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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

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    Laura Leaves with Scott!

    Friday, October 24 2008

    Scott offers to let Lulu go if Laura comes with him, the Justice of the Peace refuses to marry Jason and Claudia and Sonny asks Olivia to bring her son to Port Charles. » Read More

    Laura Comes Alive!

    Thursday, October 23 2008

    The ties of motherhood spring into full display, Tracy and Luke head back to Port Charles and Jason and Claudia head for the altar! » Read More

    Tequila Time!

    Wednesday, October 22 2008

    Trevor visits Shadybrook, Jax wants to buy Spoon Island and where else but Jake's for Robin's baby shower? » Read More

    Sam Can't Get Anyone to Believe Her.

    Tuesday, October 21 2008

    Alexis is stunned by another betrayal by her daughter, Scott insists that Lulu stay where she can get help and Claudia likes her new position of power. » Read More

    Here Comes a Different Bride?

    Monday, October 20 2008

    Sonny learns Anthony's terms, Alexis doesn't believe Sam and Lulu helps Spinelli. » Read More

    Spinelli's Committed. Literally.

    Friday, October 17 2008

    A Shadybrook doctor has a field day with Spinelli, Alexis finds Sam with Jerry and Sonny turns to the Zaccharas. » Read More

    Team Lulu Comes Together.

    Thursday, October 16 2008

    Lulu is in a world of her own, Tracy finds Luke and tells him everything and Jason and Elizabeth come to an agreement of sorts. » Read More

    The World According to Maximus.

    Wednesday, October 15 2008

    Maximus shows his soft side on his way out of town, Olivia and Carly belly up to a bar and Tracy goes after Luke. » Read More

    Giambettis Versus the Russians.

    Tuesday, October 14 2008

    Max saves Sonny, Diane gives Alexis some good advice and Carly stumbles upon the big secret. » Read More

    Sonny Won't Listen to Anyone.

    Monday, October 13 2008

    Karpov gets his message loud and clear, Olivia makes a powerful enemy and Patrick's best man disgusts the maid of honor. » Read More

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