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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    Facing the Facts.

    Tuesday, June 29 2010
    Kate and Olivia fight, plans for Friday are made, Elizabeth gets bad news, and Dante and Lulu make up.

    On the pier, Olivia tells Lulu Dante will always do what he feels is right, so she needs to stand by him or fight.

    In Dante's loft, Michael and his brother debate the situation regarding Jason and Sonny. Dante thinks Michael and his siblings need to stay away from Sonny, but Michael tells him it's not as hard to love Sonny as he thinks. Lulu returns and after Michael leaves, she and Dante both apologize, which leads to them having makeup sex. In bed, Lulu tells him no matter what happens, she will be by his side, but she wants him to be careful especially when it comes to Jason. Dante won't do anything to mess this up.

    Michael meets Kristina on the pier where Kristina laments Sonny's over protectiveness is a little late. She insists she doesn’t love him, but Michael knows better. Kristina lists all of Sonny's faults including getting Michael sent to prison, but Michael defends him and says his time in Pentonville is over. He doesn't want to keep talking about it. Kristina says it's not over for Johnny and their plan is working perfectly. She tells him when she spends the night at Johnny's on Friday, Sonny will completely lose his mind.

    Max and Milo go over their plans for the car bomb at the restaurant and Milo gets upset pointing out that's how Sonny's first wife died. He wonders what happens if the wrong person gets hurt again.

    Lucky visits Sonny in his office to tell him fighting the terms of Michael's release isn't making things easier. Sonny thinks Lucky would do the same thing if he were in his place. Lucky thinks Michael needs some room to define himself apart from Sonny and urges him to think it over. Lucky leaves and Sonny calls Luke. Luke assures his old friend he didn't tell Lucky about his plans for Johnny. Sonny reiterates he needs to keep Ethan away when he takes Johnny out. After he hangs up, Alexis comes in and Sonny suggests they have a family dinner at her house. Alexis thinks it's a good idea, but assumes he has ulterior motives. Sonny talks his way around it and Alexis agrees to set it up.

    Lucky finds Maxie on the pier and she expresses her worry over what Franco will do to her. Lucky tries to reassure her, but Maxie can't get past the fact that she actually liked him before she knew he was a psycho. She berates herself for not letting Spinelli be enough and needing the danger. She thinks she's damaged, but Lucky points out everyone has baggage. He notes she's still open to having a kind, loving person in her life and thinks she's doing a lot better than most of them.

    Ethan comes to see his father at Lucky's place. Luke plans to take off again to give Tracy a chance to miss him. He asks his son if he wants to go to Monte Carlo with him to pull a con. Ethan has to pass and then gets a call and rushes out. Lucky comes over and learns from Luke Ethan could be caught in the Sonny/Johnny crossfire.

    Ethan rushes to Johnny's penthouse and after he makes sure his boss isn't there, lets Maya in the door. Maya knows she's been giving him a hard time and wants to give him a chance. As they flirt and drink wine, Johnny returns and again plays along with Ethan's charade. Maya is reminded of how Ethan 'pays' for the penthouse and fears she could die at any moment. Ethan admits the place isn't his - he just wanted to impress her. She tells him the next time he wants to lie he should change the nameplate downstairs in the lobby. Maya leaves and Johnny tells Ethan he's needed on Friday. He reminds him things are heating up though and he's a real target. He assures him he will get hazard pay and then some because Friday will up the ante for everyone.

    Elizabeth and Steve discuss some cases at the hospital before Liz goes off duty. She notes she has a book she wants to give to Shirley, but Steve sadly tells her the cancer has spread to her brain. Epiphany chimes in and says Shirley has been a breath of fresh air and will be missed when she's gone. Steve offers his shoulder if Elizabeth needs it.

    Elizabeth visits Shirley in her room to give her a book on jewelry. Shirley appreciates it but doesn't want to avoid the fact that the cancer has spread to her brain and says they have to face some cold hard facts.

    At Lisa's place, Patrick stops things before they go too far. She points out he came to her, but Patrick reminds her she's been flirting with him for months, even in front of Robin. They go back and forth blaming each other and Lisa exclaims she's done playing games with him and orders him out.

    As Coleman bartends, Kate ties to convince him to close up early so they can have a proper reunion after her most recent trip. He can't do that, so Kate has another drink, as she waits for him. Coleman finds Patrick at the other end of the bar, as Steve walks up. Patrick offers to buy him a drink and Steve accepts. Olivia joins them, much to Kate's annoyance. After Coleman flirts with Olivia, Kate gets up and orders her cousin to get out of her man's face. The women trade insults, as Brook walks in, delighted over the cousins' catfight.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Franco returns.

    Sam and Spinelli have differing views on how to welcome Jason home.

