The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle.

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

The local football championship game takes place, Will and Coach Beiste plot to bring the glee club and football team together, and Katie Couric guest stars as herself!

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Inside the McKinley gymnasium, Sue watches as her Cheerios practice their Regionals dance to "California Gurls" by Katy Perry. Sue is disgusted at the routine and decides that she needs to spice it up by ordering a cannon that is capable of shooting a body across an entire football field. Meanwhile, out on the field, Finn is leading the football team during its final season game. Karofsky makes a homosexual comment toward Finn for being in the glee club and all hell breaks loose. In the locker room after the game, a brawl almost ensues between the glee club football players and the rest of the team. Later, the non-glee club players corner Artie and douse him in Slurpees.


In the staff room, Coach Beiste expresses concerns to Will about the apparent split in her football team. Will decides that the best way to make the team come together again is to have the jocks join the rest of the glee club for one week. They put the plan into effect but neither the glee club nor football team are happy about it. Rachel and Puck demonstrate what "glee" is all about by performing a duet of "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum.


In the hallway, Finn and Puck decide they need to put the past aside and be friends again to help bring McKinley a football championship. Meanwhile, Sue unveils her secret cannon to the Cheerios squad, and informs a horrified Brittany that she's the one who'll be launched in it. When Principal Figgins gets word, he forbids Sue to use the cannon and Sue proceeds to throw a destructive temper tantrum. She also convinces the Ohio Cheerleading Board to move the Regionals to the same night as the football championship game, which will create a void in the game's halftime show. To combat this, Will and Beiste decide that the football team, along with New Directions, will perform during the game's halftime.


Following a rehearsal for the halftime show, Will tells Karofsky that he has a lot of talent and should channel his bullying into a more positive type of energy. It seems that Karofsky may have taken Will's kindness to heart after he suggests the gang does a warm-up number along with the main halftime show. Meanwhile, Sue approaches Santana, Brittany and Quinn and tells them that they have to choose between Cheerios and glee club. Sam finds out about this and gets in Finn's face about bouncing back and forth between football and glee. The two almost fight. Later, the gang practices their halftime show warm-up as Finn sings "She's Not There" by The Zombies. McKinley's hockey players get wind of the partnership between New Directions and the football team, and decide to Slurpee Karofsky and the rest of the gang.


At Dalton Academy, the Warblers sing "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny's Child as they look ahead to their own Regionals competition. Blaine and Kurt have coffee with Mercedes and Rachel, who fill them in that the majority of the football players have quit glee club and, hence, are now off the football team. As things look bleak, the girls in the glee club step up and say they will join the football team as extra players. Meanwhile, Sue coaxes Brittany into agreeing to be launched by the cannon.


At the championship game, McKinley gets off to a terrible start, losing by several touchdowns. Finn directs Sam to be quarterback for the rest of the first half while he goes to recruit the Cheerios for the halftime show. Finn also instructs Puck to convince the football jocks to join them for the halftime show as originally planned, so that they may play in the remainder of the game. All but Karofsky decide to do the halftime show. The gang performs a mash-up of "Heads Will Roll" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Karofsky watches on with a smile, and then runs onto the field to join the group. After halftime, McKinley makes a miraculous comeback and wins the game! Meanwhile, Katie Couric interviews Sue about her thoughts on not winning Regionals and having her club's funding turned over to New Directions. Back at school, Karofsky tells Finn he's done with glee club and goes back to his bullying ways. Quinn thanks Finn for convincing her to leave the Cheerios to do something that she loves, and the two share a kiss.

Mario's Mutterings

The wait is finally over and "Glee" is back! What was being promoted as the most expensive episode to date, "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle" lived up to all of its hype and hoopla. What wasn't there to like about "Glee's" return episode? Eclectic song selection, tremendous performances, and an overall feel-good story left Gleeks with plenty to cheer about. I loved seeing Karofsky let loose when performing with New Directions, but am glad he's already back to being a bully. You didn't think the show's main conflict would be resolved in a one-hour Super Bowl special, did you? Looking forward to seeing what the second half of the season brings!

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