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    It's What You Do.

    Tuesday, April 20 2010
    Dante finds Michael, Kristina apologizes to Ethan, and Molly has a request for Jason.

    Outside the courtroom, Sonny thanks Carly for her testimony, as Claire and Dante look on. Claire tells Dante he needs to go get Michael or else Sonny will be acquitted. Carly leaves and Sonny returns to the courtroom where Diane tells him he's about to be acquitted. Dante tells Claire to ask the judge for a 24 hour continuance, which she gets, but if Michael isn't there by tomorrow, the case will go to the jury. Court is adjourned and Diane and Sonny discuss the possibility of Michael being found. Diane thinks this will give the jury time to rethink Carly's testimony, so the delay could work in their favor. Outside the courtroom Sonny tells Claire her mistake was putting Morgan on the stand, which set Carly off. He says Carly is a street fighter and Claire just got schooled.

    While at home, Morgan talks to Michael over the phone and learns about the new place he's been sent to. Morgan then tells him about his time on the stand and how he thinks he screwed things up. Michael assures his brother it will all be okay. After they hang up, Dante comes over and talks to his little brother until he innocently gives up Michael's new location. After Dante has left, Jax comes over to give Morgan some fudge from the island and says they had to move Michael. Morgan tells his stepdad Michael called him and filled him in on the details. They talk about the trial and Jax tells Morgan whatever happens, he will still love him and his siblings. Claire comes by and Morgan leaves the room, but listens in as Jax and Claire argue about Jax protecting Michael. Claire then tells him Dante has a subpoena for Michael and that he will find him.

    Dante flies down to where Michael is and serves him with his subpoena, but Michael counters he might not like what he has to say in court.

    In the restaurant office, Molly implores Jason to take care of Warren and says she doesn’t care how he does it. Jason assures her she would blame herself if Warren died, but she just wants him to tell Warren to leave her family alone or else. He says it's illegal, but she points out he does illegal things all the time. Jason reminds her she's a kid and needs to be protected from those things because she's too good. He can't help her with this and Molly understands, but she just wants her mother and sister to be okay. Jason tells her there are some things she can't fix and she just has to love and support the people in her life. After Jason takes Molly home, Carly comes to see her best friend to revel in her courtroom victory. Jason informs Carly they moved Michael and that Jax protected her son from Ronnie. Sonny walks in, hopeful that he will be acquitted.

    Skye goes to the lake house to look around her old place. She finds Kristina and recalls how she used to take care of her as a baby. They talk about Ethan, and sensing Kristina's guilt, Skye thinks she can help.

    At the police station, Lucky gets involved as Warren and Sam exchange heated words. Warren again tells Alexis she will pay and he will make sure she is put in prison.

    Ethan and Luke talk about Kristina at the Haunted Star as Skye shows up with the young girl. Kristina apologizes to Ethan as Luke and Skye leave. Ethan generously accepts Kristina's apology and shares a story from his past where he acted stupidly over a crush he had on his friend's older sister. He apologizes to her as well for handling everything so poorly. Once Kristina has left, Lucky comes to tell Ethan Warren in on the warpath, claiming Ethan is in fact the one who beat Kristina. He worries that all the DNA evidence points to his brother.

    Alexis and Sam come to the house and learn from Molly Kristina is with Skye. Molly then admits she tried to get Jason to kill Mr. Bauer because she doesn't want him to ruin their family. Exasperated, Alexis assures her it will be taken care of legally and then Molly goes to do her homework. Alexis tells Sam this shouldn't be too surprising since everyone Molly knows is in the mob business. Alexis worries about what will happen to her because Warren is such a good attorney. She also worries that he wants Kristina to pay as well, as she walks in the door.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Michael confesses to Dante.

    Maxie confides in Jason.

    Maya has questions for Luke.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:17 PM

    I can tell you now, I don't like the new Michael. BIG MISTAKE, letting the other one go.

    I'm proud of Kristina, she was the first to apologize to Ethan and he was gracious enough to tell her one of his embarassing stories of his teenage years. She should teach her mother and older sister how to go and do the same. But I won't hold my breath.

    When Molly first mentioned she tried to have Mr. Bauer killed, Sam had a smile of her face. That was not funny. Then little Miss Hypocrite made up a million excuses for her mother as to why she left Kiefer as road kill.

    I just loved how Sonny got up in Claire's face and told her how steet fighter Carly just schooled her, then flashed those cute dimples.

    I wonder what Dante will do once he learns the truth.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:18 PM

    Oops, meant to say Same had a smile on her face. Not of her face.

    Posted by luckyinlove at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:27 PM

    Hello everyone!

    cowboys---I didn't see the scene when Molly told Sam and Alexis what she asked Jason to do(I was in the middle of a grilled cheese fest and needed to make another;) ). Did Sam really smile about that?

    I am getting right sick of everyone making excuses for others bad behavior. Alexis should face the music, especially since she never called 911 or tried to get Keifer any help whatsoever. Kristina is starting to take responsibility for her actions, which I applaud. Sam needs a wake up call. I seem to keep forgetting that all of Alexis' children are also Cassadines. When they start exhibiting bad behavior I shouldn't be so shocked by it, but I honestly am.

    I don't get the whole 'that a girl' for Carly when she is lying through her teeth. All of this could have been avoided if they had told the truth from the beginning. No matter what the outcome, I don't think Sonny or Carly will learn anything. Just saddens me to know that this will be filed away like nothing happened until one of the children do something else completely criminal/unethical/immoral.

