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Year-End Wrap-Up.

Season 4 of "Glee" began with some of our favorite characters moving on from McKinley, making way for new finds like Marley, Unique, Jake, Kitty and later in the season, Ryder, the latest winner of "The Glee Project." Gleeks may have been anxious about how the show would fare with the majority of New Directions moving on, and to be honest, it has been a mixed bag. Let's take a look back at how the kids at McKinley handled eating disorders, the absence of Mr. Schuster and the biggest blow yet - losing Sectionals.

Episode 1 - The New Rachel.

During the season premiere Rachel and Kurt began their lives in New York - including Rachel's rough start at NYADA with guest star Kate Hudson. Of course, they both looked amazing. Meanwhile back at McKinley, new kids tried out for New Directions, including Puck's brother Jake and new chanteuse Marley. Grade: B+

Episode 2 - Britney 2.0.

Another Britney Spears homage, this one focused on the fall of the once shining star, as well as Brittany's struggle to move on from Santana. Not as fun the second time around. Grade: C+

Episode 3 - Makeover.

Sarah Jessica Parker offered Kurt his dream internship and proved to be a dream to watch. Meanwhile, Will made a move to leave McKinley, Rachel was torn between steady Finn and hot Brody and Kurt and Blaine hit a rough patch. Grade: A

Episode 4 - The Break Up.

Blaine and Finn got more than they bargained for when they went to New York to visit Rachel and Kurt and both ended up with broken relationships. Back at McKinley, the burgeoning relationship between Marley and Jake was ripped apart by hurricane Kitty. Grade: B+

Episode 5 - The Role You Were Born To Play.

A nervous and aimless Finn took over New Directions in the hopes of finding some meaning in his life. Ryder entered Marley's life and Unique struggled with being himself without alienating his friends and family. Bieste did Emma a solid and advised her to be true to herself. Grade: A-

Episode 6 - Glease.

The school musical "Grease" showcased the talents of the newcomers, fueled Sue's war on the arts and explored the chemistry among Marley, Jake and Ryder. Music is what the show does best, and Rachel and Kurt made sure to be there to see it. Unfortunately, they ended up regretting their return to McKinley. Grade: B

Episode 7 - Dynamic Duets.

A contrived Super Heroes subplot muddled an otherwise positive look at serious issues like Ryder's dyslexia, Marley's bulimia and Blaine's continued struggle with losing Kurt after he cheated. Grade: C+

Episode 8 - Thanksgiving.

One of the liveliest episodes of the season so far, Kurt and Rachel hosted a positively festive Thanksgiving in New York for Brody, Isabella and a slew of drag queens. Too bad the return of vets Quinn, Mike and Santana was more confusing than entertaining, specifically Quinn's return to being bad. Marley's eating disorder led to failure for New Directions at Sectionals. Grade: A-

Episode 9 - Swan Song.

After a white hot battle of the divas between Rachel and Cassandra, Rachel blew the roof off and probably elicited more than a few tears with her rendition of "Oh Holy Night" at NYADA. Meanwhile, Finn struggled to guide New Directions. Grade: A+

Episode 10 - Glee Actually.

Sam and Brittany decided to give it a go even as they prepared for the Mayan apocalypse. Burt paid a visit to Rachel and Kurt for Christmas, but brought with him the sad news that he had cancer. And Sue was the ultimate Grinch - complete with change of heart - when she left Marley and her mom enough money to get Marley help for her eating disorder. Grade: B+

What do you think of "Glee's" fourth season so far? Be sure to sound off with your opinion in the comments below. New episodes of "Glee" return January 24.

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- Hollie Deese