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    Treading Lightly.

    Wednesday, June 02 2010
    Sonny's behavior is debated, Robin makes a decision, and Shirley advises Elizabeth.

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    Posted by Starlett at Wednesday, June 02 2010 07:18 PM

    Having Kristina the victim of domestic violence who makes another person a victim by falsely accusing him of beating her was bad enough, I sincerely hope they will not have Johnny using her in his quest to bring down Mr. Dimples. Could we have the kids on this show involved in something light and funny? Something like...Morgan and Kristina outsmart Helena and rescue Luke and Tracy while on a school outing.

    They should have Brenda come back and be the new Warden at Pentonville. Carter is due for a new cellmate named Bubba.

    So is Lisa going to move in with Patrick to help out with Emma? This S/L is just plain D U M B! Robin might as well have wrapped Lisa in a bow and handed her to Patrick. I don't like Lisa but Robin is not earning any gold stars from me either.

    So after seventeen years of not wanting Sonny to be in Kristina's life Alexis now wants Sonny to play daddy and be nice. As Dirty Harry said, "A person's got to know his limitations," and evidently Sonny knows he may not be able to control his temper. While Sonny SHOULD be able to control himself for his daughter's sake, if he doesn't believe he'll be able to maybe he should go to see the therapist by himself for a while before it becomes a family session. The medication he is taking for his bi-polar disorder probably don't work ALL the time.

    Tracy definitely did LOOK under the whether today. It will be time for Greary's summer vacation soon, I wonder if they will haveTracy missing the entire time he is gone.

    Posted by lilmafia at Wednesday, June 02 2010 07:26 PM

    OMG. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for no prison scenes today. I would have had to ff. After spending the whole day waiting at SingSing (max security prisons are not known for ambiance) reading graphic court transcripts, then having to turn comply with visitation rules (I had to give them my earrings even, I guess Tiffany’s studs make good shanks!!), and then spending time with a lovely gent who’s serving 20 to life and makes Sonny angry look angelic and Jason look like a wimp, and he was the center of said ugly transcripts I don’t know when I’ll next not ff through the prison scenes. Hot Jason or not!!!!

    OK sorry for the rant on to the show….. Robin WTH!!!! Yes Patrick is an ego maniac, but you married him honey. And no hubby deserves to be disregarded like that, not to mention little Emma!!!!

    Diane – That’s my girl. LMAO at her “Oh goody..hoping I’d come in soon” comment. I been there sister and you tell him. And calling Sonny on this way with the ladies, priceless. And Cowboy from your lips to every attny out there’s clients, if you don’t want to take your attny advice under consideration, stop paying the retainer!!!

    Loved Nik telling Liz to get over herself. So true. I hope that Shirley getting through to her sticks. About time she stops making Nik the villain. Maybe he will stop being defensive if he’s not under constant attack.

    I may love Sonny, but the attny in my wanted to reach through the TV and slap him when he told Diane to do something legal. Really, I wanted to hit him. I may have been misplaced anger for my day, but still the urge was there.

    I know that Sonny should be able to contain himself long enough to go to the therapy session. But I do have to respect that he is willing to admit that he may not be capable. It shows that he know the damage his current outbursts have had.

    Laurafan – ITA with you on Krissy calling on Johnny for the truth. Why not talk to women who have been with Sonny that she trusts. (Hell she’s related to a few). Alexis, Carly, Sam, Olivia, ect… I have a feeling Johnny is going to lie to her to get at Sonny. That would definitely put him low on my totem pole.

    Off topic –
    Poodles – Yes our island is coming along nicely. But we are definitely missing one thing, shopping!!! I’ll arrange for a wkly visit from a Bergdorf Goodman personal shopper. Yes now the island is complete.

    Aussie – great to hear you had such a successful shopping trip, I mean vacation

    Posted by mrsk at Wednesday, June 02 2010 07:33 PM

    Haven't read the posts yet, I'm mad!
    Sonny would never, ever. Hes an emotional abuser, not physical

    N I'm going to fantasy island, oh wait I'm here, n it's all being paid for for us. By Mr c, oh yea he owns it, n loves his fans! love those dimples!

    Posted by Mama to LA at Wednesday, June 02 2010 07:34 PM

    Yesterday Sam and Jason . What's it been two days no sex and they are going through withdrawl clearly I have been married to long I don't get it. I don't want Claire and sonny to get together then lucky will be getting leftovers.

