Silly Love Songs.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Will directs the students to perform love songs in honor of Valentine's Day, Finn sets up a kissing booth, and a Warblers performance brings Kurt and Blaine closer together.

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In class, Puck fantasizes about new glee clubber Lauren because she's always putting him down and playing hard to get. Finn walks through the halls with renewed confidence now that he's won a football championship. He decides out of all the girls he could have, he wants to take Quinn back from Sam. Meanwhile, Blaine and Kurt shop and Blaine admits he's interested in singing a love song on Valentine's Day to a guy with whom he's interested.


At glee club, Will directs his students to pick partners and sing songs about love. Finn reveals that he'd like to set up a kissing booth, charge a dollar per kiss, and give all proceeds to New Directions. The gang erupts into a fight after Santana makes her typical bitchy comments toward the group. At Dalton Academy, Kurt daydreams about Blaine, who asks his fellow Warblers for help with serenading his love interest at a Gap clothing store. Kurt feels devastated that Blaine is crushing on another man, and confides in Mercedes and Rachel during a sleepover. The girls recommend that Kurt attend the Gap singing performance so he can check out his competition.


Puck leads the guys in a rendition of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls," which he sings for Lauren at glee practice. His plan backfires as it makes her feel awful. Meanwhile, Finn sets up his kissing booth and tries to attract attention from Quinn. Quinn tells him that she'd never kiss him again because she doesn't want to lead him on and doesn't want to upset Sam. When Sam argues with Quinn about her feelings toward Finn, Quinn gets irritated and decides she's going to kiss Finn at his booth. In the meantime, Rachel pays for a kiss from Finn, who gives her just a peck on the cheek. Rachel admits she still has feelings for Finn but he doesn't feel the same way. He then gives her a star necklace he was going to give her at Christmas.


Artie and Mike discuss their hot girlfriends, and Artie sings Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)." Later, Santana approaches Puck and tries to entice him into a date. Lauren interjects and proceeds to beat Santana up for all of the nasty things she's said. Puck looks on, admiring Lauren more than ever. Meanwhile, Quinn goes to the kissing booth, and with Sam watching, kisses Finn on the lips. The ex-couple feel the fireworks between them, and Quinn whispers for Finn to meet her tomorrow afternoon in the auditorium.


At the Gap store, Blaine and the Warblers sing "When I Get You Alone" by Robin Thicke to Blaine's crush, Jeremiah. Not only does the stunt cost Jeremiah his job, but Jeremiah tells Blaine that he's not even interested in him. Back at McKinley, Santana can tell by Quinn and Finn's faces that they are probably cheating together. She goes to the hospital and kisses a boy with mono, so that she can pass it off to Finn at the kissing booth. Finn meets with Quinn at the auditorium and they share another kiss.


Kurt admits to Blaine that he thought he was the target of Blaine's affections. Blaine feels foolish for being so clueless, and tells Kurt he's unsure what to do because he's never had a serious relationship before. At Breadstix, Puck gets stood up by Lauren. Back at school, Tina sings to Mike "My Funny Valentine" from the musical "Babes in Arms." Finn and Quinn reveal they aren't feeling well and need to visit the school nurse. Santana suggests that it sounds as if the two have mono, a disease that's passed on by kissing.


Lauren admits to Puck that she is actually interested in him, but just wants to take things slow as friends. Rachel visits Finn in the nurse's office and asks if he actually kissed Quinn like Santana had suggested. He admits to her that he did kiss Quinn and that he felt fireworks, which leads to Rachel singing Katy Perry's "Firework." Later, the gang all goes to Breadstix for dinner, where Blaine and the Warblers perform "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Mario's Mutterings

In my humble opinion, "Glee" has gone two for two in this week's new episodes! Once again, I absolutely loved the new installment of "Glee" and it may have even gotten me in the mood for some Valentine's Day love. Musically speaking, a wide variety of song genres and terrific performances by the cast made for an enjoyable hour. In terms of storylines, there were some key advancements in the Finn/Rachel/Quinn/Sam/Puck pentagon that make me look forward to see who'll be kissing whom next week. With that said, it's going to be interesting to see how quickly Finn and Quinn's mono will go away. Then again, that's the beauty of TV. Bring on some more of this tasty new "Glee!"

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