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    Treading Lightly.

    Wednesday, June 02 2010
    Sonny's behavior is debated, Robin makes a decision, and Shirley advises Elizabeth.

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    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, June 02 2010 10:34 PM

    Hi everyone..great comments by all and welcome home aussie, happy you had a good time.
    As much as I do not like Patrick the way he is acting but Robin why oh why would you not talk this 3 week trip with your husband. Gee maybe he would go with you. I know if I said that to my husband he would say do not bother coming back. One good thing though Patrick will have to stay home when he is not at work as someone should spend time with Emma or is Lisa going to go over making him dinner.
    Maxie keeps saying she is unmarried to Spinelli, well this means she should not be seeing other guys. She is cheating on him which I knew she would again. Maxie just break up with the guy. I do like seeing Matt but with Maxie..humm she is more suited for Johnny.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Wednesday, June 02 2010 11:36 PM

    Soap Lover ESQ and cbru I agree with both of you about the emotional abuse Sonny dishes out to women and sometimes other men is really at the core of why Kristina thinks it's okay to accept it from Keifer. If you remember at the time she was still envious of Michael and Morgan and all the time they got spend with Sonny. Keifer started by only(and I say that loosely) only yelling at her before he ever hit her. Believe me when you live with a bipolar person they use their anger and outbursts to manipulate people to get them to do what they want you to do.

    Scrimmage I will agree with you on most of your post about Robin but I think TSW have taken things this direction so they can, and I dread writing this, bring Michael into a FIV scare s/l. Still saying all that Robin a character I have always loved is Stupid in case.

    Posted by Ringleader at Thursday, June 03 2010 06:55 AM

    ransomha - I understand your point about it seeming like posters (like me) saying Sonny's childhood isn't an excuse for the man he's become but blaming Sonny for the actions of his children is inconsistent, but to me it's not and I'd like to explain why (and I hope you'll read it, even if you don't agree). One key difference to me was contained in your post and in my first sentence -- Sonny is an ADULT MAN, whereas Michael and Kristina are still CHILDREN. Sonny knows he has "issues," knows where the come from and still chooses to do nothing about it - nothing to try to get it under control, if not for himself, then for the sake of his kids. On the other hand, Michael and Kristina are kids who's brains are not yet fully developed. They are just starting to really understand that they even have "issues" so they most definitely don't know where they come from yet. If Michael was Lucky's age Kristina was Liz's age and still doing the same things, making the same mistakes and blaming it on their messed up childhood and their father, then I wouldn't buy that from them anymore than I do from Sonny. I agree with you that there comes a time as an adult where you have to own your own stuff. I think that time has more than come for Sonny, but not yet for Michael and Kristina.

    lilmafia - while it is good that Sonny can acknowledge the problems his past outbursts have caused his daughter, I think that the abandonment issues that Kristina has with Sonny are just as big a part (if not a BIGGER part) of her getting into an abusive relationship with Keifer as is Sonny's verbal abuse of others. So Sonny NOT going to therapy to try to help Kristina is only going to exacerbate that problem if you ask me. It’s going to seem to Kristina that her father, once again, can’t (or won’t) come through for her when she needs him to be there for her. And before I get the angry posts, I’m NOT saying Sonny has NEVER come through for Kristina or whatever, I’m just saying that if he doesn’t go to therapy when asked, it’s MAY SEEM to Kristina like he doesn’t care that much.

    I think that the abandonment factor of Kristina’s issues is both Alexis's fault for THE WAY she excluded Sonny from Kristina's life AND Sonny's fault for not fighting harder to get access to his daughter when Alexis kept putting him off. I do completely understand Alexis's motivation in wanting to keep Kristina away from Sonny (if I were Alexis, I would have probably tried to do the same thing, although I HOPE I would have done it differently than she did). But if Alexis was going to keep Sonny away, she needed to do a much better job of explaining it to Kristina than she did so that Kristina would know that it wasn't anything she did (or didn't do) that kept her father away from her. What Alexis seemed to do in letting Sonny make plans with Kristina and then Alexis making up some reason that it had to be cancelled or postponed did enormous damage to Kristina because she (likely) interpreted those cancellations as Sonny not wanting to be with her or her not being important to him, which is not the case. I certainly won't sign Sonny up for father of the year, but of all things Sonny is, a deadbeat dad isn't one of them. Of course it's my opinion that it may have been better for all the kids if he had completely walked away from day one, but that is something we'll never know at this point. But there is no doubt in my mind that that THE WAY Alexis kept Sonny and Kristina apart did a huge amount of damage and is just as much a part of Kristina's problems now as whether or not Kristina saw or learned the verbal abuse behavior from Sonny.

    STORM: Hey stranger! Hope all is well.

    Well, back to work now!

    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, June 03 2010 07:56 AM

    Scrimmage, you are not being fair to Robin. She came into the show as a seven-year-old child whose brilliant former secret agent mother pretended to be a friend called "dearest" while she was raised by a nanny, as her mother was afraid for her safety if her enemies from her secret agent days knew who she was; therefore, she never knew her mother or her father until she was seven. Anna Devane made her living by various dishonest means until she reunited with Robert Scorpio. After Robin came to live with them she was kidnapped and involved in one misadventure after another while her parents dropped in and out of her life. Later, Anna Devane married the gangster Duke Lavery. Eventually, both of them took off again permanently.

    Robin has never really had a proper family life, so how can she be expected to know how to behave with her own.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Thursday, June 03 2010 10:11 AM

    I just took another look at my post from last night and my last line did not make sense. It should have read.

