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    Monday, May 03 2010
    Dante and Lulu face everyone's wrath, as Michael is brought in to testify.

    At Johnny's place, Olivia defends Dante to her boyfriend when he accuses her son of protecting Sonny. Johnny reminds her that sooner or later Jason will try and kill Dante for turning Michael in. Olivia doesn’t think he would kill a cop, but Johnny says it won't be obvious, but he will do it and there's nothing that can protect Dante.

    In the courthouse, Carly lashes out at Lulu for picking her boyfriend over her family, while Sonny yells at Dante for turning Michael into the cops. Meanwhile, Jax and Claire have it out over Jax knowing Sonny wasn't guilty of killing Claudia. Claire never wanted this to happen to Michael and tells him this situation could have been avoided if he had been honest from the beginning. Jax in turn tells her to find a way to turn this around because her career depends on it. Dante and Lulu meet up and talk about Michael. Dante thinks he will just get community service and then he will be able to start his life over again. Morgan, Kristina and Molly come up to Dante demanding to know why he turned Michael in. Dante tries his best to explain things to his siblings and cousin who are leery of him. Lulu defends Dante and Morgan comes around.

    Olivia goes to Sonny's to defend Dante's actions, but Sonny calls what he did unforgivable. Olivia reminds him he tried to kill his son before and wonders if he will finish the job. Sonny tells her no one will hurt Dante, but if he were anyone else it would be a different story. Sonny says Dante has not only betrayed Michael, but betrayed himself.

    Jason pleads with Lucky to let Michael go at the boat house, but Lucky yells, "It's over!" He declares he will not turn his head on this one. Jason instructs Michael to not say a word until Diane gets to him. Lucky leads Michael away and Jason calls Diane, requesting her presence at the police station.

    Mac blocks Diane from talking to Michael until he is processed at the police station. Mac reads Michael his rights and Lucky leads him away. Jason comes in and tells Diane to make something happen because if Michael confesses he will go to prison. Sam comes to the station and Jason catches her up on what's been going on and that the judge wants to question Michael personally.

    Lucky meets with Judge Carroll in his chambers who tells him whatever Michael said is inadmissible in court because he wasn't read his rights at the boat house. Lucky says he was just serving a subpoena, but the judge knows better. He assumes he didn't arrest him so he couldn't use his statements against him and questions him about his relationship with Michael. He asks if Michael is violent and would kill to protect his family. Lucky can't speak for him, but goes into his cousin's turbulent past. He declares if anyone deserves mercy from the court, it's Michael.

    Jax catches up with Carly outside, who yells at her husband for creating this mess. Jax vows to find a way to fix this. Carly tells Jax Morgan has a better life than Michael ever did because of him and his refusal to let him grow up around violence and bodyguards. She doesn't see a way back for them, but she hopes he will remain a constant in Morgan's life. Carly gets a call learning Michael has been arrested.

    Carly and Jax return to court and see the kids. She tells them to go home and Morgan assures her everything will be fine because Dante promised. The kids leave and Carly tears into Dante, saying he already hurt Michael – there's no way she will let him do the same to Morgan. Lulu assures Dante she believes in him and he's happy to hear it because no one else does. Dante sees Olivia and Sonny walk in together and he goes to talk to his mother. Sonny walks over to Lulu and rips into her for not telling someone about Michael and siding with Dante. He's saddened she's not the person he thought she was. In a corner, Olivia tells her son she is proud of him, but she doesn't want him to get killed for doing the right thing. Jason and Sam walk by and stare down Dante, as he leads Lulu into court. Michael is brought in and takes the stand. The first question the judge asks is, "Did you kill your stepmother?"

    Next on General Hospital:

    Michael is reprimanded to jail, but not yet sentenced.

    Johnny wants revenge against Sonny.

    Luke cautions Lulu.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, May 03 2010 01:19 PM

    Loved it when Carly called Lulu a selfish B????. Lulu finally met someone who's mouth is as big as hers and all she could do was cry. Dang, just wait until she gets a hold of the magic stick. No telling what she will do for Dante. I can't wait for Lulu to get into some trouble. We will see how many people run to her defense. Then once again Morgan showed up to talk to Dante and Lulu had to jump in. Lord, don't this child have some vacation time coming up.

    Johnny said Sonny was a thug. Once again, at the risk of repeating myself, Johnny so are you. Johnny also lied to Olivia. Johnny knows that Sonny would never order a hit on Dante.

