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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    Can You Hear It?

    Tuesday, May 18 2010
    Claire confides in Lucky, Nikolas has a chat with Warren, Michael gets a few visitors, and Patrick's jealousy intensifies.

    Alexis comes to Wyndemere where Nikolas brings up the impending civil trial. He promises he will fix this by applying sufficient financial pressure to get Warren to back off. Alexis wonders if that will be enough to make up for the death of his son. He points out she didn't want Kiefer to die, but she thinks even if there is the slightest doubt that she did, she can't call herself innocent. Nikolas doesn’t want her to beat herself up and insists the Bauers will leave her alone. She doesn't want him to do anything illegal or improper when the family is grieving, but he thinks it's time for them to see what happens when the Cassadines push back.

    Nikolas meets with Warren at the Metro Court and while he is sorry Kiefer is dead, he points out he did beat Kristina. He says his grief is his own business, but when it spills over to his family, it's his business. Nikolas warns him he will stop him no matter what it takes.

    Sonny visits Michael in prison to tell him Jason will be joining him in order to protect him. He urges his son to hold on a while longer until they can get him out and Michael assures him he will make him proud. A guard comes for Michael and then Anthony walks in the visitor's room. Sonny tells him Jason is coming to protect Michael so their deal is worthless. He adds Johnny has a bad attitude and Anthony threatens Michael. Sonny warns he can retaliate on the inside against him or on the outside against Johnny.

    At Johnny's place, Olivia tries to convince him to back off Sonny, but Johnny plans to destroy him. She won't stand around and watch him self-destruct and storms out. Ethan comes to Johnny's door saying he's in need of cash. Johnny tells him he has plenty of ways for him to make some dough, but things got a tad more dangerous sine the last time they spoke. He explains he's a marked man now that Jason is going to prison, but that makes Sonny vulnerable now and he wants to break him. Ethan doesn't want to get killed so he passes on working with him. Once Ethan has left, Sonny stops by to warn Johnny if he crosses him or hurts anyone in his family, he is done. They exchange threats as Olivia returns. Sonny tells her she better talk to her boyfriend because he is running out of time.

    At the police station, Dante shows Lucky and Claire an old case that suggests Judge Carroll took a bribe. Claire will take it to him to convince him to overturn Michael's sentence, but she needs more concrete proof first. Lucky does some digging and finds there's nothing fishy about the case. He has another idea and asks Dante how desperate he is to get Michael released. Dante says he won't fabricate evidence and frame an innocent man because then it would make them no better than Sonny.

    Dante goes to the prison to tell Michael they aren't giving up until they get him home. Michael tells him Sonny is already working on it and will get him released soon. Dante suggests he not put all his faith in his father because that's what got him sent to prison in the first place.

    After a visit with Dr. Lee, a flustered Claire sees Lucky with his kids in the park. She calls his kids adorable and says she wants one. She goes on and on about how much she loves kids, as Lucky politely indulges her. She says her biological clock is ticking and wonders if he can hear it. Lucky can definitely hear it and she asks if he really likes being a dad. Lucky tells her being a father is more important to him than anything. He continues that in the end, the only that will matter is the relationships with the people you love and the rest will pale in comparison. Impressed, she wonders if there are anymore like him at home.

    Patrick and Robin meet up at the hub at the hospital where Robin informs her husband she will be doing some consulting in the AIDS wing. Matt walks up after Robin has left and finds his brother in a bad mood. Patrick explains about Robin's new job and her pouring over her diary of Stone. Matt realizes he feels like he's competing with a dead man. Maxie rushes to the hospital for Robin's help with Spinelli, but she's busy with two patients. This gives Maxie the idea to make Spinelli think he has to compete for her affections, which will make him feel powerful. She sees Matt and thinks he will be perfect and they go out for ice cream. Patrick and Lisa meet up and he asks if she's going out with Steve again. He thinks he might be a little too buttoned down for her, but she thinks he's a refreshing change of pace from the surgeons she knows. Lisa sees Steve coming in late to work and they discuss hanging out the night before. Epiphany gives Lisa a chart that Patrick wants to discuss with her. Later, Lisa and Steve chat in the locker room as Patrick walks up and sees them.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Jason and Sam enjoy more time at the cabin before he has to leave.