    Scrimmage I will agree with you on most of your post about Robin but I think TSW have taken things this direction so they can, and I dread writing this, bring Michael into a HIV scare s/l. Still saying all that Robin, a character I have always loved, is acting Stupid in this case.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Thursday, June 03 2010 10:32 AM

    let me raise an interesting point.

    i think alexis has way more to do with kristina choice of staying in an abusive relationship. alexis brought her up, kept her away from sonny, filled her head with "i am doing this for your own good garbage" when he is her dad. alexis was the one who put impossible stantards on her. etc etc. kristina did witness some poorly times outbursts on her dads part, and yes she has daddy issues. but the relationship with the mother or the primary caregiver can be more of a cause of a daughter making poor choices. just saying! and bless dianne, she gets this, and is trying to get alexis to see it.

    robin (i remembered her name!). when you have a life threatening permanent illness, it makes you really think of life and giving back. she wants to do this for this reason

    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, June 03 2010 10:56 AM

    Good afternoon, 4My, Hera, EK, Poodles, Straight, Rans, Scrimmage, TXMN, Ring, Enad, Lilmafia, Da_Kid, Kini, Star, Fire, Lumi, CBRU, Cynic, Bean, Been, Beyond, Lucky, Lovely, Tipsy, TT, TN, NY, Cowboys, Bessed, Mamajj, Canadagirl, Ali, Isitso, and anyone else I missed.

    OFF TOPIC SORT OF…………………………….
    Hi guys, I have not seen GH for some weeks now. It’s a combination of things. First off I have truly had it with the writing and dare I say it but yes I do not like Carly and Sonny right now. I still love them but I really don’t like the direction they are taking them into. After the trial I thought things would get better but they have not and I have completely lost interest. Today I read the post for the first time in a long time WOW what happened, I guess I am not the only one dissatisfied.

    On another note I have a lot going on in my personal life that has me getting daily headaches because of stress so my energies have been put elsewhere.

    I hope everyone is well

    ON TOPIC…………….
    Scrimmage great post on Robin and you are right Carly has always had her number.

    Rans and Ring I agree with both of you regarding Sonny and Kristina’s childhood and how it affects them. The bottom line is this Kristina is seventeen years old in a year or two she will be an adult and if she is blaming people now for her shortcomings warranted or not what does that say for her future?

    Personally I think she is looking for a reason any reason to be mad at her father because being mad at him is all she knows how to do. Without her anger and feelings of abandonment what is there between them. Love for some people can be a very scary thing even when it is coming from a parent.

    I don’t know when I will get back to this board so adios for now.

    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, June 03 2010 10:58 AM

    OMT, did Lucky have her babies yet?

    Posted by Ringleader at Thursday, June 03 2010 11:34 AM

    Off Topic:

    FUBU - glad to see your post, we were worried about you. As a frequent headache sufferer, you have my sincerest sympathies. I know from experience that daily headaches make life very difficult to live - let alone enjoy. I hope your life and your headaches settle down soon and you feel better.

    Last we heard from luckyinlove, which I believe was last week some time, she was still carrying her twins, was deeply uncomfortable but was still trying to hang on as long as possible before delivering. She too is deeply dissatisfied with the show, so she hasn't been checking in that often.

    luckyinlove - if you're lurking out there, we'd love and update and we hope you and your babies (and your whole family) are doing well!

    On Topic:

    FUBU - ITA, if Kristina goes down the path of blaming everyone else for what she does wrong when she's an adult, I will be as annoyed at her as I am with Sonny and Carly. In fact, as I've stated several times, their continual "blame everyone but me" routine is part of what has made me really dislike Sonny and Carly recently, when I used to be a fan of both characters. (When SB first came back as Claudia, I was really hoping for her and Carly to become friends and turn Port Charles on it's ear, but alas, that was not meant to be. Could you imagine the havoc those two could have created if they were on the same side and working together? YIKES!)

    BUT, I also think it is kind of normal teenage behavior to (a) lash out at/rebel against one's parents and (b) blame everyone but yourself for the mistakes you've made. My relationship with my parents was very good growing up (and still is), so I didn't do much lashing out or rebelling in my teen years, but I know I pulled the "it's not my fault, it's so-and-so's fault" crap at least a few times - and I'm nowhere near as messed up as a soap opera character! LOL It's part of the immaturity of a teenager. But, having said that, I agree that there's a point where that just doesn't fly anymore.

    And I think it says A LOT when a fan like FUBU who's been such an ardent supporter of Sonny and Carly is unhappy with the direction that the writing is taking them. I applaud you for saying that -- not because I want you to agree with me or anything, but because I know it's tough when you really like a character but you have to admit that you HATE, HATE, HATE the writing that's being done for them. I was there with Claudia for, like, her whole time on the show! It's hard when you want to still like a character but the writing is making is so darn hard.

    Of course, come to think of it, it's hard to like most of the characters on GH right now -- except maybe the ones who don't get any air time. It's a sad, sad state of affairs...

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, June 03 2010 12:43 PM

    Ring, Michael being 18, he was sentenced as an adult and is age the thing that makes you an adult ? Life?

    Also, because you only read the updates, don't watch the show, I think you miss body language, tone, expression on how things are said and played out so, it's hard to explain some of the reasons behind my feelings.

    Bottom line, I make excuses for Sonny and you hate his guts. It's all your posts..look for you and no hard feelings when we disagree.

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