Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Sue's mother visits, Carol and Burt get married, and Kurt makes a major decision!

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At school, Burt Hummel and Carol Hudson approach their sons with news that they just got engaged. Kurt is excited but Finn appears to be more reserved. Kurt suggests that their parents hire New Directions to sing at the wedding. Meanwhile, in the principal's office, Sue thinks about her recent attempt at online dating. The service revealed that there is only one match for Sue Sylvester… Sue Sylvester! As a result, Sue decides that she's going to marry herself.


In the weight room, Sam reveals to Finn that he's been working out extra hard to try and regain his old quarterback spot. He also mentions that he's trying to make Quinn his girlfriend. Later, Sam meets with Quinn and says that he thinks he loves her. He gets down on one knee and offers her a promise ring to symbolize his love. Taken aback, Quinn tells Sam that she doesn't know what she wants. Meanwhile, Kurt suggests that Finn learn how to dance so that Finn and his mom can share in a special mother-son moment at the wedding. When Finn leaves, Kurt is terrorized by his bully, Dave Karofsky. Will brings Kurt to see acting-principal Sue, who shows little support for Kurt.


At glee club, Rachel and the girls meet to discuss their options for helping Kurt defend himself against his Karofsky. They decide to have their boyfriends approach Karofsky to warn him to stop. Finn tells Rachel that he won't mess with the bully because he's scared it will affect Finn's performance on the football field. Mike and Artie, however, approach Karofsky and demand that he stops picking on Kurt. The bully assaults them and then gets into a fight with Sam. Puck, who is under strict orders from his probation officer to be on good behavior, feels bad that he can't step in to help. Following the melee, the gang discusses the fight and it's clear that everyone feels disappointed in Finn for not being there to help.


Sue’s mother, Doris Sylvester (Carol Burnett), surprises Sue by showing up at McKinley. Doris reveals that she has finally caught the last “Nazi” and is now looking to come back home and be a mother to her daughters. She even tells Sue that she wants to perform at Sue's wedding! Doris starts to sing "Ohio" from the musical "Wonderful Town," and Sue joins in. Meanwhile, Kurt holds a seminar for Burt and Finn to teach them how to dance. Karofsky sees this from the hallway and makes a homosexual gesture toward Kurt. Burt finds out the trouble that Karofsky has been causing, and decides to confront the bully! The matter is taken to Principal Sue who expels Karofsky for threatening the life of another student.


On the wedding day, Santana tells Finn that he needs a “coolness injection” or risk being overtaken in popularity by Sam. Finn worries that people will find out he had sex with Santana last year, because he and Rachel have since told each other that they're virgins. The New Directions kids come down the aisle while performing “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Burt and Carol tie the knot. At the reception, Will sings “Sway” by Pablo Beltrán Ruiz. Finn then gives a speech thanking his mom for her love, and expresses his appreciation that him and Kurt are now “brothers.” He calls their union “Furt” (Finn + Kurt) and thanks Kurt for helping to teach him how to be a real man. He dedicates to Kurt a New Directions performance of “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.


Sue practices her own wedding in front of her sister and mother. Sue’s mom expresses her disgust at the whole thing, until Sue confronts her thinking she can just magically come home and be back in her daughters’ lives! Sue tells her mom that she is a bully and tells her to leave. Back at school, Quinn makes Sam’s day when she shows him that she’s wearing his ring. Meanwhile, Sue meets with Kurt, Burt and Carol to inform them that the school board has decided to not expel Karofksy. Sue says that she has resigned as principal in protest, and that Principal Figgins will be back as the school’s leader. In a shocking move, Burt and Carol tell Kurt that they are willing to use their honeymoon money to pay for Kurt to transfer to Dalton Academy. Kurt accepts and tells his friends that, effective immediately, he is no longer a student at McKinley!

Mario's Mutterings

This week, we were treated to a special "Glee wedding" episode that featured two Bruno Mars songs, and two other songs I've never heard of. Is it just me, or does it seem that there's been less music in recent episodes? I really feel like something's been missing in the track listing department, and I don't think I'm the only one with this opinion! Either way, I found the episode to be quite enjoyable, especially with the twist at the end. Moving Kurt to Dalton sets up two dynamic possibilities: furthering the relationship between him and Blaine, and creating conflict between Kurt and his old pals during the upcoming Sectionals competition. There should be some good television coming our way, Gleeks!

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