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    It Will All Be Okay.

    Tuesday, May 04 2010
    Michael confesses, Carly and Sonny worry for their son, Olivia tries to keep everyone safe, and Lulu is there for Dante.

    On the stand, Michael admits he killed Claudia and recounts that night's events. The judge commends Michael for cooperating with the court and then asks him a final question: When he struck Claudia, was he trying to kill her? He answers that he didn't care what happened to Claudia, he just wanted to protect his mother and sister. The judge again commends Michael and then Dante for abiding by the law on this case. He remands Michael into custody to await sentencing on Friday and no petition for bail will be heard. Dante gets up and asks if he could handle the procedure. The judge allows it and Dante arrests his brother and leads him away. The judge tells Sonny he is free to go for the time being, but reminds them all that charges could be brought against him and Carly and anyone else in the court, including both lawyers, who had a part in the cover up. Court is adjourned and Claire tells Jax they are probably all in more trouble than Michael is. She does think that Michael could get a suspended sentenced though, but Carly probably won't be so lucky. Across the room, Sonny tries to reassure Carly that Michael will be okay, but all an angry Carly can see is that her son was handcuffed by his illegitimate son.

    Carly and Sonny continue to argue outside the courtroom. Afterwards, Carly runs into Lulu, and Tracy walks up as Carly rips into her cousin. Tracy defends Lulu saying Carly only has herself to blame for all this misery because she brought Michael into Sonny's world. Tracy says Lulu chose to be loyal to the man she loves, which can't even compare to what Carly has done in the name of loyalty to Sonny. Carly wonders if Tracy would be so quick to defend her had Dante arrested Luke.

    Back in the courtroom, the judge dismisses the jury and Diane congratulates Sonny on being a free man.

    Olivia finds Sonny outside and urges him to protect Dante from Jason. Sonny will make sure Dante is safe, but lashes out at her for keeping Dante from him, so now they are in this mess. Olivia counters that this is happening to Michael because of him - because he is toxic to his children. Sonny knows he has made mistakes, but he has done the best he could for his kids. She urges him to keep Dante safe and turn things around for all his children by calling Jason off.

    Olivia goes to Johnny's place where he informs her he will be going after Sonny. Olivia tries to persuade him to leave it alone, but Johnny says now that Sonny's distracted, it's a perfect time to crush him.

    At the penthouse, Jason orders Spinelli to get information on which cops are on their payroll to make sure Michael is treated well. Once Spinelli is done with his task, Jason tells Spinelli he wants him to go with Bernie to the Caribbean to handle some financial restructuring. Spinelli realizes he wants him out of town so he will have deniability for when he goes after Dante. Spinelli urges him not to kill Dante because Sonny and the kids will never forgive him and the killing needs to stop.

    Dante brings Michael to the station, who asks why he outed him. Dante explains he was just doing his job, but he was also trying to help him as well. Michel worries he will sentenced to prison, but Dante reminds him he was a minor at the time and has brain damage so he will be get a suspended sentenced and forced to go to therapy, but then he can work on having a better life.

    Carly waits in the interrogation room for Michael, as Dante walks in. He tries to explain why he turned Michael in and is confident Michael won't do any prison time. Carly doesn’t want anything to do with him - she just wants to see her son. Michael is brought in and an emotional Carly embraces him. Dante leaves and Michael tries to explain why he confessed. Carly assures him she isn't mad and calls him brave. She says they will get through this and declares they will get him home on Friday. She urges him not to trust Dante, but Michael assures her he will be okay. A cop comes to take Michael back to lock up and he asks his mother to tell his siblings he is okay and that he loves them. She hugs Michael and tells him to take care of himself.

    Sonny comes to Michael's cell and they both explain themselves to each other. They also express their respect for one another, but Michael says he did this and he has to face it. Jason walks up and hears Michael assure his father he can do this and will make him proud.

    Carly goes home and explains things to Morgan, who gets emotional. She assures him Michael is okay and will be home soon. He knows she's scared though, but she tells him she just wants this to be over. He says it will be because Dante promised.

    Dante comes home where Lulu is waiting for him. He's glad to see her and they have a beer as they discuss the day's events. He thanks her for having faith in him and she says she loves him for doing what he thinks is right. Dante is confident the judge will allow Michael to go free.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Jason and Jax are consumed with guilt.

    Skye offers Jax some advice.

    Dante and Lulu consummate their relationship.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, May 04 2010 01:18 PM

    Dang, that Judge don't play. He cursed Sonny, Jason, Carly and the lawyers out before he dismissed the case against Sonny.

    I'm glad they let Dante do the arrest on Michael and that Dante made sure he would be in a cell alone. But Dante is so sure the Judge will let Michael get off with community service and I don't see that happening.

    Carly told Lulu when she's getting horizonal with Dante to think about Michael being in jail. Michael will be the farthest thing from Lulu's mind when she finally gets with Dante.

    Liked it when Carly turned the tables on Tracy and asked her she would feel if Dante had Luke in jail and Lulu said nothing. Will she be so quick to defend Lulu then.

    Olivia asked Sonny to not let Jason hurt Dante. Sonny said he would not Jason do anything to Dante. Then Olivia said, somehow that doesn't reassure her. Then why did you ask?

