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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!


    Wednesday, July 21 2010
    Baby Aiden is missing and the hospital is on lockdown, Helena tries to escape, Carly toys with Patrick, and Jason and Dante come closer to figuring out Franco's plan.

    Dante and Jason enter an art gallery to look for Franco's next clue. The art curator enters and informs them that the model of Port Charles is being recreated in larger fashion. When Jason tells the curator who he is, the curator informs Jason that Franco wanted him to be at Jason's disposal. Jason asks to see where the rest of the art installation is being stored.

    Jason and Dante enter Franco's storage unit and look around. Jason comments, "Franco is putting my whole life on display."

    At General Hospital Sonny questions Michael about what set him off. Michael wants to leave it alone and asserts he can deal with anything as long as it is not prison. Sonny then runs into Kristina, who is in for a sprained ankle. Sonny asks her to call her if she needs anything.

    In the hospital nursery, Nik and Liz question Steve about where baby Aiden is located. The computers show that Aiden is in the nursery. Nik is upset, but Liz points out that if Aiden was taken his identification bracelet would set the alarms off. Lucky arrives and Liz tells him that their baby is missing. Lucky wants to lock down the hospital. Liz wants to help look, but Lucky informs her that she can't look until she and Nik are cleared as suspects. Liz cries, but Lucky assures her it is just procedure to get them cleared quickly.

    At the hospital exit, Helena tries to leave without anyone noticing, but is stopped when the doors automatically close. Lucky approaches her and asks where Nik's baby is. Helena acts surprised and wants to leave, but Lucky refuses to let her go.

    Nik takes a nervous Liz back to their hospital room. Nik apologizes for coming down so hard on Helena and creating the situation. Lucky returns to their room with Helena. Nik tells Helena that she took Aiden because she wants him to take on his role as the next Cassadine heir. Helena replies that Aiden isn't the next heir, but Spencer is. She claims they are giving the real kidnapper time to get away.

    A shocked Carly listens outside the doctor's lounge as Lisa tells Patrick she knows he wants to have sex again! Patrick tells Lisa he made a mistake. Robin catches Carly trying to leave and asks what she is doing there. They hear Patrick and Lisa arguing and Robin asks what they are fighting about! Patrick lies that they were fighting about a patient. Carly tells Patrick she needs to talk to him about Michael. Robin starts to lecture Carly about medical confidentiality, but Carly retorts not to push her because she won't like how she pushes back.

    Patrick goes after Carly to discuss Michael. She wants him to run a few tests on Michael, and he agrees. Carly is happy that he is so agreeable and wishes Robin could be more like that. Patrick asks Carly how much she heard of his conversation with Lisa. Carly laughs that she knows he had sex with Lisa while Robin was off saving the world.

    Robin and Lisa talk in the lounge. Lisa claims Patrick really missed her while she was gone. Robin can't understand why they aren't on the same page about their patient. Lisa admits they were fighting about other stuff that has been building up. Robin laughs that Patrick still challenges her. Lisa cattily says Patrick was so out of control while she was gone. Robin asks what happened between them.

    Brook and Johnny have a picnic on the waterfront. Johnny thinks she was probably trouble growing up. She says Olivia was there to guide her like a mom. Johnny talks about what a great sister Claudia was to him. Brook asks him why he's in love with a boring old woman. She claims he is lonely and then plants a kiss on him!

    Warren arrives at the hospital and demands Kristina's medical records. Warren waits in the lounge. Kristina enters and tries to leave, but Warren closes the door shut and demands that she sign a release for her medical records! Warren orders her to testify in court that Kiefer never hit her. Kristina insists that Kiefer hit her, just like he hit Kiefer! Warren yells that all the dreams he had for Kiefer are gone because of her!

    Maxie stumbles into Shirley's room while looking for Matt. A nurse orders them to stay put, as the hospital is now on lockdown. Shirley tells Maxie to have a seat and make the most of what time they have. The two make small talk about Maxie's job. Maxie complains about not having a social life and how she ruined her relationship with Spinelli. Shirley thinks she should take herself seriously or no one else will. Shirley thinks she is going to die soon and wants Maxie's help in getting to Liz.

    Olivia and Michael wait while the hospital is on lockdown. Olivia asks if he is okay, but Michael claims he is fine because he is out of prison. Olivia asks what he'll do when his parole is over. Michael doesn't think he's very good at planning ahead. Olivia points out that she was a mom at his age, but it taught her to have faith that something good is always around the corner.

    Alexis finds Sonny on the waterfront and he informs her he saw Kristina at the hospital. Alexis is happy to finally be on the same side. Sonny wishes he could have been there for her earlier. Alexis admits that she would do things differently if she could. They discuss Michael and Alexis kindly tells Sonny he should butt out and let Michael figure out his own life.

    Michael hears Warren yelling at Kristina. He enters the lounge to see Warren raising his hand to hit her. Michael yells at Warren to get away from Kristina and lunges at him!

    Next on General Hospital:

    Jason makes a shocking discovery regarding Michael.

    General Hospital gets a message from Franco.

    Warren goes on a rampage.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, July 21 2010 01:23 PM


    My Sonny needs to stay out of Michael's community service job. He's only going to make things worse.

    When Kristina came into the hospital with a sprain ankle Sonny told her to call him if she needed him. I thought they took away her phone away from her as punishment.

    Kristina was using her tiny brain today and figured out that Warren sent Keifer to her place to talk her out of blaming him for beating her half to death. 'Bout time.

    Glad to see Epihany stand up to Warren. Now he is messing with Kristina. Where is he finding all this free time. When Kiefer was alive, he didn't have any free time to spend with him.

