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    Fancy Meeting You Here.

    Monday, May 10 2010
    Michael goes to prison, Jason makes a deal, and blame is assigned.

    After Michael's sentencing, Jason tells a hysterical Carly he will make sure Michael will be safe, but she has to get him through the next few hours at the police station. Carly pulls it together and then leaves to see Michael. Inside the courtroom, Johnny goes off on Dante for protecting Sonny and sending Michael to prison in the process. As Dante starts to leave, Morgan lashes out at him for lying about Michael. He says he hates Dante and wishes he would have died when Sonny shot him. Sonny tries to diffuse the situation, but Kristina and Molly join in and accuse Dante of hurting Michael. Sonny asks Kristina to take the kids home, but she says they are going to see Michael first. Everyone leaves the courtroom and Sonny asks Diane how they can stop this from happening. She agrees to try for an appeal, but reminds him Michael confessed and the evidence supports that. He will do whatever it takes, whatever it costs – he just wants his son free. Claire chimes in and suggests they work the brain damage angle during the appeal. Sonny wonders why she is trying to help and she says the plan was for him to go to prison not his son. She thinks the judge is punishing her and Diane for playing fast and loose with this case and she won't let Michael suffer for what she did. After Lulu expresses her support to Dante and leaves, he sees Sonny and tells him they are both to blame. Dante cops to his mistakes, including not admitting Sonny shot him, which Michael is now paying for. Sonny declares nothing anyone else has done can compare to the harm he has caused his family.

    At the police department, Mac asks Lucky to personally see to Michael's transfer to Pentonville. Carly walks in the station and Lucky tells her Michael is getting processed, but she can see him before he leaves. Lucky apologizes for not looking the other way when Jason asked him too. Carly tells him the only blame in this belongs to Dante. Carly visits with Michael in the interrogation room and tells him he will survive this. She says he deserves better parents, but he thinks they deserve a better son. She declares there is no one better than him and she will do whatever it takes to get him out of prison. She assures him Jason is making arrangements to make his life better in Pentonville. Michael says it was worth his punishment to kill Claudia and keep her and Josslyn safe. Lucky interrupts them so Kristina, Molly and Morgan can see Michael. Michael is happy to see his family and tries to assure them everything will be okay. Morgan declares he won't go to a single Yankees game until Michael comes home. Michael says he will listen to them on the radio and it will be like they are watching together. Outside the room, Lulu comes to see Carly, but Lucky thinks it's a bad idea. Lulu says she needs to make sure Carly will call Jason off Dante, but Lucky doesn’t think now is the time. Mac walks up and hands Lucky the chains for Michael and after Lulu walks away, Lucky goes in the interrogation room to prepare Michael for transfer. The kids say tearful goodbyes to Michael and then Carly tells her son to be brave and strong. Lucky then leads Michael away.

    Sonny comes home and finds Lulu waiting for him. She hates what happened to Michael and insists it's not what Dante wanted. She doesn't want Dante to die and neither does Sonny, but he's not sure anyone can stop Jason.

    Dante goes home and looks at his gun and badge he's laid out on the table. Carly walks in and wonders if he's reconsidering his career choice. She picks up his gun and says it's a little late where Michael is concerned.

    Jax goes to the Metro Court bar and sits with Skye after ordering the strongest drink possible. He tells Skye the outcome of the sentencing and wonders how Michael will survive two years of hard time. She encourages him to step up for Michael, as well as Morgan, because Carly can't do it alone. Across the way, Diane finds Max sitting at a table and breaks it to him that Michael is going to prison. Diane berates herself for defending Sonny for the money. Max tells her it's her job to defend her clients, but she knew he wasn't guilty, but she went along with it because it was the first selfless thing she's seen Sonny do. She thought she could be redeemed along with him, but it was all a lie. The truth is, some things are beyond redemption.

    Jax comes home to find the kids and a cold Morgan, who hates him almost as much as he hates Dante. Molly and Kristina remind him Dante was the one to turn Michael in, not Jax. Kristina says Sonny is really the only one to blame.

    Jason visits Anthony in prison and tells him Michael is coming to Pentonville for killing Claudia. He says if Anthony puts Michael under his protection, he will make sure nothing happens to Johnny. Anthony wants assurances that Sonny will be kept in check or else Michael will get thrown to the prison hyenas who will have their way with him. After Jason has gone, Anthony arranges a meeting with Michael.

