Rocky Horror Glee Show.

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

The glee club stages "The Rocky Horror Show," Finn and Sam feel self-conscious about their bodies, and Will tells Emma he's backing off!

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"The Rocky Horror Glee Show" opens with the infamous lips, in this case belonging to Santana, singing "Science Fiction/Double Feature." Will reminisces about how the gang got involved with "Rocky Horror." He was having lunch with Emma and discovered that a lot of her obsessive tendencies had subsided after going with Carl to a showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Clearly bothered by this, Will had told Emma that he was actually planning a production of "The Rocky Horror Show" with his glee club.


Will tells the kids that they'll be tackling "Rocky Horror." He explains that he's cut out some of the more risqué sections and will be requiring permission slips from parents. The students are willing to perform the show for a paying audience, which would help fund their trip to New York for Nationals. Rachel will play Janet, Finn will be Brad, Artie gets the role of Dr. Scott, and Mike decides to take on the role of Frankenfurter. Kurt is assigned the role of Riff Raff, Sam will be Rocky, and everyone else will serve as Columbias and Magentas.


While rehearsing the show, Finn reveals to Rachel that he is nervous to be on stage in just his underwear. He admits that despite being an athlete, he feels insecure about his body type. Before practicing "Dammit Janet" with Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and Quinn, Finn overhears Santana and Brittany make comments about his less-than-stellar body. Bothered by this, Finn turns to Sam for advice and is envious of Sam's dedication to a strict diet and workout routine.


Meanwhile, Sue is visited by local news station managers and is informed that Will plans to perform "Rocky Horror" with his glee club. She accepts their proposition for her to do an expose that proves the secular progressive agenda has hit Lima, Ohio. Needing to work undercover, Sue joins the production in the role of the criminologist.


Later, Will asks Emma to be the costume designer for the show. Despite feeling elated to help Will, she pretends not to care so much as she's committed to her dentist boyfriend, Carl. Meanwhile, Mike bails as Frankenfurter after his parents deem the play too risqué. To keep Will from canceling the show, Sue recruits Carl to try out for the play. He auditions with "Hot Patootie," much to the disgust and jealousy of Will. The gang decides he'd be great in the role of Eddie. Inspired, Mercedes announces that she wants to take over the role of Frankenfurter.


At dress rehearsal, it's evident that Finn is still uncomfortable with the idea of wearing just his underwear on stage. Sam also feels uncomfortable in his role, despite having the body to parade around in tight gold underwear. Mercedes sings "Sweet Transvestite." Later, Will tells Emma that Carl has been causing problems during rehearsals for the show, and that he’s also concerned some of the kids are too self-conscious in their current roles. He decides to take over Sam's role as Rocky and asks Emma to help him rehearse. Emma accepts and sings "Touch-a, Touch-a Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" while dancing seductively and taking off Will's shirt. She gets scared and runs from the room while Santana and Brittany spy from a distance.


Sam tells Finn that he's going to be great in the role of Brad, and to feel comfortable with his body. Finn takes it to a new level by walking through the hallways in his underwear. Principal Figgins wants to suspend Finn but Will convinces him otherwise. Figgins warns that the show and the glee club will be shut down if they cause any more controversy. Rachel and Finn perform "Over at the Frankenstein Place." Meanwhile, Will discovers the exposé tape that Sue was planning to air on the play's opening night. When he confronts Sue, she tells Will that he's a teacher and that he should be leading his students down the proper path. Will agrees with her and decides to pull the plug on the show.


Will meets with Emma and tells her he’s canceling the show, admitting he was only staging it to impress her. He then apologizes and says that he really loves her, but will back off so she can be with Carl. Will then apologizes to the kids for what he’s put them through. He tells them that “Rocky Horror” isn’t about pushing the envelope, but about a place for outcasts to feel like they belong. Though they won’t perform the show for an audience, the gang decides to perform it for themselves. They sing "The Time Warp" while Will watches on.

Mario's Mutterings

I'm really interested in hearing the feedback that "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" will garner. I think you'll be in one of two positions: you'll have either loved the episode or absolutely hated it. As a fan of "Rocky Horror," I was elated to see the cast tackle such a cult classic. Throughout the show I found myself giddy with excitement. That is, of course, until I realized that I'd be hating the episode if I wasn't a fan of "Rocky Horror." Ultimately, this week did little to advance the storyline or the characters that we care so much about. It was what it was: another gimmick episode with fantastic performances.

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