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    Second Thoughts.

    Wednesday, April 21 2010
    Jax and Claire ponder their actions, Dante brings Michael home, Maxie confesses to Jason, and Johnny looks forward.

    Lucky warns Luke it will look bad for Ethan if he decides to bolt. As they discuss it, Maya walks in and then Lucky leaves to get back to work. Maya asks Luke for his take on Edward. Luke warns her Edward always expects something in return – especially from family. She wants to know if she can trust him and Luke declares, "Hell no!"

    Nikolas finds Elizabeth in the oncology wing at the hospital and after some polite chit chat, they hear loud music coming from the hall. They exit the room to find Shirley teaching Patrick how to dance. Patrick gets back to work, as Elizabeth and Nikolas help Shirley back to the room. Matt bursts in with a feather boa for Shirley, but she puts it on him and asks if he's ready for another lesson.

    Morgan listens as Jax and Claire argue about the case, as well as Dante, who is out looking for Michael. Carly walks in and the women bicker. Claire storms out and Jax and Carly get into it. Jax tells her he protected Michael on the island because he will always be grateful to him for saving her and Josslyn and then leaves.

    Patrick goes to Jake's where Claire is already sitting at the bar. He gets a text saying Robin won't be meeting him. Claire says life is full of disappointments, which can lead to pushing too hard to get what you want and compromising yourself. He tells her Robin is his wife and she assumes she's not his favorite person, considering what happened in court. He says he would actually like to thank her and buys the next round. They discuss how dangerous Sonny is and Patrick thinks she has an advantage because she doesn't have any emotional ties to him so she can go after him any way she wants. He hopes she does whatever she can to put him in jail where he belongs and assures her she is doing the right thing.

    Jax meets Skye at the Metro Court and talks to her about the trial. He wonders, even if he gets his way and Sonny goes to trial, will it be worth it? He ponders if he should put a stop to the whole thing, but she suggests he stay the course. He says if this blows up in his face, his marriage is more over than it is now. She asks what's more important to him: nailing Sonny or keeping his family?

    At Michael's new location, Morgan calls his brother to give him the heads up about Dante, but Dante is already there. Michael assures his little brother that Dante will never get to him and hangs up. Michael tells Dante he should leave before Max and Milo show up, but Dante lets him know they've been taken care of, as the brothers sit in jail. Dante grills Michael about seeing Sonny kill Claudia, but Michael spits out that he was the one who killed his stepmother. Dante thinks he's just trying to protect Sonny so Michael shows him his bloody shirt. Dante isn't swayed, even as Michael explains what really happened.

    On the plane back to Port Charles, Dante tells Michael if his shirt comes back from forensics and it doesn't back his confession, he will have to take him to the prosecutor. Michael wonders what happens when he is proven right. Dante doesn't know what he'll do.

    Jason runs into Johnny and Olivia looking at the penthouse that's for sale across the hall from him. Jason makes it clear Johnny will never live there, but Johnny gets in a few digs about Sonny going to jail before they leave. Jason goes back to his place and Maxie comes in talking home improvement ideas, but Jason doesn't want to discuss it. She thinks Spinelli deserves all the upgrades, but Jason tells her all he needs is his laptop and her. She thinks that's the problem. She explains how almost dying made her realize she wants more than what Spinelli can give her. She says she needs excitement and danger, but she's doing the decorating as a distraction in order to keep them together because she knows Spinelli is good for her. Sam comes over after Spinelli and Maxie have left and asks Jason if it would have been so easy to leave her to go to jail for Sonny. He apologizes if he made her think she didn't matter to him, because she does and he needs her. She lets him in on her plan to bust him out of prison should he had gone, which involved costumes. Jason likes that idea and they run upstairs.

    The realtor brings Johnny and Olivia to another place, but Olivia doesn’t think he needs all this. They look at the view and Olivia notices it's right across from Jason's place. He promises he never considered that, but declares he wants this for them and asks her to move in with him. He wants them to have a life together, but she says that can never happen.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Dante confronts Sonny.

    Diane and Claire give their closing arguments.

    Helena visits Luke.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:21 PM

    Every time somebody says something to Claire, she ask is that a threat? What do you think Wench. Then she had the nerve to ask Carly what kind of mother was she. But it's ok for her to take a child out of school and throw them up on the stand. After my girl Carly got through with her, all she could do was leave with her tail between her legs.

    This new Michael is just not doing it for me. He is two feet taller than Dante so that means he will be two feet taller than papa Sonny.

    Dang, we had 15 minutes of the show left and they pulled Sam out. All you see is hair feet and mouth.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:21 PM

    Dante is caught between being a big brother and taking the big bad mobster down. Hmmmm!

    Jax, when are you going to get your family back together?

    What are they doing with Olivia and Johnny? Seriously, where is this going or not going? This isn't a real storyline anymore.

    Posted by KaiBo at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:24 PM

    Is the actress who plays Claire on contract? I think I did see a little chemistry between her and Dr. Drake. I prefer that than that Lisa chick that I find highly annoying.

