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    Friday, July 23 2010
    Both Franco and Warren's time runs out.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, July 24 2010 11:07 AM

    Storm04 – Interesting post on the posters’ attitude toward Lulu. Personally, I don’t “hate” the character; I just find her annoying because she has so completely re-oriented her life around Dante, to the detriment of her family, her job, and her other friends. She reminds me of the kind of girl who, after just a couple of dates, starts planning her whole schedule around being with her guy as often as possible, calling all the time, coming over unannounced, making “plans” for the future. It can be flattering at first, but that level of attention can seem out of proportion, and more than a little needy. It also gets old real fast. A similar situation happened to me in the past, and I found myself wondering what did this girl do before she met me? It was almost as if she had no life until I came along. I broke it off before things got too out of hand, and not too long afterward, I heard she met some other guy who she married within a matter of weeks. I feel like I dodged a bullet.

    The problem with Lulu is that every waking moment, she is all about Dante. I’m not talking about love. This is closer to obsession on a level I don’t see in Sam or Carly. Lulu apparently can’t stand to be physically separated from Dante for more than a couple of hours, after which she starts freaking out and talks herself into some reason to go after him. She’s like a junkie who needs her fix and Dante is her drug.

    While she may love him, she doesn’t care about his profession, or respect his ability to do his job; otherwise she wouldn’t continue to go behind his back to Sonny, Carly, Jason, Spinelli, or anyone else to make them promise that they won’t do anything to hurt Dante. I’d be surprised she hasn’t gone to Mac yet in an attempt to get Dante assigned to the traffic division, except that with the number of lousy drivers and all the hit and run incidents in Port Charles, that working traffic might be more dangerous than homicide. She also shows him little respect because she never tells him what she’s planning in advance. That’s because she knows he wouldn’t like her interfering with his police work, which is why she didn’t call to let him know she was coming to LA (to save him from Jason??) because she knew he wouldn’t allow it. Not only is she distracting him from (what is supposed to be) an important, life-or-death investigation, she also is exposing herself, and by extension Dante, to danger by putting herself in Franco’s sights. Dante should kick her butt all the way to the airport, and put her on the first plane to PC.

    At least Sam and Carly are occasionally involved with their respective families and, to a smaller extent, their careers. Lulu continually ignores her job, and seldom sees her kin unless it has something to do with Dante. She needs to get a life, or at least reclaim the one she had before she became so completely Dante-centric. Right now Lulu is one-dimensional, completely predictable, and utterly boring.

    Besides that, she's great!

    Posted by kupp at Saturday, July 24 2010 11:34 AM

    Lulu is the worst actress going here, she is not interesting at all she is always up Dante butt. If any one kill's him it will be on her she had no business being their. If Franko is not dead may be he will come back just to kill Lulu.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, July 24 2010 11:50 AM

    An unusual idea came to me last night and, since it’s the weekend where I feel we have a little more latitude to discuss topics other than the most recent episodes, I thought I’d see what my fellow posters might have to say about it.

    The question is: What to do with Michael?

    In the long term, what can he do, especially after his probation is done? Go to school? Get a job? I just don’t feel like those are good options for him right now. My idea, or at least what I think might be best for him is that I think Michael should join the Army, or the Marines (Special Forces?) or any branch for that matter, and serve his country.

    I don’t think television in general, or soaps in particular do enough to incorporate the fine young men and women of the United States Armed Forces into their stories. Mostly, the only time you see serviceman is when they are portrayed as crazed, damaged gunmen suffering from PSTD, drug addiction, or both. Seldom, if ever, do we see young people opting for a career in the military, or joining up for the educational benefits. Even if he had to serve in Afghanistan, I think the Marines would be a great place for Michael to work through his problems, channel his aggression, get away from the influence of the mob, and accomplish something on his own that he could take enormous pride in. He could learn all about martial arts, weaponry, strategy, command, and organization, if he wants to. Most of all, he’ll learn how to be a man – his own man.

    Yes, it might mean that there’s no Michael on the show for a couple of years, even though personally, I would consider that a bonus, and yes, it would probably drive Carly crazy, but I think it would do wonders for Michael’s mental health and self-esteem. It would also continue the “Godfather” parallel, where the son of the mob boss goes off to join the army in wartime, and returns to eventually take over the family business.

    I would like to see Michael go to Judge Carroll, and ask to be let off probation on the condition that he joins up. The big kid would look great in uniform, and I’ll bet he’d make his family and his country proud.

    Anyway, that’s my idea. Of course pigs will fly before it happens on this show, but I’d be interested to hear your feedback nevertheless.

    Posted by nikkisunshine at Saturday, July 24 2010 12:33 PM

    Yup...still don't like LuLu. SMH

    Posted by STORM04 at Saturday, July 24 2010 12:45 PM

    Scrimmage- My thing is that I just do not look at Lulu’s actions, but also what is fostering them. For me I think her age is a huge factor, the fact that Laura and Luke are her parents, the fact she almost died, the fact that Dante saved her life, and the fact that Dante almost died.

    I do not think her going to Sonny and other people about Dante is not because she does not respect his profession, I think it is because she know what can happen…Sonny shooting Dante because he is a cop just freaked her out.

    I think most people that are married to a cop or someone in the military have in the back of their mind that one day they may get that call, so they deal with it the best way they can, but I think once they get that call and the person they love survives, it changes thing….they are consumed by fear and when you are operating from a place of fear, more often than not you make irrational decisions (The Michael cover…look how that turned out).

    I think Lulu went to LA because she knew from experience that if Jason had to make a choice that involved Dante, he would most like let Dante die, so I get the impulse.

