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    Good Enough.

    Monday, April 26 2010
    Kristina meets with Michael, Maxie tells Jason where Michael is, Lisa remains the lone hold out, and Elizabeth remains hopeful.

    At Sonny's Jason argues with his boss about Michael and Dante. Sonny wants him to leave it alone and asks if he's clear on that. Jason is clear on what he has to do and walks out of Sonny's house. Alexis comes over and talks with Sonny about Kristina, his trial and her legal issues. She says Kiefer's father is determined to get what he wants and Sonny says they should shut him up permanently. Alexis calls that idea insane and tells him they have to figure out why Kristina stayed with Kiefer so they can help her. She knows he won't really kill Warren and says they have screwed their daughter up enough already.

    Carly finds Jax at home with Morgan and they start fighting in front of him. Morgan tells them to stop acting like two year olds and to stop fighting. He walks out of the room and Jax offers to try if Carly does. Carly tells him he's the reason Michael isn't there and it's hard for her. He knows, but says Morgan needs some family time and Josslyn hasn't seen them together since the park. He suggests they put their differences aside tonight for the kids' sake. The Jacks family has fun playing a board game until Sonny calls Carly ordering her to come over because he has news on Michael.

    Carly goes to Sonny's and learns Dante found Michael and he's with Dante. Sonny doesn’t think Dante will turn him in, but Carly just wants her son back.

    At Jason's, Spinelli and Sam work on finding Michael as Lulu talks on the phone. Sam leaves and Spinelli hears Maxie making plans to leave town. She tells him she can't take the trial because she knows too much. He wonders if she knows more than she's letting on. She responds that when she fell in love with him the truth and friends became more important to her and she wants to leave it at that. She remains skittish though, making Spinelli suspicious and when Jason returns, she nervously blurts out that she knows where Michael is. She tells him he is at Lulu's and now she's leaving town because Lulu will be furious with her.

    Kristina meets Michael somewhere outside and begs him not to confess to killing Claudia because she can't lose him too. She tearfully tells him about Kiefer and says she doesn't hate him and that she was wrong in the situation too. Michael thinks it would be great if they were in Mexico again. She says she was lying then too and feels like her whole life has been a lie. He asks about Kiefer and she goes into detail from the beginning. She says she still loves him and asks her brother not to tell her how screwed up that is. He claims to be the king of being messed up and she says she wanted to be good enough for Kiefer like Michael wanted to be good enough for their dad. He tells her she can't tell anyone she saw him and says he will hide out at the boat house at the Quartermaines' because no one goes down there. Michael leaves as Sam walks up and offers to take Kristina home.

    Sam brings Kristina home and tells her if she sees Michael, to let her or Jason know. The sisters then have another heart to heart about Kiefer.

    Elizabeth thanks Steve for assigning her to oncology at the hospital because it's given her a whole new outlook. After he walks way, Maya walks up and Liz asks her to tell Shirley she likes her jewelry to keep her going. Maya knows she's terminal, but Elizabeth has hope. They walk in Shirley's room as Shirley tells Steve he needs to go on a date. She thinks Elizabeth should set him up with one of the blonde floor nurses and says Maya would be a good choice as well. Maya and Elizabeth meet back up at the hub and Maya offers to help sell Shirley's jewelry at her friend's boutique, but looks worried when Elizabeth suggests Shirley could get better. Elizabeth returns to Shirley's room as Steve tries to have a conversation with her about pain management. After Elizabeth leaves with a piece of her jewelry, Steve tells his patient she doesn't need to be so chipper with the nurses. Shirley explains she and Elizabeth need each other and that's what she needs most – sweet time.

    Maya finds Michael at the boathouse.

    At Lulu's loft, Dante debates what he should do about Michael and Sonny. Lulu thinks he should let the jury reach their decision, but Dante calls Lucky over and explains everything to him. Lucky says it's his call what to do – let Sonny go to jail for a crime he didn't commit or tell the truth and turn his brother in. Lucky warns Dante to deliberate on this carefully because whatever he decides, he will have to live with for the rest of his life. After Lucky leaves, Jason stops by wondering where Michael is.

    On the Haunted Star, Tracy correctly guesses why Skye is there and tells Luke if he wants Skye he can have her and she'll see him in divorce court. Tracy stalks out and Skye uses her charms to keep Luke on her side. She doesn’t see why she has to share Luke with anyone, especially his wife.

    In the jury room, Alice reads the votes out loud which are 7 guilty, 4 undecided and 1 not guilty. One juror thinks he's totally guilty and Alice agrees, but Lisa has her doubts over Sonny's guilt. Alice encourages her to state her case and Lisa debates the case with the jurors. They take another vote and three remain undecided and one not guilty vote remains.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Carly tears into Lulu.

    Kristina visits Sonny.