    Nikolas and Lucky have a confrontation.

    Luke grows worried for Tracy.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, May 18 2010 01:16 PM

    Looks like Johnny is still going after Sonny. Since Jason is in jail protecting Michael he should know that he is fair game. Sonny is not just gonna sit back and let him do what ever he wants to do.

    And I know good and well that Ethan is not going to be apart of helping Johhny go after Sonny. He would be a dead man walking again.

    It was nice to see Sonny and Anthony go at it again. Anthony said no one is safe in prison 24 hours. Anthony that includes you. Did you forget how you were running around crying like a little girl when Sonny came after you. You are in jail with Jason. Jason would step on you like the cocker roach you are if you mess with Michael.

    Speaking of Michael, I thought he would be a little bit upset about Jax adopting Morgan.

    Glad Sonny showed up at Johnny to let him know that he would come after him. He told that little snot nose punk something. Kinda turned me on a little bit. Well anyway, back to the story. Sonny told Johnny that he would bury him right next to his rabid bi#$@ sister. That man has a way with words. And big bad Johnny didn't make a move towards Sonny after he dissed his beloved dead sister. I guess he can only come after Sonny behind his back.

    I hope Patrick doesn't start to get jealous over Lisa and Steven. That is just plain stupid.

    Now for Alexis, she said she would hate for Kristina to have to testify at her civil suit. Well it's Kristina's own fault. If she hadn't lied about her first whooping, she would not have gotten the second whooping and her mother would have never run down Keifer in her car.

    But, I'm looking forward to Bauer vs Cassidine.

    Are they going to pair Claire with Lucky? She was pretty funny today talking about kids. She asked Lucky if he could hear her clock ticking, it's really loud. Didn't know she had a funny side. She is going to make me like her character.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, May 18 2010 01:20 PM

    Franco is coming back! YEAAAA!

    Okay, I feel like Patrick is looking for trouble where no really exists. I think Robin knows that Stone is dead. The truth is that he is really bored in the married life and he is jealous of Lisa's new relationship. He just needs all the women fawning all over his arrogant butt.
    Robin knew who he was when she married him, so I can't feel that bad.

    Steve and Lisa have NO chemistry. Umm, where is Maya?

    Posted by bluemeeshy at Tuesday, May 18 2010 01:49 PM

    I thought today's show was pretty funny and sweet at the same time. I really like Dante and Lucky working together. I think Maxie provided a little comic relief today. Things have been so HEAVY lately it was nice to see some good light stuff.
    In saying that, I have only one real problem with today. Why was Michael not upset about Jax adopting Morgan ? The only reason I could come up with is that he dosen't know that Carly will not allow Sonny to see Morgan at all. Like that's going to stick? Sonny will eventually get what he we will see how it develops.

    I loved Nicholas giving Keifer's dad a dose of his own meds. Warren dosen't know what he's up against. It was just good to see some good old scary bad stuff than the usual mob stuff.

    Johnny is just boring. Same old. Same old. I wish they'd find a distraction for him. Olivia is just a pain for him. She still has the hots for Sonny.

    I felt sorry for Lucky having Claire going on and on about wanting a child. He looked so uncomfortable it was kinda funny.

    The doctor stuff looks like its getting its groove back. I liked having Matt around today who must have been let out of his closet, and the look that Patrick got when he saw Lisa and Steve in the locker room was priceless.

    I have an idea for Patrick. Get invlved with the things that Robin had an interest in. He could get involved with the Aids patients instead of being jealous of Robin's past.

    That's it. A good show and not too dramatic. We got to see Sonny being a parent today and we saw Dante visiting his brother. Good family stuff and comedy.

    Posted by isitso at Tuesday, May 18 2010 01:49 PM

    Johnny finally exposed the real reason he hates Sonny when he was talking to Ethan. It has nothing to do with his sister.... it's because "he stole my birthright". Olivia is such an idiot. She left one gangster and kept his son from him - only to get caught up with a gangster half her age.

