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    Thursday, July 08 2010
    Carly lunches with Steve, Shirley opens up, Sonny gives Kristina a reality check, and Claire has a plan.

    Patrick and Robin walk into the hospital hand in hand as Lisa and Steve welcome Robin back. Lisa runs off at the mouth about Patrick's behavior since Robin's been gone making not so subtle innuendos. Steve takes Lisa aside to reprimand her for not being professional in regards to Patrick and Robin. He doesn't want to know if she actually slept with Patrick, but he warns her if her personal life affects her professional life it will not bode well for her. Later, Patrick tells Lisa they need to talk and makes plans to meet her in the locker room. Carly comes in with Josslyn and sees Steve. She says they should catch up and asks him to lunch.

    In the locker room, Lisa promises Patrick she will keep their affair a secret, as Robin walks in.

    Jax and Skye meet at the Metro Court to discuss Alcazar's money, which he is still looking for. Carly approaches and they discuss her run in with Franco. She then leaves them to greet Steve whom she is having lunch with. While Jax is dismayed, Skye thinks it's progress. At a different table, Steve realizes Carly is trying to make Jax jealous. He says it's clear she still loves him, but she thinks Jax could use a reminder of what he stands to lose.

    Elizabeth and Nikolas visit Shirley in her hospital room, as she enjoys takeout from the Metro Court, which she charged to Nikolas. Nikolas leaves to be with Spencer and Shirley opens up to Elizabeth about her own first love who left town so she married his best friend and they had two kids. She ran into her first love one day and left her husband and kids to be with him. He died a few years ago and then she was diagnosed with cancer. Shirley knows she tore her family apart and Elizabeth wonders if she would change things if she could. Shirley doesn't think she would, but she does regret that her children never forgave her.

    Ethan storms into Johnny's place upset he could have been killed in the explosion because he works for him. Johnny offers to double his pay, but Ethan says it's not about money, but about surviving. Johnny says he will make Sonny wait for his retaliation in order to throw him off. Ethan deduces that will make them targets until one side is dead, so he wants to be compensated for it. Johnny agrees and Ethan warns luck runs out. Once Ethan has left, an emotional Olivia stops by fearing for Johnny's safety. Fear turns to passion as they start to kiss and take off each other's clothes. After they have sex, Olivia tells Johnny she loves him, but she has to walk away because she won't watch him die.

    Lucky comes to Sonny's office to remind him of Lily's death. He can't understand why he would go down that path again and wonders how far he is willing to go to keep Kristina safe. Sonny throws accusations at the Lopez brothers for the bombing, but Lucky thinks everyone Sonny cares about could become a casualty in his war with Johnny. Sonny won't let that happen and says it's his problem, not Lucky's. Lucky leaves and Kristina walks in after being summoned by her father. She blames him for the bomb, but he denies it. She doesn’t believe him, but tells him she is staying away from Johnny so he doesn't die. She warns if he ever hurts Johnny he will never see her again. She starts to leave, but Sonny says her disrespectful actions and attitude have consequences, which means she will now have a curfew, her credit cards are cut off and she will come over every Tuesday to discuss things with him. If she lies to him, more things will be eliminated from her life.

    Maxie informs Lulu she is working from home today and gives her roommate a list of things she needs. Lulu understands why she is scared of Franco, but assures her the cops are looking for him and have undercover guards at the Metro Court. Maxie says she is planning to have Spinelli find her and Matt kissing in order to fix things with Spinelli. Lulu thinks the men might get tired of her games and she'll be left alone. Once Lulu leaves, Maxie calls Spinelli to come over and then answers the door to Matt. She reminds him he is only there to help her get to Spinelli, but he thinks she has feelings for him and kisses her as Spinelli opens the door. Lulu walks up behind him and Spinelli gives her a resigned look and leaves. Lulu walks in the apartment and tells Maxie Spinelli saw them.