    Posted by Mama to LA at Wednesday, June 02 2010 07:42 PM

    I forgot robin when did she go from decent wife to one obviously doing things to trash her marriage. She is looking like an idiot.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, June 02 2010 07:53 PM

    WARNING: Extremely long Anti-Robin rant.

    Robin has never been a character I liked. Back when Robert and Anna were prominent players, little Robin was the “Michael” of her day; more a plot device that stories revolved around rather than a fully developed character in her own right, which is only to be expected from a child actor. She was originally written as a precocious, wise-beyond-her-years adolescent, but as she grew older, her know-it-all, overachieving personality became less endearing. I didn’t like her self-righteous and condescending attitude toward people like Carly, while turning a blind eye to the darker side of Sonny and Jason’s business. After she became HIV positive, she once again dominated storylines for years. I was glad when she finally left “for Paris.”

    Since her return, we have seen that Robin is not exactly the most well adjusted person in town. (That would be Coleman.) She has rejected, manipulated, and lied to Patrick, and then she married him. She soon rejected her own child, turned her back on her marriage and, for all intents and purposes, cheated on Patrick, with a stranger no less, but then was absolved of all responsibility for her actions by admitting she had PPD, and agreeing to therapy.

    Now, after a few therapy sessions, and some meds, we’re supposed to assume everything is fine and dandy in Robinland? I don’t think so! That brings us to today.

    Question: Why is Robin suddenly obsessing over Stone’s memory, and so intent on getting more involved with AIDS related causes?

    Answer: To punish Patrick.

    Robin is furious with the fact that Patrick was in favor of Sonny’s conviction, and that he so strongly disagrees with her unquestioning support of Sonny. Naturally, she will not show her anger openly, because that’s not how a passive / aggressive personality like hers thinks. Instead, she slowly withdraws from the relationship, withholding affection and passing on nights out to look at old diaries, for instance, and focuses instead on the one thing that connects her forever to Sonny – Stone, and their shared HIV status. It’s something that her husband can never relate to on the level that her first love did, and she KNOWS it’s the one thing that the ultra-confident Patrick Drake cannot compete with: the romanticized memory of a dead man. Now, once again, she has unilaterally decided to abandon her husband (an extremely busy neurosurgeon) and infant child at the drop of a hat, without so much as a hint of notice, or consideration for anyone else’s opinion.

    Her objective is to provoke a reaction out of Patrick, which she will contend, is completely untrue and unreasonable, citing the “nobility” of her cause, and her “duty” as an HIV positive doctor. Then she’ll accuse HIM of being selfish and unfair. Robin wins, Patrick loses. It’s the only way she can feel good about herself.

    I used to cringe when Carly would describe Robin in the worst possible terms. Now, I have to say she's had Robin’s number from the very start. She’s a hypocritical, manipulative, two-faced B!TCH!

    Africa can KEEP her for all I care.

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, June 02 2010 08:00 PM

    Poodles & lil...As long as I can make my male dancer into a man servant. I don't like male strippers. But man servants oh yay. Lil glad to see you made it out of Sing Sing. Go have a glass of wine. You earned it.

    Scrimmage......YES YES & YES. Totally on point w/Robin. ITA Africa can keep her. She is useless at this point.

    Posted by lilmafia at Wednesday, June 02 2010 08:06 PM

    mamajj - I too would much rather have a man servant than a stripper. But like Helena, if said man servant happens to be clothed eye candy, I'm not complaining!!!!

    Scrimmage - great Robin post.

    Posted by isitso at Wednesday, June 02 2010 08:18 PM

    Robin is usually one of the most sensible characters....but she is pushing her husband away. He's already one of the most arrogant people on the show (up there with Sonny and Jax) - so does she think he'll just sit at home? Also - she needs to really get over Stone... If not then she shouldn't have gotten married.

    Kristina - why are the writers making her character like this? In most cases I've seen - daughters revere their fathers no matter what they have done. She trusts Nicholas and Johnny - but not her father? Hmmmm

    Sonny - people keep saying "oh he verbally and emotionally abuses women so why does he care about not looking as a physical abuser?" that is the criminal world - rapists - child molesters - and women beaters don't get respect.

    Posted by lilmafia at Wednesday, June 02 2010 08:31 PM

    isitso - Good call on Sonny.

    Well I'm off to bed. Happy posting.

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