A Very Glee Christmas.

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Sue manipulates the faculty's Secret Santa gift exchange, the gang tries to bring holiday cheer to McKinley High, and Artie receives a Christmas miracle!

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In the staff room, Emma asks Will if he's been avoiding her, which he denies. She then invites Will to a Christmas party hosted by her and Carl but Will declines. The teachers all gather to draw names for the Secret Santa gift exchange and Will draws Sue. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Artie discovers that Brittany still believes in Santa. They head to glee practice where the gang sets up Christmas decorations and sings "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year." Will informs the kids that that they'll be visiting each McKinley classroom and singing carols to raise money for the homeless.


The glee clubbers visit their first class and start to sing "We Need A Little Christmas" but are booed out of the room. Brittany tells the group not to worry because she's asked Santa Claus to stop the glee club from being bullied this year. Artie reveals to everyone that Brittany still believes in St. Nick and urges that they help him keep Brittany's belief alive. The gang heads to the mall where Brittany sits on Santa's knee and asks for just one thing: that he makes Artie be able to walk!


Back at McKinley, Rachel arranges for Finn to meet her in the auditorium where she has created a winter wonderland scene. She gives Finn his Christmas gift, which is a song that she wants to sing to him. Finn declines her peace gesture and leaves the auditorium. Alone, Rachel sings "Merry Christmas Darling." Meanwhile, Will struggles to come up with a gift idea for Sue and visits Kurt at Dalton Academy for some shopping advice! While there, Will asks Kurt about Blaine after the two Warblers sang "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Kurt admits to Will that he has feelings for Blaine.


At the faculty gift exchange, the teachers realize that Sue rigged the process so that everyone would draw her name. Sue ends up with tons of presents and the teachers are appalled. In retaliation, Will and Coach Beiste steal all of the gifts back and plan to give them to the homeless. Later, the boys of New Directions schedule a meeting with Beiste and ask if she'll dress up as Santa to tell Brittany that Artie won't be able to walk this year. They also want Beiste to visit Brittany at her house, telling Beiste that Brittany's parents support the idea. Meanwhile, Sue decides to dress up, too… as The Grinch! She breaks into the glee room and not only steals all the presents, but also ruins the decorations! Brittany sees Sue dressed up and actually believes that she's seen Santa.


The next day at glee club, the gang is disturbed to find all the presents missing and decorations ruined. Will figures it was Sue but Brittany swears that she saw Santa and that it was a boy. Confused, the group cleans up the mess. Rachel tells Finn that it's their job as leaders of the club to revive the group’s Christmas spirit. The two decide to go shopping for a real Christmas tree and sing "Last Christmas" by Wham. Rachel tells Finn that she asked for him for Christmas last year. She goes to kiss Finn but he stops her and says that he's officially breaking up with her.

Back at glee club, the boys decide they'll sell their watches and the girls decide they'll cut and sell their hair to help raise money for the homeless. Will tells them to stop and realize that they need to spread Christmas cheer by doing what they do best, by singing! Later, Coach Beiste visits Brittany's house dressed as Santa and relays the message that making Artie walk is too big of a task. Brittany shows up at school feeling depressed and let down. Her and Artie go home while the rest of the kids gather together to sing "Welcome Christmas" for the faculty. Sue overhears the singing and admits that the performance is “beautiful.”


Following the performance, the glee clubbers meet and discovers that Artie is walking with the help of a mechanical device, the ReWalk! The expensive apparatus was apparently left under the Christmas tree at Brittany's house. No one, not even Brittany's parents, admit to having bought it. Coach Beiste watches the scene from afar and smiles. Later, Will heads home and discovers that Sue, along with the glee club kids, broke into his house and decorated it for Christmas. Sue apologizes and returns all the gifts she stole. Will sits back, thankful to be surrounded at Christmas by those whom he cares about the most.

Mario's Mutterings

All I asked Santa Claus for this year was a breathtaking, emotional Christmas episode of "Glee". Turns out I've been a slightly naughty boy as Jolly Ol' St. Nick didn't fully deliver! Now don't get me wrong... the episode was pretty great. I laughed a few times, enjoyed the music, and even felt my heart grow warm when Artie walked at the episode's end (though I still think his season one walking attempt was way more powerful!). Maybe it was the lack of Kurt, a character who has been in the spotlight for the last several weeks? Maybe it was the annoying exchanges between Finn and Rachel (just break up already!)? Or maybe the episode just tried too hard at times. Whatever it was, the mood seemed almost forced at times and left me craving just a wee bit more. With that said, I think Brittany stole the show. There's something about Heather Morris' portrayal of the dense blonde that makes the character so damn believable and lovable. Regardless, cheers to a successful new year for New Directions, filled with a bit more spunk, a bit more soul... and a bit more "glee!"

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