    Lucky goes to the police station and tells Claire he thinks Sonny planted the bomb. Claire plans to let Sonny believe he can seduce her and then she will be in the perfect position to get what she needs from him. He reminds her of all the women who have tried that and failed and warns her not to do such a good job of pretending to fall for him that she actually does. Claire leaves and Elizabeth comes to the station looking for Lucky. She sees him go into the interrogation room where Maxie plants a kiss on him.

    Claire comes to the restaurant and apologizes to Sonny for his kids being causalities of her ambition. She also tells him he's off the hook for the bombing and apologizes if her accusations added to his pain of Lily's memory. Sonny appreciates her honesty and thinks he might have been wrong about her.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Alexis has a suggestion for Sonny.

    Spinelli makes a decision.

    Franco encounters Jax and Josslyn.

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    Posted by 4myJylli at Thursday, July 08 2010 01:28 PM

    Wow, glad Steve put that Lisa in her place. She not only slept with a married man, but like most women who sleeps with a married man, they feel they have the right to flaunt sleeping with said married man in the wife’s face. Glad Steve put her in check. Don’t feel bad for Patrick, he brought this on himself and I hope Robin makes him walk on glass naked when she finds out and before she forgives him. Yes, what he did was wrong, but I think she should forgive him this one time.

    WooHoo, loved daddy Sonny today (looking all delicious). Now this is how daddy Sonny should be written, not planting bombs in others car that has the potential to blow one of your childrens to pieces, but being an integral part of his children’s life, especially bratty Kristina. Did you guys see the little brat’s face when he was laying down the law? Now that’s what she’s been craving all along. In her mind, the way Sonny treated/talked to her today, to her that meant he cares/loves her, the same as Keifer. I hope this is the rebuilding of their relationship. Granted he almost had her killed, I only hope that Sonny will stay consistent and all up in that brats face. Daddy Sonny is now demanding RESPECT Kristina.

    Now he’s about to be played by Claire. But she too will get sucked in by those dimples. Run Claire, run.

    The end of Spinxie (insert tear drops)

    Carly looked stunningly beautiful today. Another of her lame brain ideas to get Jax jealous by inviting Steve to lunch. I would prefer Steve to Jax.

    Olivia/Johnny and Liz/Shirley = ff material.

    Another woohoo NO DANTE TODAY and limited scenes with Lulu.

    Hello all GH cyber-posters: ransomha, FUBU, ENAD19, Aussie-gal, lilmafia, poodles, NYDrama, Ringleader, Alioop, runnergirl, ttoyou, cynic, Hera, mamajj, STORM04, cbru, Monkey83, cowboyfan, BeanCounter, BeyondReason, beenaroundalongtime, lovelymarlena, Starlett, lumiforever21, Canadagirl17, TipsyTess, TXMN, E.K.L, Nykai, firebird85, bluecow, Butterflyrose34, magrat, FitzFan, Seaqagirl, KingG, Praise be to God, smurf18, leo123, Luckyinlove, bluemeeshy, Jessexx57, Blesseddiva, braash, Nevaehleigh, honeybunny75, TNbuckle, siliconvalleysally, lily_hunter, leather, DetriotFan, reina soares, nancy marie, sgriffes, only2Soapsilike, EmCaiss, JRose, willowk, isitso, pocohantas01, blonde1, luvsteplyn, Deeya, Mama to LA, TheVirg, reikihealer83, violetaflores, JenRose, Katydidnt, jmay_27, lillybee, Soaps80, elae21, ally22, Nikkinxs, azzure1020, caterpillar, REALMENLUVGH, Ozzy1, sudzydudzy, MiaB, Scrimmage, coffey, Crayla4ever, Always Camera Ready, dancefever, KaiBo, KUPP, Candace Rose, GHfan68, winrose, Zoebrowie, boopgal, epuff, dat76543girl, sunjasfan, mrsk, shirleylikesGH, Anna Lou, sunjasfan, sunnysmiles, Cribjon1, lovin luke,, Summer70, mjlovessoaps, Straight talker, LEVIC, Giese, kysunflower, BOND66, Kini, velvetmom, Lakergirl, Alexandra55, oltlandghfan, anyone I missed and all the new posters.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, July 08 2010 01:42 PM

    Lisa is trying hard not to show it but she wants Patrick bad and robin better watch out. Lisa is the type to fake a pregnancy or get pregnant by someone else and try to pin it on Patrick.

    what is Steve--consolation prize? First Lisa uses him to get the attention of the one she really wants & now Carly. Well, Jax, two can play that game.