    Nikolas asks Patrick for parenting advice.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, April 26 2010 01:19 PM

    Thanks Dante for not listening to warped brain Lulu. Do the right thing and tell them that Michael did it. Morgan will be angry for a little while but he will forgive you eventually.

    Who knew Maxie could hold a secret for so long. She finally caved in.

    Oh No! Say it isn't so. Did honest Kristina just lie to her sister about Michael's whereabouts. I could have sworn that Sam said she never lies. Oh well. Live and learn.

    Sonny is a real piece of work. He was actually going to kill Mr. Bauer. Like he wouldn't be the prime suspect. And Carly, Jax, Morgan and Jocelyn were having a nice family moment until he ruined it.

    And what is with Kirstina? She now acts like Kiefer was the love of her life. If that were true, she wouldn't have ditched him for that cutie pie Ethan.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, April 26 2010 01:20 PM

    Can't wait to see Carly rip into Lulu. I might have to tape it tomorrow to watch it over and over again.

    Posted by ttoyou at Monday, April 26 2010 01:38 PM

    Hi guys, I was able to catch GH today while at my daughter in Law's house here in NH. (I feel like I've been traveling all over NE.)

    Best line of the day was Alexis: Why don't we have a picnic with Molly, Kristina, you and me and we can all go out and kill Bouer........Priceless. I burst out laughing when she said that. I played it over again. What a show.

    Posted by leo123 at Monday, April 26 2010 01:47 PM

    this show should be called "where's Waldo".
    all we hear, day after day is "where's Michael".
    I think it's not too far fetched that Michael and Kristina could hook up. There's no blood line there, and they didn't grow up in the same house. Just a thought!
    Would make for an interesting story line. too creepy??

    Posted by PFmickey at Monday, April 26 2010 01:47 PM

    Lulu is a traitor for not telling Carly that she knew where Michel was and for choosing Dante over blood. Jasen was right about Dante that he couldn't be trusted. And I hope Morgan, Kristina, Molly don't forgive Dante he turned his own brother in when he really didnt have to because sonny would of taken the consequences. Now eveyones screwed because they all lied under oath. Jax deserves to feel carlys wrath he put all of this legal matter into action by getting Claire put on the case. Kristina needs to move on from this kiefer nonesense it's getting old. I hope Alexis dosent go to jail because Kristina will not survive that at all. The new Michel sucks I'm sorry he dosent portray the same passion that the old Michel did. That was the biggest mistake that gh has ever done. Bring the old Michel back. Please!!!!

    Posted by bluemeeshy at Monday, April 26 2010 02:10 PM

    Ok, I didn't like that they got rid of the guy that played Michael. /But, today I think the new one batted one out of the park. He was good.

    Dante will do what he has to do...whatever that may be. If its one thing I'm really liking about this character is that he does have a concious unlike most characters.

    Alesis and Sonny need to sit down with Kristina and just have a talk. I was watching some old clips of them the other night and it was so cute seeing the younger Kristina with her dad.

    I don't really care for Carly and Jax together but I do like how they spent time with their kids today.

    Jason needs to listen to Sonny and not go and do whatever he wan ts to do.

    Sam was Sam today. I'm just tired of her.

    Maxie was cute despite spilling the beans about Michael.

    Posted by TXMN at Monday, April 26 2010 02:11 PM

    Good afternoon all,

    GH stepped it up today. I’m so HAPPY there’s something positive to post.

    First off, my girl Liz. She appears to be getting back to normal. Working on the oncology ward has done wonders for her perspective. All of a sudden, she doesn’t seem so selfish. Her wants and needs take a backseat to the difficulties that others face. Really, it must be an eye opening experience for her---or anyone for that matter. I believe that Shirley will do wonders for the rehabilitation of Liz.

    She (Shirley) is a woman who cherishes every minute of life. She wants to enjoy her time to the fullest and live without regret. She puts others first. She wants to put a smile on everyone’s face. Her jewelry, her kind words, her attitude have a palpable effect on those around her. It is marvelous to watch.

    I got a kick out of Shirley wanting to set Dr. Steve up. His reaction was priceless. Plus, that would be really fun to watch. Steve needs a romance. GH could use a light storyline. I would love watching Shirley play matchmaker and hook up Dr. Steve with a great gal. That would make for magical television.

    As Shirley chatted Steve up, Liz walked into the room. She wanted to see if her new friend needed anything while Liz was off hospital grounds for a brief visit with “the boys.” The patient indicated that she’d like to grab a beer later---but was fine for the moment. I know there are many on this board that gladly raised a glass at the mention of Liz’s “boys.” I noted the time (I watched this moment at 1618) I paused the tv, grabbed a cold one, and toasted Aussie and all the others who love when Liz talks about her children. What a fabulous moment.