    Mack should have been embarrassed to arrest Michael. Michael tried to turn himself in to Mack months ago and Mack just brushed him off.

    I liked they way that Lucky tried to defend Michael to the judge, who seemed a little too anxious to throw Michael in jail.

    Dante is going to be one mad brother when the judge sentences Michael to ***********spoiler talk******** 5 years in prison. I can't wait to see how they will get Michael out of this one. I didn't know the judge could do that. What happened to a trial. I don't trust this judge.

    I hated seeing Michael handcuffed and called a prisoner.

    Posted by nanas3 at Monday, May 03 2010 01:32 PM

    Man..Jax cut his nose off spite his face....

    Carly is one thing, she's a momma bear on a mission with Lulu right now!

    Oh yeah...Johnny bad boy you are as bad as Sonny! Give it a rest!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, May 03 2010 01:40 PM

    JAson and Sonny started this by not telling the freaking truth. Why are they blaming everyone else for their screw up?
    Jax is a corporate raider, he saw an opportunity to take Sonny out and he took it. Sonny had already offered himself up, all Jax was doing was to ensure that Sonny didn't get off "not guilty".

    Dante is Persona Non-grata. I love Lucky's emotions.

    Old Michael's emotions would have worked better than the new Michae'l's today.

    Posted by jojovava at Monday, May 03 2010 01:46 PM

    I think that Lulu is in love but she shouldn't have turned on her family. I wish that she sided with her family first. Anyway, I am glad that Carly gave it to her the way that she did. Good for you Carly. And Jax, she should never ever forgive him for what he did. I think that Sonny should have Dante killed: he is a rat (big time): I liked him in the beginning but now I hate him and I hate LuLu too.

    Posted by neerup at Monday, May 03 2010 01:49 PM

    lulu has to be the most selfish person ive ever seen. what happened to doing the right thing when she killed logan and let johnny take the blame for it.

    Posted by nanas3 at Monday, May 03 2010 01:51 PM

    no the less, Sonny is not guilty of this particular crime...Michael was! And Claudia didn't necessarily deserve to die, but Sonny shouldn't be punched...Jax always tries to get his way too!

    Posted by nanas3 at Monday, May 03 2010 01:52 PM


    Posted by enad19 at Monday, May 03 2010 01:58 PM

    Mac should feel like a fool right now. Does he even remember that Michael had confessed to him and he sent him home like a good little dog, thinking that he was trying to protect Sonny. Mac could have ended it months ago and saved the state a lot of money, but then again, PCPD has the dumbest cops in soap history.

    It doesn't really surprise me that Carly, Jason and Sonny are blaming everyone except themselves for Michael going to jail. This young man, as insufferable as he may be at times, attenmpted to do the most grown up thing that any adult in PC will ever do and that was to tell the truth and the clown troupe stopped him from doing that. What is so wronmg with admitting that you are wrong and trying to do right by Michael by supporting him? Sonny, Carly and Jason will be blaming everyone for their mistakes except themselves, as if that is hardly surprising.

    Posted by PFmickey at Monday, May 03 2010 02:05 PM

    Drew as Michael would of killed these scenes. Man I miss him. Besides the new guy is wayyyyyyyyyyy too tall and he sucks honestly as michael. I hope lulu loses everyone she loves so that it can sink in not to choose a man over your family. Jasen has done nothing but try to protect michael so I don't blame Jasen. Sonny needs to grow up and realize that he made his bed so now he has to lay in it no matter how much he hates the outcome. Why do they keep changing the good actors on this show? It makes no sense to me. For Carly to ask jax to adopt Morgan that isn't right. Writers it's the same concept over and over again. Everythings going great then out of no where something horrible happens and everyone blames sonny because of his life choice. Carly knew who sonny was from the begining and now she wants to take all of his kids away from him. Hypocrite!!! And its a contradication to want sonny away from her kids but allow Jasen the inforcer to come around at anytime. To me that's pure stupidity. Lisa needs to go back whereever she came from and leave robin's husband alone.

    Posted by emilyjasonfan at Monday, May 03 2010 02:09 PM was everyone's wayz does anyone know if natalia livingston(rebecca/emily) will ever come back to General Hospital? Also if ppl knw what she's doing these days, and/or if she still with Mark Thompson (Jason Thompson's brother) Thnx...=)

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