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    Bring It On.

    Thursday, May 06 2010
    Dante and Lulu must confront the outside world, Kate faces Sonny, and Helena continues her plan.

    After Epiphany fails to do as Helena demands at the hospital, she turns her attention to Elizabeth, who just wants her to leave her alone. Lucky walks up and tells Helena to back off. Elizabeth orders Helena to stay away from her and walks away. Lucky makes it clear to Helena he thinks she is sick and dangerous and if she harms anyone who matters to him she will be put in jail or die. She retorts nothing makes her happier than the start of a Spencer/Cassadine war and encourages him to bring it on.

    At the hub, Elizabeth sees that Shirley has been admitted and Epiphany tries to reminds her this was to be expected. Elizabeth goes to see Shirley in her room, who is happy to see her and asks about her love life. Elizabeth explains about Helena and how Lucky defended her. She loves that Lucky's first instinct is to protect her.

    Kate reams Maxie out who assumes she's really upset with something other than work. Kate instructs her to get Lulu's butt to work and make the changes she outlined or else they are both fired.

    Mike comes to the restaurant and finds Sonny on the couch in his dark office. He tells his father he couldn't sleep thinking about how one son arrested his other son. Mike thinks he's handled things well so far, but Sonny worries this will haunt Michael the rest of his life. What hurts him the most, is that Dante thinks Michael would be better off in prison than with him. Sonny assures his father he doesn't hate Dante, but what he did. Mike suggests he show Dante he can be good for his kids, which would be good for everyone. After Mike leaves, Kate comes to the office and Sonny realizes she knew Dante was his son the whole time. He wonders how she could claim to love him and not tell him. She says it wasn't her secret to tell, but she begged Olivia to tell him. She can finally face the truth now about Michael and about them. She thinks she wouldn’t have been happy knowing what she knows and that they weren't meant to be, but there is a lot of good in him and she hopes one day he can have a relationship with Dante.

    Dante and Lulu wake up together at his place and then enjoy spaghetti in bed. Lulu thinks it almost feels wrong to be this happy and worries they are testing fate or jinxing themselves. He tells her it's destiny at its best and they start to kiss. Lulu ignores Maxie call and Dante turns off his own phone and they go take a shower together. Afterwards, Dante tells her how blown away he is by being in love. He never thought he'd would feel this way and even though the sex was phenomenal, he's referring to something deeper than that. She feels the same way and as they are about to have sex again, they hear the elevator. Lucky steps off and tells his barely clothed sister that Maxie called in Lulu as a potential suicide and that she needs her. Lulu goes to get dressed and Lucky reminds Dante that is his sister and basically orders him to take care of her.

    Helena goes to Wyndemere to tell Nikolas if he doesn’t intercede, Lucky will make it impossible for him to have a say in his child's life. Lucky comes by after Helena has left and the brothers argue about Helena, as well as Elizabeth. Lucky makes it clear he doesn’t want to be Elizabeth's hero anymore, but he doesn't want to see Helena harass her and Nikolas shouldn’t want that either.

    Lulu comes to work and lashes out at Maxie for telling Jason about Michael. Lulu notices she is radiating light and wants to know what Dante was like in bed. Lulu admits it was great but then gets the conversation back on track. Maxie says she and Dante should enjoy their happiness while it lasts, because they aren't exactly making any friends these days.

    Carly and Morgan visit Michael in the interrogation room who tells them last night wasn't too bad. Morgan is confident Michael will get out today because Dante promised the judge would suspend his sentence. Carly tells her youngest son it's not okay that Dante turned Michael in because he made a choice that wasn’t his to make. Morgan reminds her he's a cop, but Carly says he betrayed them twice and she doesn’t want to give him another shot. Michael says it was his choice to turn himself and Dante just happened to be there. He worries about her being in trouble herself, but Carly doesn’t want him worrying about her and assures him they will figure out what to do next when they get him home. After they leave, Dante comes to see Michael and asks, as his brother, if he has any questions about what's to come.

    Dante returns home and finds Sonny, who marvels at how easy it was to get into his place. Dante defends his position regarding Michael and then Sonny gets a text saying Judge Carroll has made his decision.

    Skye brings Maya to the Metro Court wanting to spend the day going to spas and lunching, but Maya is suspicious. Skye eventually cops to doing this for Edward who wanted Maya to have a nice day. Maya wants to call their outing over because she doesn’t want to take Edward's money. Tracy finds them and asks how much would it take to make them both disappear. Skye tries to explain Tracy to Maya and Maya makes it clear to Tracy she is not after Edward's money, she was just looking for a loan and to get to know her family better. She suggests Tracy get used to her face because she's not going anywhere. Tracy later sees Helena talking to her man servant at the bar about the Spencers and her ears perk up. Helena does her best to dodge the issue and brings up Elizabeth, but Tracy wonders why she is bothering with Elizabeth's new baby since Helena already has an heir.

    Next on General Hospital:

    The judge makes his ruling on Michael.

    Tracy is suspicious of Helena.

    Elizabeth is hopeful for a future with Lucky.

