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    Friday, April 30 2010
    Dante and Carly testify again, while Jason and Lucky face off over Michael.

    After Lucky makes plans for a picnic date with Cam on the phone at the police station, Mac asks Lucky where he thinks Michael might be. Lucky doesn’t want to hunt down family, but Mac says he feels sorry for Michael and the last thing he needs is the entire force tracking him down. Mac wants him brought in and wants it to be as easy on him as possible. Lucky agrees to find him.

    At the boat house, Michael, Morgan, Molly and Kristina talk about the trial and the possibility of Dante turning Michael in. Morgan doesn’t think he will because Dante is an awesome big brother. They talk more about the situation and also the Bauers and Michael assures his family everything will work out. Lucky finds Michael at the boat house after the other kids have left. Lucky says he has to take him in, but first, he wants to hear what happened the night Claudia was killed from his perspective.

    Chaos erupts and Jason leaves the courtroom after Dante outs Michael as the real killer. The judge orders the jury back to their room and instructs them to dismiss what they just heard. The judge calls Dante to the stand, who sympathetically relays what Michael told him and explains about the shirt. The judge says he needs to talk to Michael himself and issues a warrant for him. Dante is excused and Carly is recalled to the stand considering she perjured herself the first time she testified. He asks if she wishes to change her story and she says she does. However, she maintains that Michael didn't kill Claudia and Dante saying he did is his way of protecting his father. The judge calls a recess and Dante gets yelled at by Johnny and Mayor Floyd for what he did. Claire rails at Jax for knowing Michael was guilty. He says he did it to keep his family safe and she wonders how that's working out for him. Across the way, Sonny tells Carly she did good and believes Jason can get Michael out of the country. Carly thinks he wants to believe that because then he won't have to blame his new son Dante for all the damage done. Dante observes them and tells Lulu he might need her to watch his back. Carly confronts Lulu and wonders how she could betray her like she has by siding with Dante. Meanwhile, Sonny asks Dante how he could hurt his brother just to get back at him.

    Kristina and Molly return home and Jason shows up looking for Michael. He tells them Dante gave Michael up in court and he needs to find him. The girls are shocked, but Jason reminds him Dante is a cop first and foremost. Kristina tells him where Michael is and Jason takes off. Kristina thinks Dante is a liar and a user and they can never trust him again.

    As Michael recounts the events of Claudia's death to Lucky, he says he has to take responsibly for his actions. Lucky says he has to turn him in to court, but it's up to him if he wants to confess to killing Claudia. Jason finds them, but Lucky pulls his gun when Jason tries to take Michael. Jason tells them Dante already gave Michael up in court.

    Johnny goes to Olivia's and tells her what happened in court and they argue about what Dante did.

    Ronnie comes to the Jacks house with a warrant for Michael's arrest. Morgan answers the door and learns that Dante turned Michael in, but he doesn’t believe he would do anything to hurt Michael.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Diane is denied access to Michael at the police station.

    Carly continues to rail at Lulu.

    Dante explains himself to Morgan.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, April 30 2010 01:12 PM

    When will Sonny ever listen to Jason. Jason is always right about everything. He told Sonny that Dante will turn Michael in for killing Claudia.

    Poor Claire, she didn't look to happy. She's not going to be able to make a name for herself off of convicting Sonny.
    Johnny wasn't looking too thrilled either. The temperature must have gone up 100 more degrees where Claudia is.

    Dante made Mack look like a fool, which isn't hard, when he told the Judge that Michael confessed to Mack but he didn't believe him.

    I'm glad Carly took the stand and changed her story.

    Diane told Claire she is finally getting Michael on the stand. Be careful what you wish for.

    Poor Morgan, he feels so betrayed by Dante turning in Michael.

    Posted by Nevaehleigh at Friday, April 30 2010 01:35 PM

    Sonny actually thought that Dante would protect Michael, as usual Jason was right, I cannot wait until Morgan asks his big bro why he betrayed him. Poor little guy.
    Stalemate was great Lucky is really coming into his own lately. I hope he gets a love interest other than Elizabeth.
    I used to like Lulu, not anymore. She seems almost pathetic in her quest to be there for and protect Dante. Pant, pant. I hope that Carly reminds her again that she is family and did betray her. Carly has always been there for Lulu, can't say the same for Laura. I am glad that the truth is out and cringe at pittbull Claire going after Michael. I hope Carly leaves Jax for good, he is just as bad as Sonny. Does he ever think about all of the bad things that Jerry did? She sure loves them narcissists! It's really not hard to make Mack and the pcpd to look stupid, they always get it wrong. At least Lucky did the right thing in letting Michael decide what to tell, too bad Sonny's bastard doesn't have the insight Lucky does. I think Lucky just became my new hero!

