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    The Secret to Parenting.

    Tuesday, April 27 2010
    Patrick shares his wisdom with Nikolas, Michael calls Carly, Lulu stands by Dante, and Kristina has a heart to heart with both her parents.

    At the boathouse, Michael explains his situation to Maya who allows him to take all the time he needs to sort things out.

    Maya comes in the mansion with Edward to hear Tracy, Monica and Ethan arguing. Ethan says he is there on behalf of Luke, but Monica thinks he's just trying to steal from them. Edward thinks they need to take inventory of what's missing and starts to call the cops. Maya stops him saying he can't because they allowed Ethan in the house, giving him full access. As the Q's argue, Maya slips out and Ethan follows. He wonders where she's going noticing she has a big lunch packed.

    Carly and Sonny argue in his living room about Michael staying with Dante. Sonny believes Dante will act as Michael's brother and protect him, but Carly only sees that he's a cop.

    A desperate Jason asks Lulu to help him find Michael, but both Dante and Lulu insist she doesn’t know where he is. Jason leaves the apartment and Lulu discusses the situation with Dante, who is sorry for putting her in an impossible situation. She assures him they are in this together, but he says he doesn't know what he's doing. He kisses her and leaves to find Michael.

    Carly runs over to Jason's and learns Lulu knew Michael was with Dante, but now he's gone. She's furious that Lulu was in on this and heads over to talk to her cousin.

    Carly angrily goes to Lulu's apartment, who tries to explain she loves her and Michael and is not trying to hurt them. Carly wants Lulu to tell her where Michael is and to stop siding with Dante. Lulu defends herself and Dante as Dante walks in. Carly rips into Lulu for going against her family, saying she owes them a lot better than this and leaves Lulu in tears.

    Carly returns to Jason and gets a call from Michael who tells her he's okay, but won't tell her where he is. He says if Sonny is acquitted he'll come home, but if he's found guilty, he'll go to the cops and confess.

    At their house, Alexis asks Kristina if she had sex with Kiefer because she wanted to or because she felt pressured to. She essentially says both. Alexis wonders if Kiefer hit her before they had sex and she admits he slapped her. After Kristina goes into more detail, Alexis again assures her daughter she didn’t deserve the abuse and wonders how she really feels. Kristina knows he shouldn't have hit her but she says she made mistakes too. Alexis says it's not what she did, but what he did and wonders how she could stay with someone who hit her. Kristina cries and an emotionally apologetic Alexis hugs her daughter. Kristina says she's working on it with Lainey, but it's hard to talk about. She continues to explain the abuse and her feelings about Kiefer. Alexis doesn’t understand why she can't see that she deserves better and is sorry she didn't stop it. Kristina thinks she did the best she could, but Alexis knows she should have been able to pick up on something. Alexis blames herself, but Kristina tells her she made the choice to stay with Kiefer. She's working on figuring out why and Alexis says she is proud of her.

    Kristina goes to visit her dad and they talk about Kiefer and Sonny's abusive stepdad. Kristina tells him Alexis has a theory that she felt rejected by him so she used Kiefer as a substitute. She doesn’t blame him for that because Kiefer was her mistake. It kills Sonny that she dated a guy who hit and abused her. He wishes he had known, but she reminds him she kept it a secret and is working on figuring out why. He blames himself for not being there for her and says parents try to do right by their kids but sometimes it still goes wrong.

    In the jury room, despite pressure from another juror, Lisa remains the lone not guilty vote because she doesn't believe Sonny killed Claudia in a pre-meditated manner. Alice suggests they call it a night and start all over tomorrow.

    Elizabeth brings her kids to see Shirley, who masks how bad she really feels. Steve sees them and privately tells Elizabeth to keep her visit short because it's tiring for Shirley. Elizabeth thinks it's good for her and they watch as Shirley interacts with Cam and Jake. Cam gives her a picture and asks if she's dying. She tells the boy no one knows how long they have to live and thanks him for the drawing. Elizabeth takes her boys out and Steve discusses Shirley's latest test results with her. She knows she's terminal and implores Steve to enjoy himself because death is waiting for everyone. Steve and Liz meet up at the hub and he warns it's easy to get attached to patients, but it's hard to let go. He adds that she needs to face the fact that some people's lives can't be saved. Elizabeth returns to Shirley and they talk about the kids. Elizabeth wishes her new baby would get the benefit of having Lucky as a dad.