    Ethan goes to see Johnny at his place who fills him in on his plans for Sonny while he's distracted by Michael. He wants Ethan to assist him, but Johnny will only do it when it becomes about making money and not about seeking revenge. Jason comes over after Ethan has left and tells Johnny about the deal he made with Anthony. Johnny smiles and says, "My job just got easier."

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    Posted by FUBU at Monday, May 10 2010 01:23 PM

    Good lord, what a show.

    Carly brilliant pure Carly and brilliant! My inner mother wolverine was bouncing on the balls of her feet.

    Kristina, Morgan and Molly, wow, that’s all I can say wow!

    Jason and Dante, bravo!

    Claire, Diane, and Jax job well done.

    Lulu, seriously, are you kidding me?

    This freaking show made me cry today. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, May 10 2010 01:25 PM

    Carly is going to kick everyone's butt now.

    Lulu needs to go sit down somewhere. Dante has the whole town gunning for him. yikes. Jason looks like he is about to die of guilt and fear!I think Jason needs help.

    Johnny Z and Ethan would be a good young Luke/young Sonny friendship, if the writers don't muck it up.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, May 10 2010 01:26 PM

    Poor Dante, he was having a bad day. Everybody was coming at him.

    I have to give it to Claire today. It was nice of her to try to come up with a defense for Michael.

    Lulu just can't understand why Dante feels so badly about his part in what happened to Michael. Just because Lulu can throw her family under the bus, does not mean Dante can do the same. I'm glad Dante didn't leave with her.

    Then Miss Lulu had the nerve to tell Lucky she wanted to talk to Carly. Lulu better re-think that. Carly would have pimp slapped that child today. So when she couldn't do that she sashayed over to Sonny to beg him not to kill her beloved Dante. That girl has Dante on the brain. Lulu and Dante made their beds, not they have to lie in them. I wouldn't do her any favors if I were Sonny or Carly.

    Posted by truetalltales at Monday, May 10 2010 01:42 PM

    Haven't watched the show yet, but here are my $.02 worth. Carly, Jason & Sonny are responsible for Michael being in jail, not Dante (who was only doing his job). The show's writers still don't understand that Cops=good, Mob=bad, not the other way around. And that 5 year sentence was harsh, for an act committed in self defense.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, May 10 2010 01:45 PM

    What prosecutor turns around and joins the defense for a brainstorming session right after a trial? NONE!

    Maybe Claire can represent Alexis on your murder trial.

    The Corinthos kids sure know how to hate those that cross them! I think the previous Morgan would have moved me more...though I was moved.

    Posted by hatestoddmanning at Monday, May 10 2010 01:46 PM

    Just read in Comings and Goings that Brook Lynn arrives on May 21. With Carly looking into Dante past she may find out that Brook Lynn was an old girlfriend and will bring her to town to mess with Lulu and Dante.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Monday, May 10 2010 01:47 PM

    Hello fellow Gh posters…

    I couldn’t make it to the board to post on Friday’s epi so please indulge me while I back track and make some observations.

    ***Warning of long post to follow***

    Pre-courtroom sentencing…
    Clair/Jacks- Clair is starting to grow on me now that she is not going around pestering everyone like an annoying fly on speed. Jacks, Jacks, it was not in Clair’s job description to care about the shambles you have made of your family.

    Tofoo Lulu/Maxie- I see that Lulu has been drinking from the same well of delusion that her brother Nicholas and Elizabeth have been drinking from if she believes that people won’t stay mad at her for too long. And if she thinks that people, especially Carly, will someday thank Dante, and then we better call Dr. Phil because this girl needs some cognitive therapy ASAP.
    Maxie has matured over the years and she made some valid points. I liked it when she threw Lulu’s word back at her in regards to Keeping Michael from the mob and Sonny. It seems like Maxie is one of the few people who is thinking realistically regarding the possibility of Michael going to jail. Since Lulu is the authority on knowing what Michael wants, she must know that there is no way that Michael would want to be kept from his father. Then again, logic does not come easy to that girl, and since Dante hasn’t put that thought in her head it would be asking too much of her to arrive at that conclusion. And did I miss the episode where Lulu confessed to the PCPD that she killed Logan?

    Molly/Christina/Morgan- these three have a wonderful bond and I love seeing them together. Hope still springs eternal in Morgan regarding Dante, but heartbreak was just around the corner. It’s seems like Molly and Maxie are the ones who were not looking through rose-colored glasses.

