Something To Believe In.

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Finn creates a "Grilled Cheesus," Kurt's dad suffers a heart attack, and the kids share their religious beliefs!

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Finn is shocked when he discovers the image of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich. He prays to his "Grilled Cheesus" to let the football team win their first game, and the team comes out victorious. Later, Finn's prayer to touch Rachel's breasts is also answered.


Kurt's father, Burt, reminds his son about Friday night dinner with Finn and Finn's mom. Kurt declines and Burt shares his disappointment with his son. At glee practice, Finn says he wants to pay tribute to Jesus. Kurt refuses and says that churches don't respect gay people or women. Puck gets in the spirit and performs "Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel.


Later, Burt suffers a heart attack at work. Kurt rushes to the hospital where the doctor tells him that his dad has lost consciousness and may not wake up. Back at school, Mercedes performs "I Look to You" by Whitney Houston. Kurt thanks her but admits he doesn't believe in God. Kurt says that even if God is real, He's a big jerk for making him gay and allowing others to mock him every day.


Sue is disgusted to find out that the kids are singing religious songs in a public school. She encourages Kurt to complain to the school board, which leads to a ban on the songs. When Emma blasts Sue for interfering, Sue explains that she stopped believing in God as a little girl when He didn't answer her prayers for people to stop bugging her handicapped sister.


Finn prays to Grilled Cheesus that he can become quarterback again. During the next game, Sam gets injured and Finn is asked to replace him. Later, Rachel sings "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" from Yentl as a prayer for Burt. Kurt is upset to find his friends praying for his dad. Back at glee club, Kurt explains that his dad used to hold his hand to let him know he wasn't alone when his mom died. He performs a chilling version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles.


Finn confesses to Emma that everything he's prayed for has come true thanks to Grilled Cheesus. Emma tells Finn that God likely doesn't work through grilled cheese sandwiches. He feels let down and sings R.E.M’s "Losing my Religion." Meanwhile, Kurt reluctantly attends church with Mercedes, who has dedicated the mass to Kurt's dad. While there, she tells Kurt that even though he doesn’t believe in God, he’s got to believe in something. She leads the choir in "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon & Garfunkel.


Sue visits her sister and asks if she believes in God. Her sister says that God never makes mistakes. Kurt visits his dad and says though he doesn't believe in God, he should have let his friends pray. He breaks down and says that he believes in his father and in their relationship. At that moment, Burt wiggles his fingers! In the auditorium, New Directions performs "One of Us" by Joan Osborne. Will asks Sue if she'll report them for it, but Sue says she won't.

Mario's Mutterings

The cast and crew promised a touching episode and there's no question in my mind that they one-hundred percent delivered it. After viewing "Grilled Cheesus," there's no doubting that "Glee" has the courage to tackle the big issues. This episode has brought us further into the psyche of Kurt while simultaneously (and tactfully) addressing the hot topics of religion and homosexuality. My favorite part had to be when Kurt blamed God for making him gay. What was yours?

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