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A look back at Season 2 in 2010.

With the first half of Glee's second season behind us, and the new year right around the corner, it's time to take a look back at what went down with everyone's favorite glee club! From deep storylines to shallow silliness, from breakups to makeups and everything in between (including a barrage of delicious song performances), the McKinley High kids undoubtedly delivered the soapy goods to Gleeks all around the world.

So here's what happened this season on "Glee". The New Directions kids started the new school year thinking they were cool, but quickly realized they were still at the bottom rung of the popularity ladder. Shannon Beiste became the football team's new coach, as well as a new thorn in Sue's side. Tina dumped Artie for Mike, but that's okay because Artie's now hooked up with Brittany. Speaking of hookups, Emma not only found herself a new man named Carl (John Stamos), she also went ahead and married him (which kind of broke Will's heart). Kurt's dad and Finn's mom also tied the knot, making the two boys step-brothers. As for Finn and Kurt, Finn made a grilled cheese sandwich that looked like Jesus, which sparked a controversial religious debate between Kurt and the rest of the gang. Kurt also transferred schools to Dalton Academy because he was sick of being bullied for being gay. Of course, Kurt's tormenter at McKinley is also secretly gay, but won't admit it to anyone. Kurt found some major comfort at his new school by befriending Blaine, who is also homosexual. Back at McKinley, a new kid named Sam joined New Directions and is now dating Quinn. Finn and Rachel were happily dating until Rachel pulled her typical Rachel stunts and Finn decided he wanted out of the relationship. Finally, at Sectionals, the New Directions kids managed a first place victory, but had to share it as co-winners with Kurt's new school, The Dalton Academy Warblers. And that's what happened so far this season on "Glee."

After one gander at "Glee's" second season recap, the word "gay" seems to stand out, and for good reason. "Glee's" sophomore season thus far has unquestionably centered around Kurt's struggle with being openly homosexual. Some viewers have hated it, calling the show itself "gay." Other viewers have applauded Ryan Murphy and the rest of the writing crew for allowing such a hot issue to come to the forefront of Primetime television. No one likes someone with an opinion in the middle, so I will side with the viewers who think "Glee" has done a terrific job of not only addressing, but ripping open, the controversial issues that other shows seem to shy away from. With that said, I'm also of the opinion that "Glee's" second half of the season can start to focus more on the show's minor characters. I've loved having Kurt in the spotlight, and the message that the show has been sending out, but can we please get some more stories for characters like Mercedes? On the singing front, the performances have been solid as per usual, but I fear that the song selections leave a bit to be desired. What happened to choosing songs that fit with the current storylines? It seems that our glee kids are now more-or-less singing songs just to be singing. Personally, in the new year, I'd rather see no more guest stars or themed shows if it means that we can be treated to some old-school "Glee," which focuses on deep character development and meaningful song selection.

As we look back on a very successful year for "Glee," let's acknowledge some of the show's "bests" - the highlights of Season 2 thus far.

Best Male Character: Kurt Hummel.
There's no way that this can go to any other individual on the show. Chris Colfer brought Kurt's internal struggle to life in such a way that it's almost a guarantee he made you cry at some point during the season. I'd put money on that.

Best Female Character: Sue Sylvester.
She's downright hilarious with her mean quips, especially those targeted at Mr. Schue (insert cardigan, hair gel, or bum chin comment here). But more importantly, Sue's multiple layers of personality continue to unfold before our very eyes, without us even realizing it. Jane Lynch makes Sue Sylvester shine when she plays up Sue's softer side, and also makes us fall in love with a woman who should be despised. An awesome feat.

Best Storyline: Kurt's departure from McKinley High.
It was one thing to have Kurt constantly being pushed around for being openly gay, but it was downright intense when the writers actually moved Kurt to a new school. I'm sure he'll return to McKinley someday, but in the meantime, I'm downright loving to watch Kurt discover himself in new surroundings.

Best Hookup: Artie and Brittany.
I'll admit it: I was pissed when Tina left Artie for Mike. I was also a bit leery when Brittany jumped in and took Artie's virginity. Now that the two have been together, though, it seems that there's a definite future for the pair. How cute was Artie when he made up the ridiculous story about the magical comb just to help Brittany overcome her fear of being in the spotlight? And how adorable was Brittany when she asked Santa to make Artie be able to walk? Love it.

Best Breakup: Finn and Rachel.
Go ahead and hate me for saying it, but I think deep down we were all secretly rooting for Rachel to get what was coming to her. Sometimes there's no way to explain something that just doesn't seem to be working. For me, Finn and Rachel fall into this category. It just doesn't work for me. At all. I'd rather see a bad ass like Puck swoop in on Rachel and show her a thing or two about love than have to sit through Finn and Rachel's phony little relationship. Here's to hoping the writers play on this and keep these two apart for at least the rest of the season.

- Mario Rocchetta

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