    Posted by enad19 at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:41 PM

    I really forgot that Olivia and Johnny were supposed to be a in relationship. They sure ran out of steam in hot minuate. Meh! I like Spinelii with Maxie, I really do, but Spinelli can be pretty annoying especially when he launches into one of his self-absorbed soliloquies or when Maxie does something really pointless that ends up hurting his feelings. So now that Maxie is tired of their relationship, I would hope that she doesn't revert back to cheating on his with the next exciting guy that darkens her door step, namely Johnny, who she shares amzing chemistry with, or Lucky who she also has bucketsfull of chemistry with. But I do hope that when she does decide she can no longer pretend that she is actually in love with him, that she will do the adult thing and end it before starting something else with someone Johnny, Lucky or Matt would do quite nicely).

    A Shawn D, I mean, a Dr. Matt Hunter sighting. Are my eyes deceiving me?! I still remember the days when JC was a working actor and he actually commanded storylines rather than playing the part of an extra. I am still hoping that TSW will remember that they have a grossly underused talent on their payroll and give him something to do.

    Jasam never fails to warm my heart, despite the problems of their families and their minor relationship snags, I really love seeing those two as a couple on my screen.
    Its no secret that I dislike Sonny, but I really hope that he gets off on this trial. If anything, they should be tried for obstruction of justice, but how can anyone be okay with him going to jail for something that he didn't do? I would have been cheering his demise along with the rest of his haters if he was on trial for shooting Dante or for any of the other countless crimes, but I cannot support him going down for this. Now if that fool of a cop Dante had actually told the truth about who shot him, then Sonny would definitely have gotten a well deserved conviction, but that is water under the bridge.

    Posted by leo123 at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:43 PM

    I don't care for this Michael at all; looked like he was reading his lines. Just don't like his look.
    Why couldn't they wait for the 'real' Michael to do these next few important scenes, after all he went through. I'm not believing this guy at all.

    Posted by enad19 at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:55 PM

    I don't see why TSW felt to change Michael at all. Even if viewers were complaining about how they didn't like Michael, it wasn't because Drew Garrett was a bad actor, it was because they didn't make his character a likeable person. It is like Kristina, viewers despise her, but its not because of the actress playing her. Lexi Ainsworth is very taleneted, its due to the fact that her character is spoilt, treacherous, whiny and is a big fat liar. Drew Garrett was an amazing young actor and he held his place well with those seasoned vets he played alongside such as Laura Wright, Maurice Bernard, Nancy Lee, the actor who played Jax and Dteve Burton, plus he had wonderful chemistry with Morgan and Kritina. That wa sa very bad move on GH's part, but their lack of regard for their actors is famous in the soap world. They always throw out the better talents.

    Posted by cdpf at Wednesday, April 21 2010 02:02 PM

    I wish Jason Morgan would fall down on his head and revert his memory back to the old days: JASON QUARTERMAINE. He should reclaim Micheal Corithos III and rechange his last name back to MICHAEL QUARTERMAINE!!! Edward would be soooo happy with that!!! Oh, ANOTHER SPOILER: Dante will get involved with a mystery woman: BRENDA BARRETT! That would be a hoot!!!!!

    Posted by nancy marie at Wednesday, April 21 2010 02:09 PM

    Yeah, my first impression of the new Michael--vanilla--bland. How'd Sonny end up with a blond, fair-complexioned child? Recessive genes, you think??

    Not looking too good for the home team (or casting director).

    Posted by da_kid at Wednesday, April 21 2010 02:10 PM

    I was disappointed yesterday when Dante betrayed Morgan's confidence. That was low. But Sonny, Carly, and Diane should have restrained themselves until they got home, then they could break out the champagne. Seeing them so happy just set Dante and Claire off. But neither one of them will get what they want, which is Sonny behind bars for murder. The worst that will happen will be that he and Carly will spend some time for perjury, but if Michael gives an emotional testimony on the stand, the jury might understand why two parents would lie for their son. In that instance, they will just get a slap on the wrist.

    I am so tired of Maxie and Spinelli. Why does she have to redecorate jason's house to make Spin feel better. And why does Jason allow it. They are such a nauseating couple, I wish they would both leave town. She is a good actress, so why are they having her play this ditzy broad. That non-stop talking that she does is so irritating. She can definitely do better. Spin should get his own place and let her mess that apt. up. Or she should just break up with him and go back to acting and talking normally like she did before she got involved with him.

    I'm willing to give the new Michael a chance. I didn't like the last Michael at first because I thought that Dylan Cash had played him for so many years that it was unfair to not bring him back. We all watched the first Michael grow up, so a lot of us didn't like the last Michael at first. But he grew on us. This one is cute, he just has a heavier voice, but I'm going to give him a chance. I'm going to miss Morgan more than the last Michael because I have fallen in love with that little guy with those big eyes. But he has moved on to bigger things.

    I'm still flying high from the apology from yesterday, but I am waiting for the other apologies, especially from Sam, the anger management poster child.

    Posted by da_kid at Wednesday, April 21 2010 02:14 PM

    Remember Nancymarie, Michael is not Sonny's biological child. His father, AJ, had dark hair, and this Carly is a blond. All 3 of the Michaels so far could logically be their child.

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