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    Friday, July 23 2010
    Both Franco and Warren's time runs out.

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    Posted by STORM04 at Sunday, July 25 2010 10:02 AM

    Sorry RANS- I hate to bust your bubble, but technically the mayhem at General Hospital connect directly back to your beloved Sonny Corrinthos.

    Per Kristina, she lied about Keifer hitting her because she was afraid that Daddy would put a bullet in his chest...kind of like he did to detective Dante F., so she lied and said it was Ethan...when she recanted that it was Ethan that hit her and named Keiffer, her credibility was shot, and psycho daddy Warren who may or may not be have been in denial felt that Kristina was lying and ruined his dead son's reputation, so he want bananas.

    Blame it on Guza, he just cannot seem to help himself... all road to hell leads directly from Sonny Corrinthos' front door.

    Posted by STORM04 at Sunday, July 25 2010 10:04 AM

    Sorry...he "went" bananas.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Sunday, July 25 2010 11:11 AM

    Stop the presses – I’m going to have to side with Ransomha on this one, Storm04. At the point where, as you say, Warren goes “bananas,” everybody else is off the hook for his actions. I don’t believe anyone has the power to drive someone else truly crazy, at least not to the point where they become homicidal. Warren is the only one who shot anybody. It’s entirely his fault. Not Sonny’s, not Kristina’s, not Alexis’, and certainly not Mac’s or Ethan’s. It’s also not the fault of the guy who sold Bauer the gun, or the gun’s fault for that matter.

    Some people might think that a situation like the one with Bauer makes the case for stricter gun control, but it’s really the opposite. It actually shows how legal “conceal and carry” laws could be useful in dealing with a “lone gunman” shooting. In all likelihood Bauer’s gun is registered and legal, but if someone else was armed, at least they would have an even chance to defend themselves.
    That’s why I find the all these attempts by the Mayor of Chicago to make it nearly impossible for a law-abiding citizen to buy a gun for self-defense so infuriating.

    Poor Mac was taken by surprise, and too slow to draw. His main mistake was warning Bauer, but If Max and Milo were around, they would’ve probably made short work of Keifer’s daddy. With two of Sonny’s kids in the hospital, where are Sonny’s bodyguards anyway? Maybe if Sam had been there, and armed, she could’ve stopped Bauer too. There’s going to be a lot of second guessing and hand wringing, not to mention an investigation, but I don’t put this at the feet of anybody but Warren Bauer.

    ***off topic***

    As a side note, why are bananas the crazy fruit? Seems pretty sane to me, they even come in their own wrapper. Why not “kumquat”? Now THERE’S a crazy fruit, although “He went kumquats” does sound vaguely dirty. Still, I think the banana is getting a bad rap. But I digress.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Sunday, July 25 2010 12:00 PM

    Franco’s exhibit at the MOCA in LA.

    Jason is about to take off on a stolen motorcycle when Lulu sees him.

    Lulu: “Jason, STOP!”

    Jason: “Lulu?? What the hell are you doing here?”

    Lulu: “I’m here to stop you from running off now that Franco’s dead. If you don’t let Dante take you back to Pentonville, he’ll have to go in your place.”

    Jason: “I know. That’s the way the crazy legal system works in Port Charles. Why do you think I’m a criminal? So just how do you intend to stop me?”

    Lulu (smugly): “I’ll tell Carly.”

    Jason (almost laughing): “Carly? Are you kidding me? Go ahead and tell her. There’s no one who would rather see Dante in jail than Carly, except for me, maybe. She blames him for betraying Michael, and for everything that’s happened since then.”

    Lulu: “But she’s forgiven Dante and me. She told me.”

    Jason: “Oh c’mon Lulu. Even YOU can’t be that stupid. This is Carly we’re talking about. She’s a world class liar! Hell, her NAME isn’t really even “Carly” for Pete’s sake. Now get out of my way.” (Jason revs the engine.)

    Lulu: “No! I’d rather die than let Dante go to prison where we couldn’t have sex every ten minutes.”

    Jason: “Okay, if that’s the way you want it.” (Jason pulls out his gun.)

