Special Education.

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The kids compete at Sectionals against the Warblers and the Hipsters, Emma and Carl take a big step, and teen romances begin to fray!

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In the teachers' room, Will invites Emma to accompany him and the team to Sectionals. She suggests that he should be more creative at Sectionals and spotlight some of the students who would normally be in the background. Will heeds her advice and informs the kids that Brittany and Mike's dancing talents will be spotlighted at Sectionals. When Rachel and Finn start to protest against Will's decision, Santana tells Rachel that she slept with Finn last year even though he told Rachel otherwise.


At Dalton Academy, Kurt is officially welcomed as the newest Warbler. He is excited to offer a song suggestion to his team but feels burned when his new classmates disregard his idea. Later, Blaine tells Kurt that the Warblers feel bad for burning him, and offers Kurt an audition for a solo performance at Sectionals. Kurt visits Rachel to ask for advice with picking a solo. She starts to sing "Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina" by Madonna, which Kurt goes on to sing for the Warblers. Kurt is not chosen for the spot because he appeared to be "trying too hard" to stand out at his new school.


Meanwhile, Artie discovers that Brittany is nervous to be spotlighted at Sectionals. He dupes her into thinking that if she uses his "magical comb" before performing, there is no way they can lose at Sectionals. Later, Tina approaches Artie and tells him that she's suspicious that Mike and Brittany are hooking up! Sure enough, Brittany starts to bail out on plans with Artie, making Artie suspicious that something is indeed going down. Eventually, it becomes clear that the two really aren't cheating and have just been practicing their dancing together.


Will approaches Puck and asks him to use his popularity to recruit a new glee member to replace Kurt. Puck tries to get members of the football team to join but they turn on Puck and lock him in a Porta-Potty. Puck is eventually rescued by a geek named Lauren Zizes, who agrees to become the newest member of glee. Puck promises himself that he'll start to be nicer to others, especially his fellow Jews, and tells Rachel that he's going to help her deal with her issues with Finn and Santana.


While preparing for Sectionals, Rachel wears a piece of tape over her mouth to protest the way that the group has silenced her voice. Will snaps and tells her to stop being so self-centered. He also demands that the entire team start to act with class. Later, Will is upset to hear that Emma has bailed out of Sectionals. Emma explains that Carl would have been upset with her if she decided to go with Will. She also reveals that Carl recently told her he loved her.


Rachel and Kurt meet up just before the competition begins. Kurt says that he really enjoys Dalton but feels as if his individuality isn't much appreciated by the Warblers. The Hipsters take the stage and sing "The Living Years" by Mike and the Mechanics. Next, the Warblers take the stage and perform "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. Kurt is encouraged by his friends in the audience to smile and enjoy himself. Following the song, the New Directions kids stand and encourage the rest of the audience to also stand and cheer for Kurt and the Warblers.


Backstage, the New Directions kids try to prepare for their performance but end up bickering amongst each other about all of their problems. When Santana tells Rachel that no one in the glee club likes her, Will steps in and tells the students that they need to remember where they came from and why they’re a team. The kids finally take the stage and perform "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. Kurt leads the crowd in a standing ovation for New Directions following the performance. The kids then sing "Valerie" by The Zutons and receive yet another standing ovation.


The glee clubs line up for the results of the competition. The Hipsters place third, while the Warblers and New Directions are announced as co-winners! As a result, they will both compete in the upcoming Regionals competition. Back at school, Will goes to show Emma the trophy and discovers that she is wearing a wedding ring! Meanwhile, Rachel and Finn make up and agree to tell no more lies. Rachel then admits that she tried to hook up with Puck while she was mad at Finn, but Puck wouldn't go through with it. Disgusted, Finn breaks up with Rachel. Back at glee club, Will congratulates his team on their win and they sing "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine.

Mario's Mutterings

What wasn't there to like about this week's installment of "Glee?" In a bold move, Rachel and Finn were put on the back burner while some of the other New Directions kids shone in the spotlight. I think this once again proves that the Gleeks have spoken and the show creators have listened! Kudos to Ryan Murphy and his crew for allowing this to happen, and for proving that "Glee" is not just a cover-up nickname for "The Lea Michele Show." I thought the performances were solid, including the little Mike and the Mechanics number performed by the old folks. To me, this episode had a bit of that "naivety" that we all seemed to be missing from the show's first season. No surprise that the Warblers and New Directions both won; there's still an entire half of the season for these clubs to duke it out! Oh, and I absolutely loved how Puck didn't go through and have sex with Rachel. Total bad ass, but in a different kind of way.

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