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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

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    They're Cousins, But They're Not Exactly Kissin'.

    Thursday, September 25 2008

    Kate welcomes Olivia as warmly as she possibly can, Carly, on the other hand, is thrilled to meet 'Connie's' cousin and Liz agrees to leave with Jason tomorrow. » Read More

    Ravens, Food Poisoning and Carly.

    Wednesday, September 24 2008

    Kate's bad wedding omens just keep piling up, Olivia's past becomes a little more clear and Jason gives Elizabeth the boot, so to speak. » Read More

    Maxie Covers Some Ground!

    Tuesday, September 23 2008

    Maxie, surprisingly, lends Lulu support out at Shadybrook, she convinces Carly to go to the wedding, and puts Spinelli to work on Jason. » Read More

    So That's Olivia!

    Monday, September 22 2008

    Sonny invites Kate's cousin to their wedding, Patrick chooses Matt's side over Noah's and Lulu believes that Laura never really woke up. » Read More

    Noah Will Never Be Father of the Year.

    Friday, September 19 2008

    Patrick is disgusted to hear that his father cheated on his mom, Kate invites Jason to their wedding and Max follows his heart back to Diane. » Read More

    Cupid is on Hiatus.

    Thursday, September 18 2008

    Leyla doesn't want to be Jax's rebound girl, Diane and Max reel after their break up and none of Carly's matches even come close to compatibility. » Read More

    Lulu Starts to Wonder.

    Wednesday, September 17 2008

    Johnny visits Shadybrook, Claudia and Ric get promotions and Nikolas extends an invitation. » Read More

    And the Verdict Is...

    Tuesday, September 16 2008

    Kate will marry Sonny, Jason will lend a shoulder to Carly and Epiphany and Edward come to an agreement. » Read More

    Madam Foreperson.

    Monday, September 15 2008

    Epiphany is in charge of the jury, Jax blows Carly off, Sonny asks Kate to marry him, Johnny gets a surprise, Jerry and Sam have dinner, and Jason and Elizabeth connect. » Read More

    Liz Makes a(nother) Move!

    Friday, September 12 2008

    Liz refuses to let Jason push her away, Claudia gives amazing testimony and tender Spinelli gets his way. » Read More

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