    BLAM! (Lulu drops to the street as Jason rides off.)

    Scene shifts to The Pearly Gates, where St. Peter is at his desk.

    St. Peter: “Welcome to Heaven, Leslie Lou Spencer.”

    Lulu: “Heaven? Is Dante here too?”

    St. Peter: “No, I’m afraid his time on Earth is not yet done.”

    Lulu: “Well, goddammit, you’d better get off your %$#@*&^ lazy @$$, and get him up here. I’m horny!”

    St. Peter: “Oooh, I see that a slight clerical error has been made. Don’t worry, I’m going to send you someplace reserved especially for horny people.”

    Lulu: “Good! And make it snappy.”

    End Scene

    Posted by STORM04 at Sunday, July 25 2010 12:10 PM

    Scrimmage- Sorry, I disagree...for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    While we may never know how things would have turned out if Kristina did originally name Keiffer as her attacker, we can speculate that maybe the events might have played out differently...Keiffer might still be alive and Mr. Bauer may not have gone bonkers.

    I am not directly blaming Sonny for what Warren did, but he played a part indirectly...6% of separation.

    If Jax was Krisitna's father, I think she would have most likely told the truth, because there would be no fear that Jax would put a hit out on Keiffer.

    Keiffer would have been arrested and hopefully be tried and dealt with accordingly.

    I think the breaking point for Warren was that his only son was dead which all stemmed from Kristina lied which stemmed from her fear of Sonny's propensity for violence.

    As for Mac, Ethan and Lucky...they also played a part in it. They basically push Warren over the sanity line to the insanity line by basically taking Kristina's side in that hospital room.

    Not saying it is their fault, but you would think as law enforcement people that they would be a little more in tune with someone that is about to go was written all over Warren's face. At best, they should have detained him.

    The PCPD is so inept, it would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

    Posted by STORM04 at Sunday, July 25 2010 12:15 PM

    Sorry..I should have spelled it out "Six degrees of separation"

    Posted by Scrimmage at Sunday, July 25 2010 12:23 PM

    Storm04 – Well gee, if you want to go all “Butterfly Effect” to spread the blame for one man’s actions, you could say that it’s all Warren’s fault for having Keifer in the first place. Where does personal responsibility for one’s own actions come in? That’s like the people who have suggested that the Ft. Hood shooter was driven to do it because his house was in foreclosure.

    Sorry, not buying it.

    Posted by STORM04 at Sunday, July 25 2010 12:25 PM

    Scrimmage- I was not sure what you position was regarding Alexis running Keiffer over.

    I think Diane used diminished capacity to get Alexis off and I think the same defense could have easily been use to defend Mr. Bauer if he was still alive.

    Posted by STORM04 at Sunday, July 25 2010 12:29 PM

    Scrimmage- Trust me I am all about personal responsibility...but as someone who studied the human psyche, I also have to recognize that there are certain things that may push someone over the edge...and the death of a child may one of those of those things.

    All I am saying is if Keiffer was still alive, Mr. Bauer may not have gone bonkers in the hospital and there were direct actions that led to Keiffer's death.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Sunday, July 25 2010 01:09 PM

    Storm04 – I think the difference was that Alexis was in all likelihood in shock, and possibly didn’t realize she had actually hit Keifer, or perhaps was unable to process that information at the time. It was hard to tell from the way the scene was filmed. Still, she should’ve stopped and called for help, no question.

    Bauer, on the other hand was premeditated in his attempt to avenge his son by killing Kristina. We don’t know if he always carried a gun, or if it was a result of his confrontation with Sonny, but it makes little difference either way. He deliberately intended to kill her, and anybody who got in his way. There’s no comparison in my mind, although I’m sure defense lawyers would argue differently as you suggest.

    One last point and then I’ll stop. Parents lose children under horrific circumstances everyday, and don’t go on homicidal rampages. Once again, it’s my belief that no one has the power to drive someone else insane to the point where they are no longer responsible for their actions, but your belief that that can happen is equally valid too. I’m not trying to convince you, or change your mind. I learned my lesson about that with other posters long ago.

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