    Posted by smurf18 at Friday, April 30 2010 01:39 PM

    Finally it all hits the fan today! Why didn't Carly get arrested on the spot? Why does Jason see the need to get Michael out of the country? Don't they see that he will be punished but he is a minor? Unbelieveable!!! Now we can move on to Alexis. And bring Brooklyn to town! This will be good.

    Posted by leo123 at Friday, April 30 2010 01:41 PM

    I can't believe that Carly lied again; the judge really needs to give her some jail time for perjury. This just isn't right.
    Also, I think Claire might be Lt. Poletti's daughter.
    She has to have a back story and a connection with someone in PC.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, April 30 2010 02:15 PM

    Hi everyone, happy Friday:

    Lucky was terrific! Unlike Dante, cop and big brother, he gets it, and wants whats best for Michael.

    I was terrified, for Carly when the judge ordered her to sworn in again and she took the stand. I know she was trying to protect her child, but I don't know if I could have done what she did.

    Loved the scenes, with all the Corinthos/Davis kids. It was nice seeing their bond and family loyalty. I think Kristina might have some trust issues.

    As of late, I really haven't been a Johnny fan, but I thought he looked really good today. Would love for him to end his relationship with Olivia.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend...We have a babysitter tonight, and are out for dinner and a movie.

    Hi to all the absent posters, rans, ttyou, been, lucky, storm...would love to hear your comments...hope all is well

    Posted by lovin luke at Friday, April 30 2010 02:28 PM

    Okay, I have been reading this for a while, but have not commented. But, Carly is so getting on my nerves. I do not like her at all. She is manipulative, selfish, obsessive and just an all around bully and pain in the behind!
    There, I feel better now!

    Posted by Anna Lou at Friday, April 30 2010 02:34 PM


    Nevaehleigh, what should Dante have done? The easy action for him would to have done nothing. His father would have been most probably found guilty. Which I guess would have served for everyone's revenge. However he took an action that was best for everyone concerned but him. Everyone knows Michael wouldn't have been in any trouble due to protecting his mother and infant sister. However, he found it more important to teach his siblings that honor and truth are the codes to live life by.

    I love Sonny's character, he is flawed but with redeeming qualites. It seems as though Dante is his Jiminey Chricket.

    Posted by BiRanger at Friday, April 30 2010 02:43 PM

    I just did not think that Carily could get this bad!!! Lie upon lie to protect her son and now gets blacker clouds over Sonnys head. Now these writters! twist things yet again Oh thats right we have "May Sweeps" so do anything to get ratings and make the regulars mad as hell.

    Posted by at Friday, April 30 2010 02:53 PM

    good for dante and i am sick of jason carly and sonny
    acting like they care about michael there cover up and lie
    has done more damage to michael if they set up and be
    there for michael he would have not have to go through all
    the drama

    Posted by Summer70 at Friday, April 30 2010 02:53 PM

    “This is the Only chance you have to convince me that your telling the truth, THIS TIME. Or what you say can and will be held against your son”. Then Judge Carroll asks her (Carly) does she wish to change her story, she says, “yes”. Okay, I get she wants to protect her son, all parents would go to bat for their child but she should have told the judge the whole truth and nothing but. Then she should have went into the same story that Dante was telling, that Michael has been through a lot this pass year, yada yada…… Maybe, the judge would have taken that into consideration that it was self defense, and Michael is a minor. She just made things worse, this lie just keeps getting bigger and bigger, you know if Michael gets on the stand he is going to say that he killed Claudia. Judge Carroll may throw the book at her(carly) because this is second time she had lied. Carly may have just gotten herself a cell next to Michael and or Sonny. Johnny was right I don’t think Claudia would ever had sold her brother down the river the way Dante did, but the truth had to come out. I wonder how this will affect Olivia working with Jax and Carly now. If Carly will want to fire Olivia based on Dante actions. I can hear Jax now saying ” No , this is my hotel too, she stays”. Okay, Maxie is supposed to be out of town, lulu needs to take her two faced a** back to Crimson and do some work. I wish Kate was in town so she could have LuLu busy working, this way she does not have to be Dantes shadow 24/7.

    That’s all for now….Have a great weekend!

    Scrim, Lil …thanks for the Welcome!

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