    Light hearted moments continued at the Jacks’ residence. Jax and Carly agreed to put their differences aside to play a board game with Morgan and the baby. It was such a tender scene when the young boy’s face lit up as he tossed the dice. He was really excited to see his family spend quality time together. For the first time in a long time, he must have felt that a page had finally turned. Sure Michael was still missing. But, for once, the bickering between his parents subsided as the family unit took time to bond together.

    It was an all too brief respite. Seconds later, Sonny called and informed Carly that they must talk about Sonny. Unsurprisingly, Carly bolted at the news and beelined over to the Corinthos residence. Jax was left talking to the baby and telling her all would be right with the world as soon as Sonny was behind bars. If only it were that simple. If only Jax would change his attitude, put aside his vendetta, and accept that Sonny will always elude the law and continue playing a pivotal role in his (and his family’s) life.

    Things didn’t change at the Corinthos house either. Alexis came over and stopped by to chat with Sonny. Krissy’s parents wanted to make sure that they could manage the fallout from Kiefer’s death. Their daughter needed counseling. Both lamented that they might be unable to help their daughter. Both face prosecution. When Alexis noted that Warren Bauer continued to insist that Alexis face maximum punishment, Sonny acted reflexively: “Why don’t we shut him up...that won’t be a problem.” I cracked up at this moment. You can’t fix stupid. Now, Sonny is a smart enough man but he never thinks before opening his mouth. He blurts out an asinine comment and makes plans to bring it to fruition. Alexis, thankfully, was the voice of reason. She asked her ex: “Haven’t we screwed her up enough?” At that moment, I felt deep sympathy for Ms. Davis. She recognizes the precarious situation her family is in. She understands that her shortcomings have made things difficult for her children. She admits that she has fallen short as a mother. But she wants to improve and make things right. Now, in Sonny’s defense, he thinks killing Mr. Bauer will solve his problems. Sadly, this will only complicate the matter, alienate his relationship with Krissy, and teach everyone that Sonny Corinthos is perpetually trigger happy and will ALWAYS deal with his “issues” by using force to quell opposition.

    I could go on and on. Loved watching Krissy wake up and realize that she’s a liar. Enjoyed watching her interact with Sam. Krissy acknowledged that she didn’t know what normal was supposed to feel like anymore. She promised to change and vowed to stop lying. Seconds later, she lied again. Her omission (as to Michael’s whereabouts) complicated the situation and caused additional stress for JASAM.

    Skye played Luke the way Charlie Daniels plays a fiddle. It was a masterpiece. Cleavage, sweet talk, and lust (on his part) all convinced Luke that he must help Blaze deal with her money woes. Tracey walked in, chatted with the two, and then recognized that her rhetoric was futile. Luke will do exactly what he wants to do. Talking him out of this is a worthless endeavor. Fallout will occur. Who knows what the consequences of this alliance will bring? One thing is for sure, Tracey won’t welcome Luke back to bed for some time now. He’s in the doghouse until Skye leaves PC.

    Hope all in cyber world had a wonderful Monday. Hi Hera, Storm, Aussie, FUBU, Mamajj, Lil, Lucky, Cbru, Poodles, 4my, Ring, Rans, Magrat, and everyone else.

    Really Off topic:
    Lucky: I saw your comment about John’s facial expression of Friday’s OLTL board. That was a LOL moment for me. I feel the same way about Rex’s facial expressions (or lack thereof). He just looks like a doofus most of the time. At least John solves crimes; Rex is helpless without Bo.

    Posted by reina soares at Monday, April 26 2010 02:55 PM

    dante needs to turn michael in and michael should let dante help. yes alexis got it right, all of themm go on a picnic ,its so true, jason needs to let michael turn himself in ,and really sam believed kristina why the whole family were trained in lying i know carly gonna be mad but carly always put sonny in front of her own kids the only one lulu is doing is standing by her man,and maxi really showed how a real girlfriend is. like seeing liz, and is she really having a baby in real life?and when michael comes clean with the murder will all the people who lied go to jail

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, April 26 2010 03:01 PM

    For everyone who was upset when Sonny says "if he knew Dante was his son, he would never have shot him" and isn't the victim someone else"s son..etc.... I say Dante' and Lucky are guilty of doing the exact same thing now! If Michael wasn't Dante's brother he would be handling this case totally different. does make a difference when dealing with family.

    Cracked up at Sonny's suggestion for handling Warren.

    Posted by willowk at Monday, April 26 2010 03:09 PM

    Love that Sonny trusts Dante not to tell, and that it totally makes Carly see red. Still don't like the new Michael. Did like Jax and Carly and Morgan together, but in the end Jax won't get what he wants, as Sonny isn't going anywhere. Lulu better brace herself, Carly is in a take no prisoners mood.

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