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    Posted by nanas3 at Thursday, May 06 2010 01:19 PM

    Elizabeth..girl! How many times will it take?

    Posted by StraightTalker at Thursday, May 06 2010 01:37 PM

    Shout out to all posters…

    ***Regarding yesterday’s post…

    4my, FUBU, Mamajj and Poodles, thanks for the welcome.
    Lilmafia, I see that we have similar povs regarding the pairings on GH.
    Starlett, thanks for the positive feedback.
    TXMN, I always love reading your posts b/c they are well thought out and always cause me to re-examine my pov. Ita with you on what you said about Jason. The paradox about his situation is that if he stays in the mob his love ones will get hurt and if he leaves they will be left without a protector. How can he leave the mob and still keep his love ones safe? Conversely, how can he stay in his current line of work and still keep them safe? There is no doubt that Jason would willingly give his life for those he loves, but if he does then who would be there to take care of those who rely on him. Let face it, Sonny is not good for much and I doubt if he will walk away from the business, which means that the kids will always be at risk whether Jason stays or leaves the mob.
    The predicament that Michael is currently in is an opportunity for the adults in his life and Michael himself to re-examine the choices they have made over the years. We saw the commencement of self-reflection manifested yesterday in Jason’s scene with both Sam and Robin. Whether things will go back to “normal” or change in the way the mob operates in PC is still left to be seen.

    ***I will post on today’s epi as soon as I get the chance to watch it, until then, happy posting everyone.

    Posted by smurf18 at Thursday, May 06 2010 01:41 PM

    boy, Lucky was all over the place today. Finally he has grown a pair! I think Kate should fire Lulu's butt. She just comes in to work whenever she wants. Wake up to the real world! Dante is going to be shocked if Michael has to stay in prison. This could go either way. Also, finally someone asks Helena why this baby? You have an heir?

    Posted by smurf18 at Thursday, May 06 2010 01:42 PM

    Also, doesn't anyone lock their doors in this town?

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, May 06 2010 01:45 PM

    Elizabeth is the most deluded person ever.

    Why is it whenever someone does something Sonny, Carly or Jason didn't agree with, they are betraying them?

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, May 06 2010 02:18 PM

    I haven’t seen today’s offering yet, but I want to throw this out there for discussion.

    I think Carly suffers from some form of separation anxiety when it comes to her kids. Maybe it’s a response to her post-partum depression induced inability to touch Michael when he was born, but nothing gets to Carly like the idea of being kept apart from her kids. Her idea of happiness, like a lot of mothers I guess, is to have all of her children within arms reach. She only agreed to allow Sonny to send Michael to the island after it became clear that he was Claire’s number one target. She freaked when Michael was living with Sonny, or the Q’s, and brought him back under her roof as soon as she could come up with an excuse. I know she loves her kids, but I just don’t think her obsession with keeping them so close is healthy for anybody.

    I think she would be feeling the same way if Michael was going off to college, getting his own apartment, or actually going on a back-packing walkabout. His current incarceration doesn’t bode well for Morgan and Joss ever developing a sense of independence. Carly is sure to smother them even more now than she has up to this point.

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, May 06 2010 02:32 PM

    Hi everyone:

    Dante needs to go back to the police academy, and learn the law. How could he be so stupid to promise, something that he could never be sure of, and without an attorney being able to make a deal....well the writing is on the wall.

    Maxie, should have told Lulu, to shut up and get to work. Lulu had a lot of nerve, going off on Maxie. unlike Lulu, Maxie knows where her loyalties lie. I'm with Smurf, Kate should fire Lulu! It was just the night before, she mentioned to Dante, that Maxie was out of the country and she had work to do for Kate....I'm sure she isn't the only one with a love life!

    I'm still loving Lucky, I want Liz to stay away. It's funny, I never really cared for the other Lucky, and wasn't sure about this one...until recently, now I'm hooked.

    Scrimmage: You were right about Michael being branded a killer in the tabloids. I'm surprised, that Sonny doesn't have a publicist on the payroll.

    ****OFF TOPIC****

    I wish NyDrama would decide to return, I miss her lively comments. Also, we haven't heard from monkey or storm... I hope they hurry back.

    Hi rans.

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, May 06 2010 02:43 PM

    Scrimmage, I think most mother's have a hard time letting go. My mother cried when I went off to college and again when I got married. Michael has been through so much, I think Carly feels the need to protect him from the outside world. I can only imagine, having a child that spent a year in a coma....I think I would have that same feeling, and the need to always be in control.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, May 06 2010 02:46 PM

    Thanks Poodles,

    I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

    So much for Michael's chances for a normal life. When Michael gets out I wouldn't be at all surprised if he and the rest of his siblings and cousins become fodder for the tabloids and end up with their own reality TV show ala the Kardashians. That could be interesting.

    From what I’m reading in the recap, how am I looking on my contention that Dante’s buliding has the worst security and the fastest freight elevator in the western world?

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, May 06 2010 02:46 PM

    ****OFF TOPIC****

    Does anybody recognize the designer of Maxie's dress today? I loved that dress and would love to know where to purchase it.

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