It's Brittany, Bitch!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Will meets Emma's new boyfriend, the glee kids get high, and Britney Spears guest stars!

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When Will tells his students they'll be singing adult contemporary this week, the gang says they'd rather perform songs from pop culture icon Britney Spears. Will shoots the idea down, but so does Brittany. She reveals that her name (Brittany S. Pierce) has caused her to painfully grow up in Britney Spears' shadow.


Meanwhile, Will meets Emma's new dentist boyfriend, Carl Howell (John Stamos). Carl meets the glee kids and discovers that many of them require some dental work. Brittany is the first to go and needs 68 cavities filled. When put under a general anesthesia, Brittany dreams she is dressed in a variety of Britney Spears' famous outfits while performing "I'm a Slave 4 U." Brittany brings Santana along for a second trip to the dentist and they are both sedated. They share a common dream and perform "Me Against the Music," with Santana playing the role of Madonna.


Will then visits Carl for a checkup and admits that though he still has feelings for Emma, he'll back off as long as she has feelings for Carl. Will does, however, buy a Corvette just like Carl's and Emma finds it unimpressive. To make matters worse, Will's ex-wife shows up and blasts Will for being so irresponsible with his money.


When Rachel goes to the dentist, she is sedated into a Britney dream of her own. In a sequence similar to Spears' original music video, Rachel performs "... Baby One More Time." After the dream, Rachel starts to dress like a naughty schoolgirl which makes Finn jealous.


The final glee clubber to be sedated is Artie, who hallucinates that Britney is a Cheerio at McKinley. In his dream, he sings "Stronger" while lifting weights and playing football. This dream gives him the courage to once again ask Coach Beiste for a spot on the football team. Beiste accepts Artie and also welcomes Finn back onto the squad. Rachel becomes jealous and tells Finn he must choose her or football.


After realizing the impact that Britney has on the student body, Will decides that he and New Directions will perform "Toxic" at the upcoming assembly. This is so well-received that a riot starts amongst the student body, causing Sue to get trampled on. She vows to sue Will for causing her bodily harm. Meanwhile, Will explains to Emma that he performed Britney in an attempt to be less uptight. Emma tells Will that he shouldn't pretend to be anyone else. Back at glee club, Rachel wants to sing Finn a song to apologize for giving him an ultimatum. She sings "The Only Exception" by Paramore, dedicating the song to her boyfriend.

Mario's Mutterings:

As a fan of Britney's since she first surfaced in the late 90's, I figured I was going to love, love, LOVE this episode. I never realized, though, just how blown away I'd actually be. Yes, the episode was light, silly and over-the-top. And yes, very little storyline advancements were made. But there's no denying that "Britney/Brittany" was entertaining as hell. Speaking of Brittany, the best part of this episode had to be Heather Morris stepping into the spotlight and completely killing each one of her performances. Don't be surprised when she's soon trending on Twitter, that's for certain. And I may be jumping the gun here, but I think she's showcased her character so well in this episode that the writers really ought to start thinking about putting her front and center more often. Who's with me on this one?

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