    Way to go Sonny, put that little brat in her place. She needs to know actions do have consequences...Umm, who puts Sonny in check for his misdeeds?

    Olivia, either pick Johnny or Sonny because they're kind of the same, except Sonny is much colder and 10 times better Liar!

    Elizabeth, make up your feeble mind. Do we like Nikolas for good or just for this week?

    Maxie, when you have to work that hard to get your man's attention, he is NOT that into you. Spinelli has transferred his affections to the "Stone Cold One". Why don't you just be with Matt for real.

    Claire, boy you are playing with Fire. Ask about Hannah, she has been there and done that. I believe Lucky gave you a good warning but obviously you are not wise or you wouldn't think Sex is sufficient to get the goods on Sonny.
    how do you remember everyone's name? Thanks for the shout-out!

    Posted by ttoyou at Thursday, July 08 2010 01:44 PM

    Sonny's on his game again! Or his meds, one or the other. Where did this thing with Kristina suddenly come from? NOW he's going to discipline her? I agree with you, 4my, the look on Kristina's face was, "thank you, it's about time>" And dinner every Tues. Let's see how that one works.

    And Sonny with Claire. What she doesn't quite understand is that Sonny puts the make on every woman who comes into his life. But, I guess. Her curiosity about him in bed is getting the best of her.

    And how many times are we going to watch Johnny and Olivia split up? I guess it makes their sex life that much better.

    What was Maxie doing in lockup at the PCPD. I think my show was interrupted for a minute or two to report about the Russian Spies living in Cambridge MA. (One of my home towns) And why did she suddenly kiss Lucky? It certainly is the end of spixie, and as much as I loved them, I'm glad it's over.

    Posted by Bailey9 at Thursday, July 08 2010 01:50 PM

    Question: Helena kidnapped Tracy because she knew about
    Liz's baby. Why hasn't she told Liz and Lucky?

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, July 08 2010 01:53 PM

    Poor Maxie, even she knows Spinelli is more interested in Jason than her. I think after this kiss that Spinelli just witnessed between Maxie and Matt will be the end of their realationship. That's a good thing if you ask me.

    Another doomed relationship will be Robin and Patrick. Robin will leave Patrick and hook up with Stephen. That will will anger Patrick when that happens. But he has nobody to blame but himself.

    Now Stephen wants to talke to Lisa about professional conduct. Me thinks he's a little jealous. But I'm glad he go on her about flaunting her relationship with Patrick in front of Robin. Lisa is dying for Robin to find out.

    Dang, I thought Kristina had the day off. We were almost 30 minutes into the show and here she comes. Lord, who moved my doggone aspirins?

    Sonny finally got on the little twit. He gave her a curfew, took away her credit cards. And if she lies again, and we all know she will, she will lose more priviledges. 'Bout damn time. I didn't hear any back talk. Only "yes dad."

    So now we have Claire, who wants Sonny to try to seduce her. Here we go again. She wants Sonny so bad she can taste it. Sonny will have a third baby's mama.

    Finally, bless little Stephen's heart. Everybody is using him to make the men in their life jealous.

    Posted by 4myJylli at Thursday, July 08 2010 01:59 PM

    ttoyou, I think you might be right as to why Sonny was finally acting like a dad today, must be the meds. Got to say it again, he was sure looking delicious today. Ran, I'm sure you will agree and like him finally getting up in Kristina's you know what.

