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    Friday, July 23 2010
    Both Franco and Warren's time runs out.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Saturday, July 24 2010 01:33 PM

    Not to insinuate myself into the conversation, but I find all the female characters to be lacking. The actresses do a great job, but they can only work with the scenes that are written for them. I think that the Claire character really summed it up for me. She's running around talking about her biological clock to anyone who will listen and she is supposed to be one of the professionally focused women. To me all the female characters are watered down to the worst of the female stereotypes. Monica was the last strong one and she has been given a time out in the mansion.

    Posted by STORM04 at Saturday, July 24 2010 01:37 PM

    TX- I guess different strokes for different folks, because I find Carly and Sonny really uninteresting because they are so PREDICTABLE...the storyline with Jax, Carly/Steve has been played over and over again with Carly and every man she has been with...Alcazar to make Sonny jealous, Sonny to make Jax Jealous, Steve to make Jax jealous, Jason to make AJ and Sonny Jealous...same crap over and over...and so is Sonny's self pity party.

    How refreshing if it would have been for Sonny not to lie about the planting the bomb and not asking his son to lie about it

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Saturday, July 24 2010 03:12 PM

    Bean you are brilliant! If the writers were that smart they would have shown the couple again doing something suspicious and given us a better s/l with a believable way Franco could adduct the baby.

    Posted by ms gh fan at Saturday, July 24 2010 03:27 PM

    Scrimmage I agree with everything you said about Lulu!!! And then some. Carly will admit when she make mistakes and she will admit her first thought is to lie or cover it up. She was clearly worried about her son Micheal but she also help out Krissy yesterday her former stepchild; When Olivia asked Lulu for help with Krissy she flat out refused even though she is supposed to love Dante and do anything for him.(I guess that don't included his family)Also Carly admitted she has done alot of things wrong in rasing Micheal.Sam will admit when she is wrong, still waiting for her to apologies to Ethan; but where is Lulu apology and remember he is her brother.She marked Ethan as being guilty for something her father did over 25-30 years ago. So while Lulu might be young at 22 she is rude, judgemental,and self-center. and lazy unless she running behind Dante.

    Posted by STORM04 at Saturday, July 24 2010 03:57 PM

    Ms GH- Just because Carly and Sam admits they are liars and wrong (by the way, I did not see Sam apologizing to Ethan either)should they get a medal or something?

    Carly admitting she is liar is a way of deflecting responsibility for her actions...I cheated on Jax with Sonny... since I have always cheated, he should have known... so it is his fault.

    Your honor, I am a serial killer, I kill can't blame for least I admit it.

    Sonny is a mobster, he kills people and that is what mobsters anyone who does not act or do what Sonny wants should expect him to react with violence...

    On what planet does that excuse have any merit?

    Give me a break...Sonny and Carly does not have a disease. They can change their BEHAVIORS.

    They keep doing the same stupid thing over and over again, and we all should be like...well at least they admit they are wrong...Like Ringleader said a couple of weeks ago, a person who is truly sorry not only speak the words, but follow through with their actions.

    Carly is an immature nut job who acts like a 5 year old...she would be a perfect character in mean girls.

    How pathetic is she to be plotting against Lulu... a girl that is a few years younger than her son.

    The mature thing would have been to say "Lulu, what you did hurt me and my family and I cannot trust you, so I want you out of my life"...instead she enlist the help of another young girl and is paying her like a prostitute to seduce a man...Oh right, she has admitted she is a wack job, so it is totally ok...

    It is weird for me to see how one character's actions is being criticized when other characters in the show are doing exactly the same thing but does not get the same criticism.

    We are all entitle to love or hate a certain character, but why site a certain behavior as to why when other characters exhibit the exact same behavior.

    Posted by ttoyou at Saturday, July 24 2010 04:42 PM

    Storm, do you understand that this is a soap and that we have to have drama, angst, cheating, lying and in the case of GH, killing, wounding, lying, cheating and most importantly, immaturity in most if not all of the characters? Good lord, girl, if they were all as upright and outstanding as you'd like them to be who would tune in? Again, I have to ask, what is there about this show that moves you to watch or at least get caught up on the show as often as you do? There has to be something.

    Posted by STORM04 at Saturday, July 24 2010 05:29 PM

    ttoyou- I am aware that GH is a soap opera...I am not sure what your question as to why I watch GH has to do with me saying that if some posters are going to trash Lulu and Kristina and call them rude and obnoxious, they need to add Carly, Sonny and Jason in to that list.

    GH has always had lying, cheating, murder, but in the last few years the show and some of the fans seem to think that the more morally deplorable the show is the better and a few of us who have been watching GH for a long time has issue with that...there use to be a balance with characters like Emily, Lila and Audrey who had a moral compass.

    Personally, I think it is rather obnoxious to ask someone why he/she watch a show because his/her opinions are not in line with what you think it should be because it is a "soap opera"

    Furthermore, those of us who just wish GH had a balance and not become completly morally deplorable are very aware that GH "is just a soap opera" but when soaps take on real life issues that involves moral issues (i.e. abortion, murder, rape), the writers should expect that the fans will want some of the characters to have a moral compass or at least some redeeming quality and I for one, will not be apologizing for that.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, July 24 2010 05:47 PM

    Storm04 - Ahhh, I think I see the problem. You’re expecting consistency and even-handedness among the viewers, but actually judgment of someone’s behavior is in the eye of the beholder, and some of them have already picked sides. If someone has decided they like Lulu, or think she and Dante make a cute couple, they’re not as likely to find Lulu as annoying as others that don’t care as much for her, and tend to be more critical. It’s like when I’m watching the Dallas Cowboys. If the other team is called for pass interference, it’s a great call, but if they make the exact same call against the Cowboys, then the refs are blind, incompetent idiots.

    You said it in an earlier post – to each their own.

    Posted by ttoyou at Saturday, July 24 2010 06:18 PM

    Scrimmage, well said. Although my understanding of many sports games is limited I think your comparison to them is spot on. Usually, which is not often, when I attend a game, I do root for the team I love.

    Posted by poodles at Saturday, July 24 2010 06:43 PM

    Hi everyone.

    Welcome, JMJasonLover. It's always nice to have a Jason fan join the board. This is a fun group of individuals, so please post as often as you can.

    Scrimmage- your idea of having Michael joining a branch of the military is interesting. I could see a Sgt. Michael Corinthos III. The only problem I would have- Jason would probably also enlist to keep Michael safe.

    Storm- I think Lulu is older than 22. She has been working at Crimson for a couple years now, I would think she would have to be a least 24, in order to have had time to graduate fr om college, etc.
    ***OFF TOPIC*** How is your marathon training coming along? Have you been increasing your mileage? We have begun to taper cycling and running mileage and increased our swimming distance.

    ttoyou- I agree with you. The show would really be boring if everyone was perfect law abiding saints.

    Hi Rans. are you going doggone crazy. LOL. Hope your little house guest is settling down. Hang in there.

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