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    It Will All Be Okay.

    Tuesday, May 04 2010
    Michael confesses, Carly and Sonny worry for their son, Olivia tries to keep everyone safe, and Lulu is there for Dante.

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    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, May 04 2010 09:32 PM

    Hi all.

    Little late tonight. But have to make it short.

    If I lived in PC I would board up the windows & huddle down in the basement cuz Hurricane Carly is coming. That woman is pi$$ed. Seeing Michael in jail was just heartbreaking.
    I hope Lulu & Dante are happy. I know the board is split on Lulu. I personally think she did betray Carly only because if Lulu was not dating Dante chances are she would not have done the right thing. She only did it cuz that's what Dante wanted. JMO

    I am really hoping Jason is not that stupid to kill Sonny's son. Oh & I was LMAO at Olivia who made a b-line over to Jason to tell him not to go near her kid. Yeah lady am sure
    he will take you feelings into consideration. And I don't know if Carly can fire her didn't Jax hire her. I thought she worked for him. I mean I know she does stuff for the hotel & Carly but I thought she was under Jax's reign.
    I think she should be sent packing. She can go work at Kelly's. LOL
    That judge was fantastic. I wish there was a place on the show for him.


    Lucky...Nice to hear from you. Glad to hear you are doing well.
    Rans...Congrats on your son. I know you must be a proud
    Hello to everyone else. I would list you all but then I would be here all night. LOL
    Good night everyone. Post you tomorrow.

    Posted by Nykai at Tuesday, May 04 2010 09:34 PM

    computer froze well anyway i ask that because in the movie halle berry plays a crack head who loses her son but in the end get custody of him again when u made the comment about crackheads there is a scene in the very beginning which i had to watch one day for a professional development wat happens is she has her baby with her and she goes to get high she places the child in a box and covers the box. now the question that was asked was in that scene did halle sho that she even care about the kid and alot of people said no bcuz she left him to go get high but the correct answer was yes she did care becuz she took the time to make sure that he was covered from the cold in the best way that she could. now i kno u may say that is crazy but to use that as an example is wrong i know many drug addicts who for lack of better choices still love there children and in their way put their children b4 their habit

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Tuesday, May 04 2010 11:09 PM

    Hello Lucky glad to hear you are still doing well and hope this time goes by fast for you. Hope you and the babies have an easy and healthy, happy delivery.

    Hello 4my,FUBU, Aussie, poodles, STORM, Ring, Scrimmage, Hera, cbru, ttoyou, Starlett, Canada, Bean, Been, Blesseddiva, magrat, rans, Beyond, cynic, bluecow, lilmafia, NYDrama, EKL, Enad, Tipsy, mamajj, Nykai, umakmesik, Mama To La and anyone I have forgotten. I have to confess Lucky was my great cheat sheet for all the names.

    Well it was a first for me today I really felt sorry for Carly today seeing her child hauled off to jail. I felt for Michale too as he said he didn't think past telling what happened. I can't understand how a trial for Sonny turned into one for Michale? So glad the trial is over.

    Posted by Candace Rose at Tuesday, May 04 2010 11:54 PM

    Loved that Judge. Good job. But I wanted him to put Carly and Sonny in jail for lying. That would have been perfect. I love that the jury was all upset.

    Sorry!!! but I don't like this Sonny. He looks to cute and passive. Unless the writers are turning his character around, this Michael doesn't cut the mustard.

    I can't believe they are letting Morgan go. What did he do wrong. He and Molly are the only believable young people aboard.

    Love that Jason and those muscles. I hope they keep him in those tight black t-shirts.

    I wish they would show more of Allen/Tracey. They are so funny. I would also like to see more of Bobby. I remember when she was the main star.

    I don't want to see Dante and family like after all this. I wish they would cut his dam hair. He has no neck and then they bring those bangs half way down his face.

    Love that Dianne. She cracks me up even when she is being a serioud atty.

    Posted by TXMN at Wednesday, May 05 2010 12:37 AM

    Good morning all,

    I found Tuesday’s episode extremely sad. There really was no good way to end this story line. All the pain and animosity played out on the screen. I found myself aching for Carly, Sonny, and Michael. These people lied and covered up a crime. While they had the best of intentions, the consequences of their actions will play out over the long haul.

    It’s hard to sympathize with Carly. I attempted to; I failed to do so. Perhaps it was her rhetoric. She visited Michael at the PCPD and insisted: “Life will go back to normal Friday.” Now, maybe this is a mother hoping for the best and using language to lift her son’s spirits. But, I don’t think so. Since I’ve watched this show, Carly has appeared (to me) to live in an alternative universe. She wants the best for her children yet keeps them in Sonny’s violent world. She talks about things going back to normal---but what is normal anyway?

    Michael’s world irrevocably altered when Devlin’s bullet put him in a coma. Since he awoke in a hospital bed last year, he has been a different person. Anger and a quick temper mark his actions. His ability to process events altered. Rage consumed his life. He lashed out at everyone---from Carly, to Sonny, to Jason. No one understood where he was coming from. He wanted a life in the mob but found that all the authority figures in his world refused to grant him this request. He turned to Claudia and found a sympathetic ear. They developed a close relationship. Then, Michael began having memories and realized that his step mother played a role in his shooting. His world turned upside down once again. Now, who could he turn to? He had no one. He was like a stranger in a crowd. Sure, loved ones surrounded him. But, he had no one to share his thoughts, concerns, and aspirations with.

