Never Been Kissed.

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Puck returns from juvie, Kurt meets Blaine, and two kisses are exchanged!

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In the locker room, Finn and Sam discuss how they’re dating the only girls in school who won’t put out. Sam decides that from now on, he’ll combat his urges with Quinn by thinking about Coach Beiste. Meanwhile, Kurt is pushed by a football player into a set of lockers. At glee club, the gang welcomes Puck back and it seems that juvie hasn’t changed him one bit. Will announces the second annual boys versus girls mash-up competition to help prepare the kids for Sectionals.


After practice, Puck tells Artie he’s going to help him around the school as part of his community service. He tells Artie that they’re going to first make some money by busking. They sing "One Love/People Get Ready" by Bob Marley and make 300 dollars from their classmates! When Puck learns that Artie would like another chance to date Brittany, he tells Artie that they’re going to use the money to take Brittany and Santana out on a double date. During the date, Puck impresses Brittany and Santana with stories from juvie. When Puck decides they’re going to dine and dash, Artie feels bad and pays the bill.


Meanwhile, Will sees Kurt continuing to get physically assaulted by his bully. He asks Kurt how he can help but Kurt says it is his hill to climb alone. Kurt then tells Will that he doesn’t appreciate having to be on the boys’ team for the mash-up competition. Will decides to change the rules of the competition: the boys must now sing traditional girl songs and vice-versa.


Kurt decides to get a look at the Dalton Academy all-boys school. He immediately runs into Blaine (Darren Criss) who welcomes him to the school and takes him to the performance hall. As the leader of the boys’ glee club, Blaine sings "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. Kurt feels totally at home and thoroughly enjoys the performance. He later sits with Blaine and discovers that Blaine, too, is gay. The boys have a heart-to-heart chat where Blaine tells Kurt he should go back to McKinley and stand up to his bully.


While making out with Quinn, Sam tries his "Beiste strategy" to cool down, and accidentally mutters Beiste’s name! Quinn relays this to Sue who sees this as a chance to get Beiste out of the school. She urges Quinn to go public with an accusation. Meanwhile, Tina gets wind of this "Beiste strategy" and uses it to cool down while making out with Mike. While everyone is gathered in the school hallway, Quinn confronts Sam for moaning Beiste’s name, while Mike walks by Beiste and tells her to stay away from his woman! Once Will finds out what’s going on, he urges the kids to stop thinking about Beiste in such an awful way, because she’s an outsider just like them. He informs Beiste about the situation, and she is not impressed!


At glee, the girls perform a rock and roll mash-up of "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones and "Livin’ On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi. Following the performance, Will is informed by Sue that Beiste has quit. Meanwhile, Kurt is again assaulted by his bully but stands up for himself. Shockingly, the bully leans in and kisses Kurt! Kurt admits to Blaine that he had never before been kissed. Together, they try to talk to the football player about what happened but he won’t admit to kissing Kurt.


Will tells the gang they need to rally together to get Beiste back at the school. Later, Will has a heart-to-heart with Beiste who admits that, deep down, she’s just a girl who’s never been kissed. The two share a warm moment and Will gives Beiste her first kiss! He then tells her that his kids would like to apologize for the hurt they’ve caused. Meanwhile, Puck tells Artie that he’s leaving school and skipping town. He’s in trouble with his juvie officer who has ordered him to do more meaningful community service, or risk being sent back to juvie. Puck admits he’s scared to go back to juvie, and that he had lied about enjoying his time there. Artie tells Puck that he just needs a good influence to help turn his life around. Artie proposes a deal that Puck will pick up garbage for his community service while Artie tutors him in geometry.


At glee club, the boys tell Coach Beiste that they wish she would smile more, because she’s truly beautiful when she smiles. They apologize and dedicate to her a mash-up of The Supremes’ "Stop! In The Name Of Love" and En Vogue’s "Free Your Mind." Moved by the performance, Coach Beiste smiles and thanks the boys for their apology.

Mario's Mutterings

I absolutely loved this week's episode, "Never Been Kissed." It certainly had a lot of buildup, and I feel that the cast really delivered. Darren Criss is an instant new favorite in his role of Blaine; I'm really looking forward to more chemistry between him and Kurt. The kisses between Kurt and the football player, as well as between Beiste and Will, were terrific surprises. Despite what felt like a lack of singing, the episode gets mundo points for holding itself together in a tactful manner while furthering Kurt's gay storyline. That said, I'm still hoping to learn more about some of the other characters. And more Puck, please! Dude's a total bad ass.

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