    I get so sick of Johnny talking like his sister was a saint. He said how much she loved him. She loved him a little too much if you ask me. It was almost sickening. He didn't even like her towards the end. He even threatened her life.

    Poor Helena, nobody is believing her that she didn't kidnap the baby.

    Brook Lynn stop chasing after Johnny and go do the job that Carly is paying you for.

    I can't believe that Warren raised his hand to hit Kristina. I hope Michael doesn't get into trouble for helping her. Warren must have a death wish. Sonny would come after him hard and furious.

    Posted by smurf18 at Wednesday, July 21 2010 01:34 PM

    So why wasn't Alexis at the hospital with her injured daughter? Is she a legal adult already? I hope Michael gets Warren good. If I were Liz I would be freaking out. I'm not sure I'm liking Johnny and Brook together. Isn't she supposed to be seducing Dante? Oh right, he is out of town......I really like the scenes with Shirley. Maybe she can talk some sense into Maxie.

    Hi beancounter, cbru, poodles, mamajj, lilmafia, and everyone!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, July 21 2010 01:42 PM

    Okay, I am warming to this michael finally. He is definitely acting like he has "roid rage"...and he reminds me of newborn Jason Morgan.

    Dante and Jason are now partners, isn't that cute.

    So Helena now thinks Spencer, a child of a stripper, is good enough to be the Cassadine heir? Wow. That change of attitude is a clue right there that she is up to something. But how do we know Luke didn't borrow the baby to goad Helena and Nicolas into a revenge fight for him and Tracy breaking up?

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, July 21 2010 02:00 PM

    Brook Lynn was pretty transparent today. She got in two digs about Olivia, one as a substitute mom, and the other comment that she was 'so old'. She is going to make Johnny feel embarrassed over Olivia. How do you spell B!TCH.

    I wish someone would deck Carly. Robin should have called security and had her thrown out of the staff room.

    What with Carly, Helena, Lisa and now Brook Lynn, this show should be called the Witches of Port Charles.

    Posted by Gleek20 at Wednesday, July 21 2010 02:01 PM

    Didn't Helena once say Spencer's blood was too tainted to be a Cassadine heir? Now she's fine with it? I get the feeling the writers are working on this s/l as they go along. Not surprising though. They probably don't focus much on any s/l if it deviates from the precious mob s/l.

    By the way, did I miss something? Was Ethan's green card issue resolved? I remember them briefly talking about it, and then jumping into the whole Kristina blames Ethan for beating her fiasco.

    As much as I tire of the mob s/l (it should have ended with Frank Smith in my opinion) I am starting to develop a bit of a soft spot for Sonny, particularly after he played the protective daddy to Kristina against Warren. I find myself fine with the man when he's not in illogical homicidal psycopath mode.

    Posted by Gleek20 at Wednesday, July 21 2010 02:05 PM

    Hehe. Cynic, when I read your comment I imagined those women flying across the night sky on broomsticks cackling. I understand Port Charles was once home to vampires, so it wouldn't surprise me if at least Helena wasn't a real- deal witch.

    Posted by kupp at Wednesday, July 21 2010 02:34 PM

    Loved Micheal and Jason and Alex and Sonny today, they were all great to have watched. Carly is our gal, i am glad that she found out about Lisa and Patrick. When Robin find's out i hope that she'll beat the heck out of Lisa. Robin you need to ask Patrick what he and Lisa did while you were away.

    Posted by KaiBo at Wednesday, July 21 2010 02:40 PM

    Trying to post my thoughts about today's show through my iPhone. Sigh!!! Very frustrating. Sorry all for any typos or random thoughts.

    Posted by cbru at Wednesday, July 21 2010 02:53 PM

    I am wondering why it took Lucky to call for a lockdown. Shouldn't Steve-the chief of staff-have ordered it immediately instead of standing around????

    I am glad to see Jason and Dante finally made it to L.A. Is it just me or is Dante really trying to be in charge when this is all about Jason! I don't think Franco is particularly interested in the cop. We got a reprieve from big mouth today but I am sure Lulu will be winging her way to them because she can't keep her nose out of anything.

    Warren certainly picked the wrong person when he thought Epiphany would dance to his tune. His blustering threats got him no where. Guess the only people that works with are those that he can bully, like his son and Kristina. I really hope that when he goes on his rampage that he doesn't kill anyone. Hopefully, someone will plug him.

    Wow! Sonny must be on his meds again as he calm and actually listened to people today. You are right, cowboys, he needs to let Michael handle this job himself.

    Robin is continuing to bug me. Between her blinders regarding Lisa and hubby and her pedestal, I can't wait for her to fall off her high horse.

    I was kind of surprised that Olivia didn't spy on Johnny and Brook. It's a little too obvious what Brook is doing and Johnny seems to be lapping it up.

    I continue to be impressed with Michael. He can actually have a conversation without flying off the handle. It's a good thing he was there to protect Kristina but this will set Warren off on his rampage.

    Hi aussie, bean, been, beyond, TX, tt, NYD, enad, FUBU, tipsy, lil, 4my, lucky, rans, ring, cynic, poodles, blessed, mamajj, canada, hera, storm, monkey, cowboys, scrimmage, starlett and anyone I missed.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, July 21 2010 02:54 PM

    Hi all,

    I've only seen a few scenes so far today. My first response to Warren trying to get in Epihany's face was that this man must be sedated. She should have gotten out the big meds.
    I haven't watched the entire show today, running in and out picking tomatoes from the garden and cleaning up tree limbs downed in the storm last night.

    I'll post later when I've seen the rest of the episode.

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