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    Friday, July 23 2010
    Both Franco and Warren's time runs out.

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    Posted by fallingstars70 at Friday, July 23 2010 09:42 PM

    wow is franco dead or is he faken

    Posted by only2Soapsilike at Saturday, July 24 2010 01:59 AM

    okay i have to say todays show was a bit off i mean why was Lulu there just Standing there almost like she know he was going to grab her and way wasn't he with Jason catching Franco i mean isn't that what there here for is to Catch Franco i think is Mother might have the baby

    i so hope Ethan and Mac pull throw and no it was Kristina's fault i mean yeah she lied about ethan being the one that bet her up but then she Appologised to him and really it not really your fault then there a mad man after you with a gun wanting to kill everyone in site in cluding Kristina

    Posted by ttoyou at Saturday, July 24 2010 02:13 AM

    Hey 4my, if it takes a "dirty" mind to get you back commenting here its worth it. I've missed your comments here.
    But honestly, was I the only one who had that thought after Franco made the statement. I burst out laughing when he said it.

    Posted by ecutchr at Saturday, July 24 2010 06:22 AM

    Did anyone else notice the room number Liz walked into when searching for Aiden? The room with the parents and baby was room 466. The way the camera lingered on the sign outside the door makes me think something's up. Maybe Franco paid those people to take Aiden & pose as parents? That would explain why the monitor didn't go off. Just a thought...

    PS- I don't think Franco is really dead!

    Posted by STORM04 at Saturday, July 24 2010 06:34 AM

    Good morning all:

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    I am actually pretty indifferent to the Lulu character, because I cannot really relate to her now...I am 34 and she is like 22...a lot of her actions to me is in line to what most 22 years old would do (again I said MOST not ALL), especially with a history with a father like Luke and a mother like Laura, so I do not get the whole...she is so dumb, pathetic, etc...I really do not get all the hate.

    Yet you have have Carly and Sam who are GROWN women who SHOULD know better yet they have become Martyrs for Jason and Sonny.

    I think it is interesting that no one was saying how stupid and dumb Sam is when she had this brillant idea that she was going to break Jason out of Jail... she had her maps and everything lying around like she was Lara Croft.

    She wanted to have sex so badly with Jason (knowing he was in jail to protect Micheal), she pretended to be someone else..

    sidenote: If Jason was there to protect Michael, who was with Michael when he was having sex with Sam, but Lulu and Dante can feel the warth for not having him under their watchful eyes 24/7.

    The reason that Franco came after Sam was because of Jason, and the reason she got shot and cannot have children is because of Jason, but she is all over him like white on rice, but it not ok for Lulu to show the same devotion to Dante... I have to wonder if Dante was still Dominic and was Sonny's goon, if all would be different.

    Technically, Jason and Jason ALONE should put his life in Danger and be responsible to taking Franco down... it is because of HIM and his life choices that Franco the psycho came to PC and everyone that knows Jason is paying for it.

    Lulu was strapped to a bomb, because FRANCO wanted to force Jason to make a choice and he did...he chose Sam and Dante saved Lulu...

    LULU in Los Angeles:

    Most people do not like to feel helpless when someone they love is in danger, so she went to be with him...he saved her life and in her mind she wanted to return the favor...I do not think she actually thought she could save him, I think it just gave her comfort to be able to see him instead of sitting at home wondering if Franco shot him or if Jason shot him.

    I am by no means defending her because I love the character, I just do not get why everyone is hating on a 22 year old girl, but is giving high five to Carly for being a liar and self admitting Wh0re...who casually say things like... I've cheated on ALL my husbands or I have been with Sonny long enough to know what a gun shot sounds if that is the most natural thing in the word....boggles the mind.

    Posted by JMJasonLover at Saturday, July 24 2010 07:04 AM

    Hello Everyone. I'm new to posting. I've been enjoying your posts for a while now and they have been great! After last night's show, I just had to join you all.

    First off, glad to see that Jason is not the one to die, however, I don't think that it is Franco that is splat on the ground. I think its part of his psycho "art" and he threw someone off the roof. If it is Franco, then he will probably still torment people from the grave. Jason is the only one who is staying focused on getting the bad guy while Dante is just standing around watching. Dante gives Jason a gun then doesn't want him to kill Franco. What an id. Dante should be backing up Jason and instead he is just asking stalker Lulu what she is doing there. You think Lulu would stay as far away as possible since Franco almost killed her and then threatened her. I think Lulu likes the excitement and being the center of attention. Dante needs to tell Lulu to back off and let him do his job. And then guess what Dante? DO YOUR JOB! All he does is walk around and tell everyone what they can and cannot do. If poor Mac dies (which I hope not), they will probably make Dante Chief of Police.

    Also, I think that Ronnie is Franco's brother and is the one pulling the strings.

    Nice to see Lucky and Nicholas working togther to find the baby. Hope they don't drag the "Whose the Daddy" storyline out. If Helena wants people to truly believe her she should start by telling the truth about Aiden's paternity.

    Agree with the posters who say that the entire Warren rampage is Kristina's fault. Although Warren went off the deep end, Kristina needs to be held accountable for her actions and she needs to start taking some responsibility for all of the turn of events caused by her lies. Hope she continues her therapy.

    I can't wait to see Sonny, Jax, and the rest of the guys in Port Charles falling all over themselves to get to Brenda when she arrives.

    Good show overall.

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, July 24 2010 08:26 AM

    There were 66 comments when I logged on......scared me.......

    Posted by ttoyou at Saturday, July 24 2010 09:36 AM

    Rans, I think that dog your babysitting is really getting to you. LOL

    Posted by kupp at Saturday, July 24 2010 10:35 AM

    Writer's please let, Max be alright don't let him die, because he's the best old actor we have beside Luck and Sonny and Jason. Steven Burton we want you to stay with the show, because a talent like your only come's once in a life time. Writer's please keep Jason out of jail and Michael as well. We want to see Molly bring her back on, she is very talented she and the old Morgan i wish that you would bring him back to the show we really do love him a lot. This kid has talent and he and Molly are so cute together. They work well as a team so please think about it stop getting rid of great talent bring it back we want to see more of the old actor's and actress's as well. Thank you writer's for doing a good job.

    Posted by kupp at Saturday, July 24 2010 11:04 AM

    Hello people i, think that our girl Olivia is having John's baby that is why she fainted here oh boy. How will her son feel about this for sure his mother having a baby so late in life. I hope that John find's out that his women is preg just may be he will finally change i would like to see this happen. Because i really do like he and Olivia together as a couple this story will really shake things up.

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