    Sonny was stupid for telling Anthony all his plans. Proverbs says "a fool utters all of his thoughts".

    I don't get this whole thing of Anthony being able to protect Michael in prison. It's true no one is really safe. However, if Sonny is supposed to be so powerful, how come he doesn't have any pull in the prison himself. Make no sense.

    Nicholas - is no different than a gangster. Telling Mr. Bauer "your meeting has been cancelled and from now on you only deal with me. Sorry folks - that's basically extortion. Jax and Cassidines are not much different than Zaccharra's and Corinthos. College degrees are pretty much what seperate them.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, May 18 2010 01:51 PM

    Nothing gets past Epiphany!
    Patrick, you have a WIFE!
    Steve, who knew you are so yummy!!!!!!
    Lucky and Claire..I can see them together with Liz standing around with her mouth open.

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Tuesday, May 18 2010 01:52 PM

    Robin needs to leave the past in the past, I can understand Patrick's anger. He knows Stone was an important part of Robin's life but Patrick is her husband and he is here and nnow and she needs to start paying attention to that. Imean she took a new job without even discussing it with him or telling him about it before hand. Married people are supposed to share thigs with eachother. If Patrick is jealous of Lisa and Steve he's jealous of their carefree and fun relationship. Robin wouldn't know how to have fun if it jumped up in bit her in the bum!
    And could somebody please tell me what happened to the real Micheal Corinthos Jr. ? The Micheal I know would be none to happy that Jax is adopting Morgan. Which I think is just plain dumb everyone knows Sonny is his dad not to mention Carly has full custody and Sonny signed away his rights when Micheal got shot so an adoption at this point is moot.
    So Jason is going to jail to protect Micheal,and once agin he is cleaning up Sonny's messes. I used to like Sonny but I can't stand him lately. Johnny either. Everything he is doing to get back at Sonny is just him trying to assuage his guilt for the way he treated Claudia. He was a sorry excuse for a brother and nothing he does now can change that. And how dare he try to get Ethan involved in his mess! Speaking of Ethan I adore him but they really need to get him a good storyline, they are so not utlilizing Nathan Parson's talent.
    It was good to see Matt on screen today and that they are finaling utilizing his chemistry with Maxie although I'm sure her plan will blow up in her face. She and Spinelli need to end it I mean I like Spin but he and Maxie just don't suit eachother.

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Tuesday, May 18 2010 01:54 PM

    Forgot to say I think they are angling for a Claire/Lucky pairing and I'm not sure yet if I like it. Liz won't for sure and that it alone would make it fun.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, May 18 2010 01:55 PM

    Posted by isitso at Tuesday, May 18 2010 01:49 PM

    Nicholas - is no different than a gangster. Jax and Cassidines are not much different than Zaccharra's and Corinthos. College degrees are pretty much what seperate them

    And Nicholas has wayyy more money than Sonny and his job (and Jax's) are legal gigs. I don't think they deal with "Shipments" as their primary source of funds. They are smoothier in their threats. They don't have bodyguards or an Enforcer. They are not always involved in shootouts or killing.
    Sorry, there is a difference. Mobster and Corporate Raider are not synonymous. The Feds aren't chasing Jax or Nicholas...Helena maybe, but they aren't going to catch her with hands in cookie jar (LOL)!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, May 18 2010 02:00 PM

    does Claire remind anyone a little of Hannah (the old Brenda/Lily lookalike) the Fed that was brought in to bring down Sonny? You know Roy's daughter? There is something about their mannerisms, not so much their looks.
    Lisa Vultaggio the actress who played Hannah is married to Lucky and she is pregnant.

    But I would like Lucky and Claire. It would make sense with them being defenders of the law and all.
    I also like Dante and Lucky as partners. But what about Ronnie?

    Posted by carrmomm at Tuesday, May 18 2010 02:03 PM

    I absolutely loved the talk between Lucky and Claire. It was truly funny. With his facial expressions made an already funny situation funnier. I think they have good connection. I would love to see Lucky with Claire. Was hoping to have some Jasam today. But yesterday between them was awesome. They need to change Johnnys storyline. I like his character but not the story or with Olivia.

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