    This became apparent after Sonny’s outburst at the Metro Court. After Claudia kidnapped Carly, Michael was on the run. Michael had to get away from the chaos of his Port Charles environment. He headed for the Canadian border, only to come across Claudia’s stolen vehicle. He reacted as any concerned family member would. He followed clues and found himself at the deserted cabin. Carly’s cries shook him. The young man recognized that his mother’s life was in peril. More than that, he quickly surmised that Claudia intended to kidnap his baby sister. He burst into the cabin and thwarted Claudia’s escape. His blow killed her. But, it might as well have slit his throat.

    Ever since that night, Michael has been a prisoner. While not incarcerated in a state facility, he has failed to escape his own guilt. He replayed the events of that tragic night over and over in his head. Those around him hushed the affair up and destroyed all the evidence. “Silence will keep you free,” they said. Keeping quiet only tightened the chains around the young man’s core.

    Now Michael has told the truth. Who knows how this will play out? He may get counseling and a suspended sentence or he may spend hard time in jail. Whatever the case, this was a day to mourn lost innocence? The joys of youth ended eighteen months ago when a bullet sent Michael into a coma. His life has been an arduous journey ever since.

    The reckoning awaits. But for now, I pity what might have been. Michael’s life went down the drains because of the decisions and lifestyles of others. He was a mere pawn in their game. The quest for power, for material riches, and for influence came at a huge cost. It required the childhood soul of their first born.

    Off topic:
    It's so good to hear that you're ok Lucky.
    I'm glad to see that Ring checked in. Enjoy the Orlando vacation.
    Rans, congratulations on your boy's graduation.

    Hope everyone in cyber world has an awesome Wednesday. Hi Hera, Storm, Aussie, FUBU, Mamajj, Lil, Lucky,Cbru, Poodles, 4my, Ring,Rans, Magrat, and everyone else.

    Posted by lulusucks at Wednesday, May 05 2010 01:21 AM

    It's always a good episode when Lulu gets *itched out, even if it's by Snarly.


    Sorry for screaming, but come mix up the storylines, too much of the same people everyday becomes boring. Why bring back Skye, bring on Maya if you are not gonna use them.

    Posted by ttoyou at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:43 AM

    Good morning all my fellow posters.....well yesterday was a real tear jerker for me as I am a mother and could really feel Carly's pain. I, if in Carly's shoes,. would also have done anything to keep my son out of jail He struck Claudia to protect his mother and her new born as Carly lay, helpless, on the couch. He did not mean to kill Claudia, he meant to protect Carly. Naturally, the screw up began with Jason and Sonny's attempted cover up and Carly always agrees with these two guys. However, when Dante started going after Michael and finally brought him to PC I believe that Lulu had the moral obligation to inform his mother that he is in town. She owed Carly that, and,in my opinion, Carly had the right to go off on her. Instead she asks Maxie not to tell Jason....Right.

    And I thought this new Michael did a remarkable job in Court. He had a lot of people in tears. And those soulful, innocent eyes looking up at the judge, hoping for understanding.

    It was very painful for me to watch Carly with her son in jail. Not a place that any mother wants her child to be. And yes, I was quite aware that it was the first time that she was with her new Michael and it appears that they have bonded well.

    Will Jason kill Dante? Probably not. Has Dante lost that little family that he's been claiming as his? Probably. As someone else said, what's left of him now? He's just another Lucky at the PCPD, but at least Lucky has his father to talk to.

    Off topic, Lucky in love, glad to have read your post. Hope hubby still plans to post the exciting event.

    Poodles, 4my, Rans, Lilmafia and the rest of you thanks for welcoming me back. Where's Silicone Valley? I know she went on a break but expected her back by now.

    txmn, excellent post.

    Posted by ransomha at Wednesday, May 05 2010 06:30 AM

    Ring: What made you think AJ loved Michael? AJ didn't love anyone.

    My son received his Masters.

    And again thank you all for sharing out happy day!
    Ring: Have fun!

    Posted by poodles at Wednesday, May 05 2010 07:21 AM

    Happy Cinco de Mayo:

    Tx: great comments. Michael is difinitely a victim of living in a dysfunctional family. Sonny, Carly and Jason are playing catchup, in providing Michael with a "normal" life. The damage has already been done. They love him unconditionally, and want better than the mob life for him. Unfortunately, I think it might be to late.

    ***OFF TOPIC****

    Magrat: Maybe Maxie will use her designer skills, and work on Johnnys penthouse. Even though there really isn't such a design, I would call Johnny's PH decorating style--Las Vagas regency. I'm sure if Maxie visits, the fake bird of paradise will be removed from the fireplace Jason's PH rocks! great texture's and color palette. Dante, has a loft to die for and could be amazing. I find his furnishings to be on par with who he is and where he is in his professional life. I would like to see, those small stripped pillows, replaced with three or more pillows of different shapes, size and textures. JMO.

    Have lots to do today. Late afternoon/early evening- we are having about 15-20 guest for appetizers and margaritas. Yesterday, I went to our local garden center and purchased lots of plants/tree's for our terrace. i was told the would be delivered late yesterday...I got a call, the poor delivery guy had to have a emergency appendectomy..hopefully they will arrive soon, or the twins and I will have to try and lug them home.

    Looking forward to todays show....have a great day everyone.

    Posted by magrat at Wednesday, May 05 2010 07:48 AM

    TX, I was touched by yesterday's show, but the tears didn't come until I read your post. That last sentence did it; you are a fine, fine writer--if I still had the power, I'd grade your essay A++. Since I don't, just accept the tears.

    Poodles, I'm still laughing over "Las Vegas Regency"--it's perfect! Thanks. Thanks, too, for your opinion on Jason's ph and Dante's loft. I love to check out the sets, and your viewpoint is valued.

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