    Blesseddiva, yes, it appears that Steve is the go to guy for gals to make the men they really want jealous. I guess, some good guys do finish last.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, July 08 2010 02:01 PM

    Blessed: Thought the same thing about Steve. He's the guy who woman use to make the man they are interested in jealous. If Maxie calls him, he's better run!

    Did OOlivia leave John's apartment without buttoning her blouse? That was weird, what was the big hurry?

    Hey 4myjylli: Agree with you, this is totally what Kristina has been craving.

    Shirley had a heck of a nerve charging all that food to Nic's account. Who does she think she is? And her selfish past means she dies alone. She made a commitment to her husband and children then walked out on them.

    Claire will be in bed with Sonny all in the name of work. Hey, it's a tough
    job but, someone has to do it.

    Carley wore a black bra under her white dress. I have seen this look before, kind of like it but, don't think I would do it.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, July 08 2010 02:01 PM

    Posted by Bailey9 at Thursday, July 08 2010 01:50 PM

    Question: Helena kidnapped Tracy because she knew about
    Liz's baby. Why hasn't she told Liz and Lucky?

    Tracy doesn't know about the baby. She was curious as to why Helena was so gun-ho about this baby when there was already Spencer, a cassadine grandkid. Tracy started asking questions about the paternity test and the Lab tech who supervised the test.
    I think when she was kidnapped, she thought it was part of Luke/Helena's games with each other. then she found out their marriage was a con, so she is pre-occupied with her hurt and anger at Luke. She isn't even thinking about Liz & the Baby.

    Helena kidnapped her to prevent further curiousity...but the old Tracy would have been even more suspicious after she found out that the Lab Tech died of suspicious means.

    Plus, Helena has kept away from elizabeth and kept away from the hospital. so no reason to think about it.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, July 08 2010 02:05 PM

    Hello ttoyou, good to see you posting.

    4myjylli: Love when Sonny acts normal. Makes my job of defending him so much easier!

    Posted by Ringleader at Thursday, July 08 2010 02:05 PM

    I'm just curious, now exactly is Sonny going to enforce a curfew on Kristina when she doesn't live with him? And since Alexis has kept Kristina away from Sonny this long, what makes him think that Alexis is going to go along with all of Sonny's new "conditions" for Kristina? Even though Sonny refused to admit being behind that bomb, deep down inside, I think Alexis knows it was him. However, even if Alexis believes Sonny's BS about it not being him, it IS clear that Sonny and Johnny are in a battle, one that could have inadvertent, dangerous and even deadly consequences, so why would Alexis let Kristina be anywhere near Sonny until the situation with Johnny calms down? ESPECIALLY given that, regardless of what Sonny says, Johnny believes Sonny was behind the bomb, so that means Johnny is likely to retaliate and anyone near Sonny could be collateral damage. Of course, I'm applying logic again, which is always pointless when GH is involved.

    Personally, I think it's sad that all Sonny has to offer his daughter is use of credit cards or other material things. If you think about it, (assuming my arguments above DO NOT occur to Alexis and she lets her daughter wade right into the middle of a mob war by visiting with Sonny), Kristina's basically going to go over to Sonny's house and spend time with him, doing whatever she's told, for money. Hmm, what's that word that's used to describe a woman who gets paid to "spend time" with a man and do exactly what he tells her to do??? I mean, I know Sonny's used to treating all women like wh0res, but I didn't expect him to treat his own daughter that way.

    I also think it's pretty ballsy for Sonny to "demand" respect from the child he just almost blew up. The slimeball can deny it all he wants, but Kristina knows Sonny was behind that bomb and she truly has his number. I agree with everything she's said to him about the man he really is -- not the one he THINKS he is. Yes, she's a brat and yes she should have been given more discipline when she was growing up (sorry, but this "you'll lose privleges" strategy of Sonny's is way too late, if you ask me), but her brattiness doesn't mean she's wrong about her opinion of Sonny. She sees her father clearly, for the brutal, murderous thug that he is and I hope she keeps pushing his buttons until he cracks like a bad stucco job...

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