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    The Answer to My Prayers.

    Thursday, April 15 2010
    Claire passes on Jason's offer, Jax visits Michael, Maxie helps Lucky and Nikolas tries to set Helena straight.

    Dante comes in the interrogation room and learns from Claire that Jason wants to take Sonny's place in jail for Claudia's death. He says, "That's never going to happen." Claire tells him it's not his decision and tells Jason and Diane she will talk to her superiors. Dante waits with Jason for Claire to return and they argue about how Sonny's kids, Dante's siblings, will be affected. Dante says if Sonny goes to jail, the kids will have a life and he can help them adjust, but Jason warns Dante if Sonny goes to prison, the kids will hate him.

    Sonny comes to see Carly and Spinelli at the restaurant and assures them he didn't agree to let Jason go to prison in his place. Spinelli tells Mr. Sir he has to stop Jason from going to prison and take the deal himself. Sonny tells Spinelli to leave. Spinelli does so and Sonny makes it clear to Carly he tried to say no to Jason on this issue. Carly thinks maybe Sonny should take the deal and they argue about Jason constantly cleaning up Sonny's messes. Claire walks in wondering if Sonny is such a devoted father, why won't he take the deal? She will give him one last shot to save his kids from testifying because her bosses won't take Jason in place of him. Sonny doesn't need the deal and will go through with the trial. She tells him whatever happens with his kids is on him.

    Claire returns to the police station to tell Jason and Dante the deal is a no go so Jason is free to go. Ronnie walks in and Claire instructs him to pick up Morgan and bring him to court. Jason can't believe the law that is supposed to protect the weak and innocent, isn't protecting Morgan and leaves. Dante agrees with Jason and follows. Ronnie and Mac talk about putting Morgan on the stand and where Michael might be. Mac thinks Jax knows because he just landed on Sonny's private island and he wouldn’t do that if Michael weren't there.

    Dante sees Sonny at the court house and chastises him for not taking the deal in order to spare Morgan from testifying. Sonny declares he's doing what it takes to survive and to protect his family. He won't go to prison for something he didn't do just because it makes him happy. Dante says if he didn't know any better, he'd think he didn't kill Claudia. Diane walks up, as does Morgan and Claire. Dante walks over to his brother and tells him he doesn’t have to worry about protecting him in court and if he doesn't want to answer any questions he doesn't have to.

    At Wyndemere, Nikolas says he knows Helena is there to make sure he doesn’t marry Elizabeth. He assures her Elizabeth wants no part of him and tells Alexis while Helena is there, he can keep his eye on her. He warns Helena to back off Alexis or else he'll ask her to leave. Once Alexis is gone, Helena states part of her job there is to raise a new generation of Cassadines and she hopes she's not too late with Spencer. Nikolas assures his grandmother he will be a hands on father with both his kids and will afford them all the rights and privileges that come with being a Cassadine. Helena says that would be the answer to her prayers.

    Elizabeth comes to Lucky's place so he can sign a permission slip for the kids' field trip. Elizabeth wonders if Lucky asked for Maxie's help decorating and Maxie wonders why that's her business. They bicker and Elizabeth storms out. Maxie tells Lucky Elizabeth isn't giving up on him and will use the boys and whatever else she can think of as an excuse to talk to him. Lucky tells her not to worry because he knows what Elizabeth is doing and why. Maxie tells Lucky to call if he needs any advice on decorating or on Elizabeth and Lucky says Liz is just looking for redemption. He's let go though and isn't interested in punishing her and their only connection is through the kids. Maxie doesn’t think she will just go away quietly.

    Elizabeth goes back to work and talks with Shirley about her messy situation. Shirley is sympathetic and tells her things could be worse – she could be dying. Shirley urges her to feel what she feels, but she needs to own it and not give up the fight.

