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"My goal is that I act like an actual host and not like a fan." sat in on Kevin McHale's press conference by phone on July 17 to discuss his upcoming stint as co-host of the "Teen Choice Awards." In addition to hosting, McHale indicated he will be bringing his sister, two nieces and nephew to the show which will air on July 22 on FOX.

The following are a few highlights from the interview:

As for what viewers can expect from McHale and co-host Demi Lovato, who haven't been able to rehearse together yet, McHale responded, "We’ll get together in a couple of days and start working on it, but 'Teen Choice,' regardless, is always fun and super crazy and I can’t wait. I think it’s going to be exciting and it’s live, so you never know what’s going to happen."

When asked if he had any dos and don’ts going into the show, McHale said, "Good question, dos and don’ts, it’s kind of nerve-wracking. Because it’s live, I guess you have to watch what you say and keep it together. It’s going to be fun, so luckily I have Demi to lean on and likewise for her, so I’m excited to see No Doubt, so I hopefully won’t act like a fan gorilla in front of all the people that I like. I should probably stay professional. My goal is that I act like an actual host and not like a fan."

Of course, the subject of whether or not McHale will persuade his friend and pop star Demi Lovato to appear on "Glee" came up. He answered, "Oh, I will definitely ask her to do that. Granted I don’t have that power, but I’m trying to get her on board. It was like at Comic-Con, I was doing the same thing. I’m like who can we get on here. I would love for her to come on. I mean we haven’t met any of my family and so I mean she could be my sister, right? I’m all for that."

Will he and Lovato perform a duet during the show? According to McHale, "I don’t think that’s planned. I don’t think it’s going to happen. There’s still slots to fill for all the performers, so I think I will leave that to them. I don’t think Demi needs any help from me. I wish she was performing. I’d like to hear her perform."

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- Lori Wilson