    What I find interesting is that some posters pointed out the fact that Lulu must be dumb to go where Franco is considering that he strapped her to a bomb and threatened her…to me, that is a testament of how much she loves Dante, she is willing to put herself on the line for him.

    May I also point out Sam could have ended Franco’s reign of terror when he she had a chance to shoot him, but she put everyone in PC in danger, because she did not want Jason to go back to Jail…kind of like Lulu supposedly turned her back on her family and friends decided not to tell anyone that Dante was a cop.

    I will stand by opinion that Lulu did not owe any one crap, because everyone in PC tends to put their needs in front of everyone else.

    I hold Carly to a higher standard, because she is a Grown woman and she is the mother of 3 who always put Sonny and Jason first…how pathetic that she has to run to Jason for advice as to wehter she should get with Jax or not. She is a grown woman who is planning to sabotage Dante and Lulu’s relationship and send Dante to jail… so freaking immature and pathetic.

    Lulu is 22 and she is still finding her way, so I just do not have a visceral reaction to her actions as I do towards Carly and Sam, who are both matured woman who should know better.

    Posted by TXMN at Saturday, July 24 2010 12:56 PM


    Just wanted to throw in my two cents vis-à-vis Carly and Lulu.

    For the record, I find Carly interesting and Lulu insufferable.


    Carly can carry a story line. Anytime Lulu is on more than two minutes at a time, I start looking for the remote control.

    Lulu has a great career but complains about it. She never goes at work, she lacks focus on her professional success, and basically she’s scatter brained. One could attribute that to immaturity. I blame it on a lack of character development. Who is Lulu? What does she want? How can she get that? Etc?

    Carly, on the other hand, is a woman in perpetual motion. She emotes better than any GH character. You know exactly what’s on her mind. She has a drive, a passion for life, and a mother bear aura.

    Lulu has none of that. Right now, she seemingly has no purpose in life outside pleasing Dante and defending Dante. While that’s all well and good, she puts it on a bit thick. Lulu lives for others; Carly lives for herself.

    Carly makes no excuses. She lives her life and lets the chips fall where they may. Lulu complains ALL THE TIME. Again, this might be a maturity issue, but it gets old quickly.

    I could go on and on. To conclude, I think I tolerate Carly because she adds drama. She gets me focused on the television. Lulu just irritates me. She cannot carry a script. As the board has discussed at length, Guza and others aren’t brilliant writers, therefore it takes great acting to carry the show. Julie Marie Berman just doesn’t cut it. Or maybe she does. Maybe, in a sick way, TPTB want me to throw my shoe at the television every time she comes on. Either way, Lulu has become my least favorite character and Dante and Lulu (Lante?) are my least favorite couple.

    Posted by TXMN at Saturday, July 24 2010 01:09 PM

    Hope all my Soap friends are enjoying the weekend.

    All in all, GH had a good week.

    Thank goodness TPTB put Matt Hunter to use this week. That boy had some great scenes with Maxie on the dock and at the hospital. After Warren Bauer shot up the joint, he raced into action and helped save Mac. If he wanted to impress Maxie, that’s one way to do it.

    Mac got to play the hero for once!!! I’m glad this good-guy saved my favorite GH teenager. We saw the courage and determination of Commissioner Scorpio. After taking a bullet, he returned fire and killed his would-be assassin. After he recovers, I hope Alexis will serve him jello and camp out at the hospital, nursing him back to health. I hope this serves as a wake-up call to both Maxie and Robin. Both girls need to show Mac how much they love him. For too much of the last year, those two have been in their own little worlds. It’s time to rally together and help Mac in his time of need.

    Steve and Olivia? Those two had a great scene while trying to revive Ethan. I’m on record saying Steve needs a romantic interest ASAP. He’s quickly become one of my favorite characters on the show. He has a clear head and manages the egos/personalities (Patrick, Lisa, Epiphany). Surely, the crazy women in PC will gravitate to the hot, new chief of staff.

    Was there something going on in Los Angeles? The update said so. I for one flipped through this part. Franco never interested me. He’s driving Jason nuts. Ok, Jason needs a little drama in life. The PCPD don’t offer a challenge. Carly only does so much. But Franco got old quickly. It’s just a creepy story line. Bizarre, really.

    Posted by STORM04 at Saturday, July 24 2010 01:13 PM

    TX- I think you said it all:

    Lulu lives for others; Carly lives for herself.

    Unlike you that is why I HATE Carly and Sonny...they are so self freaking is weird that you use that sentence to describe a mother of 3.

    Posted by lily hunter at Saturday, July 24 2010 01:16 PM

    Hi all

    I have an idea why Lulu showed up in LA, but please keep in mind I've been out in the sun today (105 at last temp report). Perhaps something snapped and she took the baby to get back at Liz for cheating on Lucky. As I said yesterday I thought she had the crazy eyes when she was telling Dante that she would take a bullet for him. Maybe going to work once in two weeks was too much for her and she has developed multiple personalities or she has an evil twin that Luke and Laura left somewhere (very soapy).

    Anyway after rewatching the Franco jump, I don't think it's him. I think it's the cameraman. Franco did say he hadn't had time to pose him yet. It will take some time to discover this because I'm sure the face is unrecognizable.
    Happy weekend everyone.

    Posted by TXMN at Saturday, July 24 2010 01:23 PM

    Storm-It is ironic. But whereas Sonny's become a broken record, Carly manages to keep things fresh for me.

    Also, Carly has a way of turning stress and making it work for her. For instance, she will see Jax have dinner with Skye. Carly then goes off to GH, grabs Steve Webber, and then sits down across from her husband with a new beau.

    I love that wicked part of her. I guess that's what Rans and others find so appealing about Sonny. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near it in real life, but I find it addicting to watch.

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