    Patrick and Emma run into Nikolas and Spencer at the park. Nikolas notes Patrick's ease with the kids and his own inadequacies. He asks what Patrick's secret is to parenting and Patrick responds that he just goes off instinct, but recalls freaking out when Robin was pregnant. He says it turned around for him when he first held Emma and she is the best thing that ever happened to him. Nikolas laments his poor parenting skills and is sorry for all the time he's missed with his son. He vows to do better with his new baby even though Elizabeth wants nothing to do with him. Patrick respects Elizabeth but thinks she needs someone to blame for her failed relationship with Lucky and Nikolas is it. Patrick doesn't think she'll shut him out though and Nikolas says he just wants to be the father both his kids deserve.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Michael is seen by more Port Charles residents.

    Claire tips Johnny off.

    Carly wants Olivia's help with Dante.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:24 PM

    I know I say this everytime I see her, but that little Emma is too cute for words.

    Carly knows Dante better than Sonny does. She was right about Dante turning Michael in. Dante is a cop first.

    I'm glad that Carly got on Lulu. Lulu has no family loyalty. God, how I wished she was floating up in orbit from the bomb attached to her chair. Glad Carly left her in tears.

    I liked the scenes with Alexis and Kristina. She was right to ask Kristina how could she stay with a man that hits her. It's good she is seeing Dr. Winters.

    It was nice to see the all the Quartermaines today. I just love that dysfunctional family.

    Did I hear Nikolas say that Alexis was a perfect parent? Where has he been? I guess he hasn't heard about what's been going on lately.

    I'm glad Lisa is standing by her beliefs.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:30 PM

    I can't take this anymore. Dante wanted to protect Morgan from testifing, but is okay with arresting Michael?

    Carly needs to shut up, where was her loyalty to Jax? Jax was trying to help put Sonny in jail. If Sonny was in jail, there would never had been a reason to look for Michael. they just wanted to have their cake and eat it too--by having Sonny confess, then get off the murder charge.

    Alexis, stayed with lying Jerry Jacks even after everything she knew, so her daughter's lack of self esteem is because of what Alexis taught or didn't teach her. I don't see how Alexis thinks she is better than Sonny as far as morals.

    Posted by smurf18 at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:41 PM

    Alexis needs the therapy! She is such an absent parent. The girl is practically an adult and now she is taking an interest! At least if she was at Sonny's house she would have the nanny! (I don't think I really meant that) Good for Lulu for sticking to her guns! No one ever keeps a secret, a secret! I know she can be whiney, but Carly is just out of control. She is the only one that thinks she is ever right about anything! Also, Elizabeth is definitely in denial about everything! Scary...........

    Off topic:
    Hubby and I celebrated 25 years last week with a trip to San Antonio. I really like it there. Hot and sunny! Anyway, hello to all the posters. Keep it up!

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:42 PM

    Lulu is consistent; she will carry her boyfriend banner no matter what.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:43 PM

    smurf, Happy Silver to you and your husband. Standing and clapping.

    Posted by smurf18 at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:44 PM

    Thanks been around. It hasn't always been rosey, but we are trying to hang in there. I always try to encourage as many as I can.

    Posted by leo123 at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:45 PM

    I loved when Carly laid into Lulu. It's about time someone puts that little snit in her place.
    And Carly's the woman to do it.
    Still no apology to Ethan; wth

    Posted by smurf18 at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:48 PM

    When's a good storyline going to start with Maya? Any spoilers anyone wants to share?

    Posted by sonobrain at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:51 PM

    Carly Has a right to be upset with Lulu. How do you pick some man you just met over your family. Love Carly or hate her but Carly has always been there for her even when her own mother could not. She always picks these men over her family. As for Carly loyalty to Jax, he is a cowardly snake. I dont think he is all about protecting his family. He has never liked Sonny because for some reason on several occasions he has been second choice to Sonny. Lulu deserves whatever wrath she gets.

    Posted by sonobrain at Tuesday, April 27 2010 01:53 PM

    Also I fogot to add....I am no Sonny fan either I find him disgusting but those are still his kids. How can Jax think he can put their father in jail and still be one big happy family

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