the two glee girls to fight and schedule a diva-off. Back at glee club, Finn tries to make plans with Quinn for Friday night but Quinn says she's unsure whether she's going out with Sam. Just then, Sam and the boys walk in and perform Justin Bieber’s "Somebody To Love," much to the appreciation of the glee ladies. Quinn decides that she'll date Sam on Friday night. Puck approaches Lauren trying to score a date but she doesn't seem overly impressed. On the way out of practice, Santana hints to Sam that she's also now interested in him.


Quinn tells Finn that she has chosen Sam as her Friday night date because he's been turning her on with "The Justin Bieber Experience." Dejected, Finn decides that he, too, will start dressing like the Biebs. Meanwhile, Lauren seeks Puck's help with an upcoming performance she wants to give for glee club. At practice, Mercedes and Rachel have their diva-off, singing "Take Me or Leave Me" from "Rent." Sue is disgusted that the diva-off seems to have been enjoyed by everyone. Will tells Sue that he'd like to take her somewhere to show her something that will help her regain a competitive edge. The two visit the hospital's pediatric cancer ward to sing to the ailing children. Sue initially feels very uncomfortable but gets emotional as they sing the gospel children's song "This Little Light Of Mine."


Back at school, the glee girls dress like Brittany, who is dressing like Rachel. They give all credit to Brittany for the fashion trend, and Rachel continues to get extremely upset. At glee club, Lauren performs "I Know What Boys Like" by The Waitresses. To get through the performance, she takes Puck's advice and envisions everyone naked. Later, Santana tells Sam that he's an idiot for believing that Quinn didn't cheat on him with Finn. Santana suggests that she becomes Sam's mistress so that he could stick it to both Quinn and Finn.


Sue approaches Will and says she's disgusted with the anthem song choices by the glee club, and that she has a song that she'd like to perform with the group. Will excitedly agrees and New Directions and Sue perform "Sing" by My Chemical Romance. Later, Sam admits to Quinn that he doubts her faithfulness. When Quinn can't look Sam in the eye, Sam breaks up with Quinn and tells her that Santana had been right all along. Back at glee club, the gang decides they will perform "Sing" at Regionals. When Will relays the message to Sue, Sue reveals that she's actually taken on a coaching job with Aural Intensity. In the hall, Finn tells Rachel that he's proud of how she's been handling herself that she should write an original song for New Directions to sing at Regionals.

Mario's Mutterings

Is it just me, or is "Glee" running full steam ahead? Don't let the silly Bieber references fool you - this episode delivered the goods on all fronts. I think we got a better look into Sam's character this week, and I'm actually starting to feel bad for the guy. Not only is it good on him to ditch Quinn, but it'll be interesting to see if he lands in Santana's arms. I also loved the subtle exchange between Finn and Rachel at the episode's end, hinting that good times may be ahead for Finchel supporters (I'm not one of them, but, hey, it makes for good TV!). Finally, who didn't love Jane Lynch (Sue) as she sang along with the sick kids. Another touching moment handled with class by creator Ryan Murphy and the gang.

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