    Sometimes I wonder about Jason. He really is thinking about going after Dante. Actually killing Sonny's son. I wonder if Jake ever did anything to hurt Sonny would Jason killed Jake too?

    And does Johnny really think that he can out-smart Sonny? I don't care how distracted Sonny is, Johnny is no match for him. And I guess his girlfriend, Olivia has no problem with Johnny taking out the father of her son. What a hypocrite. Oh, but stop the presses if someone shoots her son Dante.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, May 04 2010 01:24 PM

    Spinelli....voice of reason

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, May 04 2010 01:39 PM

    I didn't know that Dante had a role in determining punishment. I didn't know Judges ask cops for their opinoins before sentencing. He rolled a dice on Michael's future and he will crap out soon.

    Posted by velvetmom at Tuesday, May 04 2010 02:13 PM

    Cowboys fan sometimes I wonder about Jason too, except when it comes to Michael. Jason has a strong bond with Michael because Jason was the first male in Michael's life and Jason really bonded with him - like a father and a son. So, that's why I think he really wants to go after Dante. Remember when Sonny wanted Jason to kill Ethan with no evidence and Jason asked for time? Jason is now feeling for Michael what Sonny was then feeling for Kristina. He is also feeling a truckload of guilt because if he hadn't implemented the coverup none of this would be happening.

    All the other players may be meeting Michael in a cell after the judge finishes with them. Jax, Carly, Sonny, Diane and Claire - if you knew the truth your behind is gonna be in trouble.

    Dante and Lulu need to be prepared for everyone's resentment and dislike because Michael is definitely doing some time. How much? Dunno, but he will get a sentence.

    If Lulu wasn't such a brat I would have more sympathy for her. It's hard having to choose between the man you love and your family. I know, I've been there, done that and realized too late that I didn't make the right decision. ('nuff said about that!)

    Johnny needs to go somewhere and sit down and take Olivia with him.

    Posted by joyandpeace at Tuesday, May 04 2010 02:26 PM

    obviously carly has forgotten that micheal is as much a bastard as dante is. i understand protecting ones child, the need is strong but what she think is right is not necessarily the right thing when you don't have any scruples the way she doesn't. Lulu followed what she thought was right and for that I applaud her. Carly is worse than olivia to me she buzzes when she needs to just shut up she just may learn something.

    Posted by Serious about soaps at Tuesday, May 04 2010 02:31 PM

    I HATE Jason, CANT STAND Carly & Sunny, lets not go there. Jason used to be a good character before he turned into Sunny's little flunky. I have no respect for Jason or Carly after Jason let Sunny do what ever he wanted to AJ (his brother mind you). Also someone please slap the ish out of Carly, such a hippocrite I tell ya. They are all upset with Dante when THEY are the ones who did this to Michael. Carly blames Jax for causing all this when SHE herself is the one who sat back & let Michael lie, hide evidence & hide out from authorities. I understand the whole protecting your son thing but if you think about it she NEVER really protects him from anything. Lieing about a murder would eventually eat him up alive. Also, she had Sunny take him away from his blood father AJ to "protect" him but all he did was put his life in danger & he got SHOT in the outcome. Yeah, giving your son to a mob boss is a sure way to protect your son.

    Posted by 4myJylli at Tuesday, May 04 2010 02:31 PM

    Been, my sentiments exactly about Spin, he sure was the voice of reason today. Hope Jason took what he had to say to heart.

    cowboys, agree with everything you said, except, I was not too happy with Dante being the one to arrest Michael. The judge instead of praising Dante so much should have stuck with his initial thought that Dante doing the honors was indeed a conflict of interest.

    Will post more in the morning.

    Happy postings all.

    Posted by Serious about soaps at Tuesday, May 04 2010 02:36 PM

    @joyandpeace, you are right about Carly having the nerve to call Dante a baster. Michael isnt even Sunny's real son. And yes, yes I know that he stole him, I mean raised him since birth but Carly needs a reality check, Dante IS Sunny's bialogical bastard & Michael is his adopted bastered if that's the case.

    Posted by BOND66 at Tuesday, May 04 2010 02:40 PM

    I agree with "Serious about soaps". Carly is all wrong. She and Sonny have betrayed Michael by being terrible parents. What can you learn from those two losers? Never take responsibility for your own actions? Do anything you want and then let your family lie and cover up for you? Is that anyway to grow up?
    One more point. I just loved that speech that the judge gave when he told everyone off! They all deserved it and more! I hope Carly gets time in prison. Kudos to Dante and to Michael for telling the truth. Michael's parents are probably allergic to the truth. If they told the truth, they probably would break out in hives!

    Posted by Brownbear07 at Tuesday, May 04 2010 02:40 PM

    I am so glad Tracy told Carly... Carly is so quick to put people under the bus when it come to Sonny and Jason. Lulu... i am beginning to like her character each day, GO on girl stand by your Man. Michael commit teed a crime and all Carly, Jason and Sonny covered it up... In the real world that's a crime and anyway Michael wanted to confess all along and Dante and Lulu helped him. So i really don't understand why people are discrediting Lulu and Dante. Luke did the same thing, he was could see something was wrong with Michael and he tried to help.

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