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    Friday, July 23 2010
    Both Franco and Warren's time runs out.

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    Posted by poodles at Friday, July 23 2010 04:00 PM

    Hi 4my-- glad you checked in.

    Posted by Charisma24 at Friday, July 23 2010 04:07 PM

    I don't know....reading some of these comments people seemed to like today's episode....personally? I think it was one of the worst episodes in the shows 47 year run. Obviously, I haven't seen them all, but I can't imagine much being, Im generally talking about the Franco/jason stuff...ughhhh....that was putrid....and Steve Burton's acting, especially on that stairwell? I think it set back the world of acting and thespians in general about 5 decades.....the cherry on top, was the performance artist at the end, complete with long red wig and dress, saying not singing, the lyrics to Mad World"......I was laughing so hard I was crying it was that bad, like when I was a teen and saw "Dolemite" with my sister at my dad's house....I'm still laughing from that bad script, plot, production value and reprehensible acting.....leave it to

    Posted by STORM04 at Friday, July 23 2010 04:46 PM

    Hellog GH Fans:

    Hope all is doing well!

    Charisma24 -I TOTALLY AGREE with you...this whole Franco storyline is as interesting as watching paint dry and I totally agree with you about Jason's acting today...WTF

    The only redeeming quality was that scene with Maxie, Matt, Robin...Maxie is really growing on me.

    Again with the Lulu many times have Carly thought she could rescue Jason and Sonny and came up with a stupid scheme...didn't she show up at a mob boss meeting with a bat thinking she could help Sonny or Sam dressing as a hooker to go steal a gun at police station for Sonny because his BFF is Jason...I guess if you are not drinking the cool aid than you are pathetic...I beg to differ.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, July 23 2010 04:52 PM

    Hi Cbru,

    That's one reason I suspect the couple. It can be difficult to determine if a baby is a boy or a girl. Sometimes I can tell by the clothing so wrapping a baby in a pink blanket, people would naturally assume the baby is a gril.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, July 23 2010 04:53 PM

    I meant girl.

    Posted by boopgal at Friday, July 23 2010 04:55 PM

    Mamajj: Come here to Vegas 113 with about 7% humidity..cooler today, only 105...have a pool but the water is like taking a bath...

    I am in the group that thinks this Franco thing is a waste...I am not impressed with his acting and this whole story line is not Daytime appropriate...So sick of all the crazies...what storyline is going to be launched by Mac and Ethan getting shot? I agree it should have been Lisa with her smirky mouth...then Patrick could put his mistake behind him, learn his lesson and get on with his life without having to tell Robin the truth...why have Ethan get shot now when Luke won't be back for months?..not very believable...Brenda probably has the baby..hope not...where is her loyalty to all her old friends? Can't see her intimately hooked up with a psycho like Franco..LET'S GET BACK TO NORMAL DAYTIME PLEASE...

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, July 23 2010 04:58 PM

    After yesterday’s impressive show, I’m afraid I’m on the side of the posters that were very disappointed in today’s episode. My opinion is simply: It SUCKED! This one was as bad as Kalup – BARF! Are you telling me out of all the weird acts in LA that THAT “GUY” is the best they could come up with? Did somebody lose a bet or something? That tells me all I need to know about the people running this show.

    As feared, there was no payoff from the whole Frankenfiasco. No real explanation of why Franco was fascinated with 66, or for the crime photos he sent everybody (did he kill those people?), and no good reason to show why or how he engineered Aiden’s kidnapping (Because he has 66 on his bracelet?? GMAFB!).

    Franco’s dialogue was the most convoluted, meaningless bunch of BS I’ve ever heard on this show, and that’s saying something since I remember when the Cassadines were planning to freeze the world. All the time Franco held the gun on faux Sam, I was thinking “One well placed bullet from a sniper on the LA SWAT team, and this would all be over,” but NOOOOOOO! Once again, Dante attempts to apprehend a killer with no backup. You’d think he’d have learned his lesson when Sonny shot him.

    Speaking of where a sniper could come in handy, Lulu’s presence was as infuriating as it is unlikely. How did she know where to go, and how did she get into the exhibit anyway? And her reason for being there was as ludicrous as the fact that Jason can fire his gun about 95 times without reloading. Just another in a series of WTF moments in a subplot full of them.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the body that fell from the roof is actually Franco, but I hope it is, and I hope he stays dead. He should be killed on principle, just for subjecting us to that hideous techno music, not to mention inflicting Kalup on us. BARF!

    Now, on to the REAL story, the Bauer rampage.

    First of all, it seemed the scene was different today then what we saw at the end of yesterday’s show. I always find that confusing. And they really messed up as far as editing for dramatic effect. We never saw, and just barely heard, the payoff shot, where Mac shoots Bauer just as Warren is drawing down on Michael and Kristina. We only saw Bauer collapse with a hole in him, and Mac holding a smoking gun. I wanted to SEE Mac shoot the bastard, and I wish someone had shot him again before he could keep taunting Kristina. By the way, this ISN’T her fault. She is not responsible for Bauer’s actions. Not even indirectly. She's a victim. He’s a madman.

    I really feel sorry for Mac. He probably hasn’t even heard the good news that Maxie and Spinelli broke up.

    Maxie at Mac’s bedside as he’s barely holding on.

    Maxie: “Oh Mac, you just CAN’T die! You’ve got so much to live for. I broke up with Spinelli and I’m dating a doctor!”

    The monitor starts to beep more rapidly as Mac’s vital signs grow stronger

    Mac (slowly opening his eyes): “Thank GOD!”

    End Scene

    Questions to ponder over the weekend:

    Will Mac survive? Will Ethan? Will Lulu care? Will Jason escape, or will he let Dante take him back to Pentonville? Will Maya find another profession, hopefully on some other show? Will Mrs. Bauer be happy that her abusive bastard of a husband is dead? Has Baby Buzz commandeered a Big Wheel from the day care center to make his escape? Can a woman ever faint on a soap opera without being pregnant?

    Tune in next week!

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, July 23 2010 05:04 PM

    scrimmage..LOL That sounds like something that would wake Mac up.

    Boopgal..I am on my way..Put some beers on ice.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, July 23 2010 05:19 PM

    Anna Lou, I think Robin will be paired with Steven, as soon as she finds out about her cheating husband.

    Posted by STORM04 at Friday, July 23 2010 05:22 PM

    Scrimmage- Thank you for pointing out the fact that Jason kept shooting without reloading...All I keep thinking during that scene was "GH I wish I could quit you" and "when will Guza stop F with my intelligence?"

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