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    It Will All Be Okay.

    Tuesday, May 04 2010
    Michael confesses, Carly and Sonny worry for their son, Olivia tries to keep everyone safe, and Lulu is there for Dante.

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    Posted by sunjasfan at Wednesday, May 05 2010 09:12 AM

    Hi everyone...... As much as some on this board wish that Sonny would quit complaining that Olivia kept it a secret all these years that he had a son by her, I also wish Olivia would quit patting herself on the back for what a wonderful job she did raising Dante, like if Sonny had been in his life he would have been doomed!!! Who says? But regardless Sonny and Dante both had a right to know each other as they are father and son. The other thing that gets me is that it is that Sonny is good enough to be a boyfriend and lover to these gals, but to be the father of their child....oh no! Crazy, IMO.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, May 05 2010 09:37 AM

    Well, speaking only for myself, I've had relationships, and enjoyed going out with women who I would never in a million years want to have children with. It's two completely different things to find someone attractive, and to think they'd be good parent material.

    I agree that Sonny is way off base to say (over and over)that Olivia raised Dante to hate him. She probably never mentioned Sonny to Dante if she could help it. Any impression Sonny made on Dante as a kid is the same he made on a lot of kids in that neighborhood - that he's a gangster who has people killed if they get in his way. Dante didn't need any help from Olivia to figure that one out all by himself.

    Posted by sunnysmiles at Wednesday, May 05 2010 09:38 AM

    I really enjoyed yesterdays episode

    Carly-I love Carly...she didn't disappoint in any of her scenes...I love the actress who plays her as well...having said that Tracy told Carly exactly what we all think!!!...She is the one to blame...ultimately...she shouldn't have let Sonny anywhere near her kids...he distroys everything he touches...and even though she is ferociously loyal to her kids and loves them...she has made some crazy mistakes when it comes to them...and she needs to own it...or change her ways...I mean it is Carly that we're talking about.......

    But...I loved her come back to true that she wouldn't be backing Lulu for a second had it been Luke she had betrayed....Lulu needed a verbal Carly twit-slap and she got....Tracy was showing loyalty to her step-daughter...with the snarkiness that I love....Tracy is also one of my favourite charcter...I love her and Luke together...she needs more screen time!!!

    Lulu and Dante....can't wait to see the look on their faces when Michael is actually punished for his crime...and doesn't get that little slap on his wrist as "holier-than-thou" Dante thinks he will

    And I can't beleive I'm going to say this...but NuMichael has grown on me.....he was great in his scens...he's showing a maturity that the character never had before....he did well....I loved Drew Garrett...and still don't understand why they fired him when they did....but Chad Duell....he's not bad

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, May 05 2010 09:40 AM

    Previous post should've been addressed to Sunjasfan. Sorry.

    Posted by Starlett at Wednesday, May 05 2010 10:15 AM

    FUBU & 4my-At the police station Michael told Carly he didn't intend to kill Carly. But on the stand he left that part out. He said he didn't care what happened to Claudia and should have added but I didn't intend to kill her. In my opinion he was so scared and nervous he didn't articulate EVERYTHING that he should have. The judge was looking for him to specifically state he didn't intend to kill Claudia. He didn't get that. Michael said at the time he swung that ax handle all he was thinking about was protecting his mother and sister. I can believe that Michael did not intend to kill Claudia based on that. The judge couldn't, he needed the words. Or even if he believed it to be true, the court record had to contain the "I did not intend to kill" clause. Since Michael didn't have the benefit of counsel to advise him, he didn't know such a few words would make the difference between manslaughter and defense of others. JMHO

    Posted by Starlett at Wednesday, May 05 2010 10:18 AM

    Oops, that should have read...Michael told Carly he didn't intend to kill CLAUDIA.

    Posted by FUBU at Wednesday, May 05 2010 10:34 AM

    Star I get what you are saying but Micahel came off yesterday as if he really didn’t care and this is a long way from the boy who was really torn up about what he did. I can understand how time dims the reality of what one has done. But TSW were going for a reenactment of the scene and they really dropped the ball on that one.

    At the cabin Carly had to call Michael to her to reassure him that he was a hero because he felt so bad. None of that came across while he was on the stand. If I were the judge and this was the first time I had heard this story from Michael and he came across to me like he did to the judge as if he could really care less what happened to Claudia coupled with the fact that this boy has been a part of a cover up of the crime for months I would not be so easy either.

    Some people are capable of seeing the brain damaged kid Michael is but others only see a disturbed young man raised by a pack of wolves who has been allowed to run loose because of who his father is.

    IMO the judge wants’ a conviction. During this trial he has given Claire chance after chance. Chances he never gave Diane or the defense. He even went so far as to chastised Diane for something Claire did. To me he is prejudice in this case and the way he has handled Michaels confessions peaks volumes.

    Posted by KevMusic at Wednesday, May 05 2010 10:44 AM

    I too think Carly calling Dante a bastard is her way of calling him a prick (what child on soaps these days is conceived in marriage?) but also a way of pointing out that Sonny has this faith in Dante which is misguided at best.

    Did anyone ever stop to think that if Olivia told Sonny she was pregnant, perhaps he might not be the mobster he is today? When she got pregnant he was working for a mobster but he was a youngster and wasn't in too deep.

    Why does Dante and the PCPD have such a problem with Sonny but no problem with the Zaccharas, or the members of the five families?

    Tracy saying Carly stole Michael from the Quartermaines was very telling because they consider children to be personal property, not individual human beings. Michael probably would have faired no better growing up Quartermaine. Monica and Alan tried to kill each other on several occasions. AJ threw Carly down the stairs when she was pregnant by Sonny the first time, killing her baby and nearly killing her. Emily was murdered by Diego Alcazar. And let us not forget, Jason is a Quartermaine.

    No, Carly is definitely not a saint by any stretch and has made MILLIONS of mistakes but she loves her kids and they love her. Tracy can't say the same regarding Ned and Dillon.

    Michael's conviction has to be overturned because he was not allowed counsel.

    Posted by Starlett at Wednesday, May 05 2010 11:02 AM

    FUBU-I get your point about how what Michael said in court came across. I think in part it may have something to do with the change in actors. I also agree that the judge wants a conviction. I think Claudia's uncle Rudy might have something to do with that. We haven't heard anything from him since she died, something tells me we will soon.

    Posted by FUBU at Wednesday, May 05 2010 11:07 AM

    Star, good point, I never thought about uncle Rudy.

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