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Updated June 23:

Giving out more scoop, Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that Sue (Jane Lynch) will have a new nemesis in Season 3. Someone she has hated the most in her whole life. That person will be played by The Glee Project winner. Sue will also run for Congress and Will (Matthew Morrison) will help with the election.

Originally posted June 22:

Glee creator Ryan Murphy recently spoke with TVLine to share some Season 3 scoop. We already know some of the characters will be graduating, but what else is in store for the crazy kids at McKinley High? Keep reading to find out!

First of all, Murphy says Season 3 will be more about character. With that in mind, there will only be one musical tribute, but he says it will be a big one. There will also be no special guest stars, which Season 2 was littered with, and there will be fewer songs.

Next up, the "Glee" mastermind hinted that there will be more focus on the characters who haven't had big stories thus far. Look for Mercedes (Amber Riley), Mike (Harry Shum, Jr.), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and even Will (Matthew Morrison) to get meatier stuff to play. Murphy previewed, "We have an amazing Mercedes story. We have a great Mike and Tina story. They’re fascinating. I love them as performers and it’s time they get their due. Also, Matt Morrison last year didn’t really have the big, huge arc he had in Season 1, but he will in the upcoming season."

Also, look for Sue (Jane Lynch) to get a 20 episode arc, which Ryan called, "amazing" and "fantastic." Looks like she will move on from tormenting the glee club and "start picking on the country." She might even get a love interest.

Murphy also shared that Blaine (Darren Criss), Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Lauren (Ashley Fink) might not return, they will point the show toward the endgame the creators have envisioned from the beginning and a spin-off with some graduating characters is not out of the realm of possibilities.

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