    Luke skips town with Tracy's money.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, June 29 2010 01:25 PM

    Not too long ago Lulu was telling Carly that Michael was ok in prison, then she pitches a hissy fit about Dante probably ending up in prison. That girl is a piece of work. Then she gets back home and sucks his face off with her big guppy mouth.

    That Patrick got Lisa all hot and bothered and then put the brakes on her. That's what she gets.

    I thought that was Johnny that called Ethan when he was at Luke's, but it was Maya. She busted him good about the penthouse. I like them together.

    When Kate first came to town she was so uppity. I never thought she would go for a guy like Coleman. I guess neither did Olivia. I love their fight scene today. Kate told Olivia to take her trashy too young for your top breast out of her man's face. That was a good one.

    Michael was right when he told nitwit that she does love Sonny. All Kristina wants is Sonny's full attention because Alexis never let Sonny around her when she was growing up. But, she will have his attention on Friday.

    Is it Friday yet?!

    Kristina said it was Sonny's fault that Michael got shot because he was standing on the side of Sonny. Fool, Sonny didn't fire the gun. Your best buddy Claudia ordered the hit. She's the reason Michael got shot.

    Is it Friday yet?!

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, June 29 2010 01:43 PM

    Saw just a little of the show, Lulu needs a love double. She looks uncomfortable doing a love scene. Lulu talk to your room-mate or Sam get advice or rent a movie.

    Patrick, sitting there with his man thang screaming, and blaming Lisa for his situation. Your lower region is calling out I am a man but the words coming out of your mouth is that a petty little boy. So I guess the convo with your wife will go a little something like this: Robin, she lured me and tricked me. But,! I stopped before anything happened. We only kissed.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, June 29 2010 01:45 PM

    I'm with Kate. Go home already Olivia. You came for the wedding that didn't happen and have over stayed your welcome. Olivia's top was crazy low. So is John 30 or Dante's age. They can't have it both ways.

    Good post always.

    Luke told Lucky the friday plans. So much for keeping a secret not that I really think Luke owes Sonny anything anymore. He lost that right when he was going to kill Ethan.

    The Shirley/Liz things does nothing for me. I must really be cold hearted not to be sad for Shirley.

    Maxie is so afraid that she hangs out by herself on the water front at night, with a busted leg and crutches like she could run if she had to. Okey dokey....

    Michael has to hang out outside while Dante and Lulu have make up sex. He should text before he goes home. awkward .....

    Posted by ghfangirl01 at Tuesday, June 29 2010 01:49 PM

    I can't stand Sonny.All he ever thinks about is hiself.He is a selfish bustard and i don't understand why people don't see him for who he really is.He makes me sick to my stomach and he's a disgrace to all fathers.

    Posted by KaiBo at Tuesday, June 29 2010 01:50 PM

    I turned the channel to the soccer match everytime A Lulu scene was on.
    I turned the channel to the soccer match everything a Patrick scene was on (he's thinking with his little head) not that saint Robin has been fair to him. I did enjoy the bar scene between Olivia and Kate along with Maxie and Lucky's scene. I even got a chuckle out of Ethan and Maya's scene together.
    Am I the only want who wants Maxie and Lucky together?

    Posted by Nykai at Tuesday, June 29 2010 01:59 PM

    ok how can lulu act like this towards jason how can she act like a b to everyone and then ask for favors

    Posted by Gleek20 at Tuesday, June 29 2010 02:16 PM

    No wonder Robin has been thinking of Stone a lot. If I was married to Patrick, I'd dream of happier romances too. But alas, she married him, so it's on her. As for Patrick, I'm surprised he stopped before he went too far. Maybe he does love his family more. Speaking of family, where is Emma? The hospital daycare?

    Kristina is so judgemental. As if she's never done anything ghastly herself. *shakes head*

    More Dante/Lulu sex scenes... those two are the horniest people ever.

    I can't help but develop a soft spot for Maxie/Lucky. It seems so wrong considering their past, yet so right... But if Claire decides to go for Lucky, I'd be all for that!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, June 29 2010 02:17 PM

    Nykai, because she's Lulu.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, June 29 2010 02:27 PM

    Does Lulu not remember that Jason sent Dante to save her from Franco's bomb? The writers must change out monthly as there is no continuity on this show now.
    I started watching in 1979 during the "super couple" years and had taken a break form the show since 1998 and started watching just last fall. I'm very disappointed in the plotlines and character development.

    Posted by willowk at Tuesday, June 29 2010 02:30 PM

    KaiBo--I think Maxie and Lucky would be a good match. I want Lucky to be with someone where he can cut loose a little, he never can with old Elizabeth. I have little interest in the whole Johnny/Kristina/Sonny thing. Am looking forward to Franco.

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