    Carly/Jason/Dante/Sonny- Carly said what many of us have been saying about how Dante only tells the truth when it is convenient for him. I will say it again, Dante can’t have it both ways; he has to decide to be a brother or a cop, or remove himself from any case involving family.
    I may get a lot of slack for saying this, but Jason and Carly have acted more anguish about Michael’s plight than have Sonny. They have showed more concern and regret through this entire fiasco than have Mr. C.

    Dante/Sonny- Couldn’t have said it better Sonny, and it was about time you called your son on his arrogance and “I know what is best” attitude. Well done in that aspect. You had me up until you started ranting about Dante being an embarrassment to you and himself. Now I see where Dante gets his arrogance.

    Liz/Shirley- now Liz appreciates Lucky’s protectiveness… no kidding. Liz, Lucky’s purpose in life is not to validate or booster your self-image. I hope that there is a point to Liz and Shirley’s s/l; hope Shirley’s purpose is to get Liz to become more self-actualized and figure out why she always destroys what she profess to want the most. I won’t hold my breath because its more likely that I would suffocate.

    Johnny- I am glad that he spoke on Michael’s behalf, but he is another one who seems to have a distorted view when recalling past events. Claudia was mentally unstable before that night at the birthday party and Johnny knows that. Even he was disgusted with Claudia and the lengths she was willing to go to to get what she wanted. He says that Michael is a hero for doing what he did to protect Carly and the baby, but if it were Sonny who did what Michael did then he would be singing a different tune. No Johnny, Claudia wouldn’t have forgiven Michael.

    Summer70, thanks for the welcome and the great spoilers.

    Raesheridan and TazMan0203, welcome to the board.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, May 10 2010 01:50 PM

    Dante was NOT doing his job. Just like Carly said on Friday. Dante picks when to tell the truth based on convenience. Why didn't he just say Sonny shot him? He lied under oath about it. When he got Michael, he should have just told the prosecutor instead of grand standing like he did. They could have worked out a deal but he didn't allow that because of his arrogance.
    He made promises that were not within his power.

    Lastly, Michael killed AND participated in an elaborate cover up. That is obstruction of justice and he could get out in 2yrs, so I think the judge was fair.
    If he wants to get off scot-free, he should consider being a celebrity, not a mob boss's kid.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Monday, May 10 2010 01:50 PM

    ***Comments on Friday’s epi continues***
    Courtroom-post sentencing…
    Dante- can’t say I felt any sympathy or anything for that matter during Dante’s soliloquy upon the judge’s sentencing. He wanted distance between Michael and Sonny so that Michael can turn his life around and the judge basically told him that Michael will now have ample time in which to do so.

    Judge Carroll- the judge was harsh but right in what he said about the violence that Michael has been exposed to and the misguided efforts of the adults in his life. However, five years is by no means a light sentence, considering that Michael acted in defense of two lives that were in peril. I am not sure how justice is being served when the judge is using Michael to punish everyone else for misleading the court; and if the spoiler regarding the judge is accurate, then his action today is far more reprehensible than the people he just reprimanded.

    Jason/Carly/Sonny- my heart went out to Sonny during his plea for the judge to have mercy on Michael. I think that this is the first time since the cover-up and during the entire trial that his unselfishness came to the forth. He was a father pleading for his son and for the first time, his willingness to be punished in Michael’s stead rang sincere.
    The caption for the update should have read- “Hearts Are Breaking in Port Charles Today”- to reflect the devastation demonstrated in the courtroom. The three persons who love Michael the most and who would have willingly suffered in his place received a traumatic blow and I could almost hear the sound of their splintering hearts.

    Poodles- you had me smiling with your off topic post about Franco and your husband. If my ears were not deceiving me, I thought I heard the “Mad World” tune playing in the background while Michael was being sentenced.

    TXMN- ITA with your characterization of Jason. I too will be awaiting to see how he shakes things up in light of what occurred with Michael. Jason knows that there will have to be some major life-style changes, but it is hard to phatom the manner in which these changes will occur and how they will impact those in his orbit.

    NYDrama- your posts always leave me laughing and the one on Friday’s epi did not disappoint. ITA with you on Liz/Shirley.

    Sorry for the extremely long post but there was so much to say and I couldn’t refrain, lol.

    Posted by MsPrettylady at Monday, May 10 2010 02:03 PM

    Alright, Johnny need to shutup and lay off my man Sonny, if Sonny... Sonny wouldn't have been wrong to go over there and knock him out

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