    Posted by luckyinlove at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:32 PM

    Another thing, when your child/children inform you that they tried to put a hit on someone that should be your clue to change your/their associates, give them a stern talking to about right/wrong, and book them a session with the nearest child psychologist. Again, I am perplexed by the nonchalant way the children are raised on this show.

    I am glad Ethan had good parenting as a child, because he continues to show what a true gentleman/man is.

    Lucky also benefited from being raised with Laura as a mother.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:34 PM

    A few random thoughts on today’s episode:

    It was cool the way Jason got face to face with Molly, getting down to her level so he wouldn’t be such an imposing and scary physical presence. Very nice.

    I’ve noted before that Molly has certainly inherited Helena’s gift for telling the unvarnished truth, usually to comic effect like “Um, Jason? Just because you’re a criminal doesn’t mean you and Sam can’t get married.” (Jason’s speechless reaction was hilarious!) But the fact that she could logically conclude that she should ask Jason about the possibility of “erasing” Bauer from their lives, indicates that sweet little Molly might have more of the cold blooded, calculating Cassadine in her than previously suspected. I think if Jason had said “I’ll take care of it”, she would’ve been okay with it. Wow! Maybe Helena has a true Cassadine heir in the making after all.

    Altogether now …. Hallelujah! The Ethan Apology Line forms to the rear! Thank you Skye.

    Please, give me Luke vs. Bauer ….please.

    And what does Carly ask for, as her ultimate reward for coming to the rescue, saving Sonny’s butt, and keeping everybody safe and out of jail?

    All the slow dances she wants with Jason!!!!

    Can it BE more obvious that the only man she ever really wanted all along is Jason, and that every other man in her life is a poor substitute, and at best, a distant second.

    And Claire? Ummmmm……..Every lawyer I know carries a small voice recorder around with them, practically all the time. If Sonny is going to make incriminating remarks to you, WHY DON’T YOU RECORD HIM YOU DUMB *#%@$$*!

    Posted by bluemeeshy at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:39 PM

    Do Not Like the new Michael! If it ain't broke, why fix it. This one looks like he came right out of a teen magazine ad. We haven't really seen him act yet, not very much anyway. I am not impressed.

    All the kids did a really good job today. I'm going to miss that Morgan when he leaves. I'm just hoping he's better than the new Michael.

    Molly just knows all the right/wrong people. I feel that Jason handled it well.

    I'm just tired of Kristina. It's time to get this thing past us and move on to something new.

    I feel bad for Dante a little bit. He's caught right in the middle of everything and I think he'll feel a lot different after the whole truth comes out. I'm still kind of kind of annoyed that they didn't let Michael take the blame.

    I'm glad Skte is back. The show needed some fresh blood.

    Posted by Ronee at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:41 PM

    Michael ( the old one was never convincing actor....
    And why do you like Ethan? He's a good man.. Shoot all the viewers lovr sonny jason THE MURDERS.. they are so sweet kind loving and down right GOOD and so endearing to the heart-Gently charming-and they have been sugsefull in enter all the viewers's good graces...... LOL

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:42 PM

    I’ve been trying to wrap my head around why Kristina has been so insistent on romanticizing and sanitizing her relationship with Keifer, but I think I’m gaining a little bit of insight into where she is on the road to recovery. She is grieving. Grieving for Keifer and for herself, for her lost innocence and self respect, and for the childhood she can never go back to. She’s working her way through the five stages of grief:

    1. Denial (She’s been in denial since the first time he hit her)
    2. Anger (She was angry at Keifer, and tried to get back at him by turning to Ethan)
    3. Bargaining (She just wanted it all to go away, no trial, no nothing, like it never happened)
    4. Depression (She keeps saying “It’s all my fault” etc., and dwelling on Keifer’s pictures)
    5. Acceptance (Making progress but not quite there yet)

    Yesterday, I think we saw Kristina flashing back on the times Keifer beat her, and starting to recall how horrible it was. It’s only natural that, with all the events swirling around her, up until now, she has had selective recall of her relationship with Keifer. Such painful memories would be pushed to the back of her mind, to be dealt with at a later time when she was strong enough to face them. I believe we’re starting to see the beginning of Kristina coming to grips with the reality of what Keifer did to her, and hopefully, her true role in it. As another poster said, it’s not her fault that she made him mad enough to hit her, but it IS her fault that she allowed the abuse to continue, by not telling someone after the first incident.

    Hopefully, when she has had sufficient time to process everything, Kristina will be able to speak for herself, and be her own best advocate. Then life can go on for her. Her apology to Ethan is a very good sign.

    Posted by luckyinlove at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:46 PM

    Scrimmage---Very astute observations. I think Jason is the first guy she's ever loved in the first place. She will always want him because of that and the fact that Jason loves her as she is. He seems to fall for women as loyal as Carly, but most of the other women Jason has been involved with also have a conscious and won't compromise the core of themselves to be with him(Robin and Courtney come to mind).

    I loved Jason being so honest in his decisions with Molly. I don't think any of the children should be in contact with Sonny or Jason. I'm sorry but they are constant targets for other mob figures and it seems even 'regular folk' like Keifer.

    BTW, I haven't seen a bodyguard around Morgan, Kristina, or Molly since the s/l began.

    Posted by luckyinlove at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:51 PM

    Scrimmage---Again, very astute observations. Kristina does seem to be going through the grieving stages. I hope she understands that Keifer's behavior towards her was not her fault. I am glad that someone finally got that girl over to Ethan so that she could apologize.

    I haven't forgotten the reason she gave Ethan for blaming him in the first place though. It seems the writers have and today, Ethan seemed to forget that whole conversation as well.

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