    Kristina talks to Michael on the phone about everything that's going on. Michael wants to come home to help her get through this, but she orders him not to. Jax walks in after Kristina hangs up on Michael and they debate the issue of Michael staying on the island. Michael doesn't want his father to go to jail for what he did, but Jax insists Sonny's actions contributed to what happened and Michael deserves to have a life. Jax is fighting for his family, even if it means he loses them in the process. Michael thinks Jax just wants him to say it's okay to put Sonny in jail.

    Steve and Patrick have a beer at Jake's, but note it's not the same without Lisa. Olivia walks in challenging the boys to darts while she waits for Johnny to get there. Robin shows up while they play, as does Johnny. Olivia sits at a table with her man and Robin says she didn't know Patrick was so chummy with Olivia. Patrick lists all the things they have in common and then Steve offers to get them shots, but Robin passes. Robin mentions she's probably going home and Steve goes to the bar to get himself a shot. Patrick assumes Robin is just worried about Sonny.

    Next on General Hospital:

    Morgan takes the stand again.

    Ronnie makes his way to the island.

    Warren wants justice.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, April 15 2010 01:25 PM

    Alexis left herself wide open when she made the comment that she was all the help Nikolas need to raise his kids. Helena got her good when she told her she such a bang up job with hers.

    Then little Maxie told Elizabeth the truth about herself. All Elizabeth could do was leave, then Elizabeth called her a tramp, but quickly caught herself, talk about pot meet kettle.

    I wonder if the terminally ill lady that Elizabeth talking to is real or just made up in her head. If she is real, I wonder what the story is going to be about her. Maybe she is wealthy and will leave Elizabeth her fortune.

    Claire was all up in Carly's face like she was going to tear her up on the stand. So far Claire hasn't done a thing in court. I'm gonna put my money on Carly.

    Side Note: That Maurice Bernard was looking good to me today. Have Mercy.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, April 15 2010 01:27 PM

    Wake me up when real fireworks occur.

    Posted by TNbuckle at Thursday, April 15 2010 01:32 PM

    Is that island the most visited place on GH lately?

    I was so glad that Sonny told Carly to make up her mind. My goodness. She doesn't want Sonny taking the blame for Michael, she doesn't want Jason taking the blame for Michael and she doesn't want Michael taking the blame.

    Can somebody explain to me why Sonny can't survive prison? It's not like he's wimpy.

    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, April 15 2010 01:35 PM

    *** RANT *****

    Didn't see too much of GH today as all the channels showed the President's press conference at Kennedy Space Center. As always, the local news folks assumed that we had not been listening so we got a recap (any excuse to get their faces in front of the camera) then by the time we got to the program I think they showed every commercial which had been paid for and we had missed. Oh well, at least I will be able to watch it on line in the wee small hours.

    This week so far we have had three interrupted episodes: a missing child found, a missing child search resumed, and today's press conference. One would think folks in Florida do nothing but lose their children.

    Posted by lillybee at Thursday, April 15 2010 01:43 PM

    Cynic, even in California I hear about Fla's missing children. Since when do school permission slips need to be signed by both parents?

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, April 15 2010 01:44 PM

    Maxie is a tramp!
    She slept with a serial killer only meet for a few hours because 1)she needed to get him for an article in Crimson 2)he teased her about not owning up to her wild side and settling with Spinelli.

    What is the real reason Nikolas is allowing Helena so close to his kids? I understand keeping enemies closer, but he is no match for his grandma's lethal attack. Does he truly and arrogantly believe he can "handle" Helena?
    The only person who has gotten the best of Helena is Luke Spencer.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, April 15 2010 01:47 PM

    by the way, Does anyone think it is kind of suspicious that Jax picks NOW to visit the island? Didn't he think he would be under surveillance? He practically called attention to the island. I hope he is not subconsciously trying to get Michael caught.

    Posted by willowk at Thursday, April 15 2010 01:54 PM

    I second the comment on everyone going to the island these days. I can see Jax going, but again, how did Dante, and how will Ronnie, get on a private island? Can't imagine they can just land at the airstrip w no problems. What will Ronnie do if he finds Michael-kidnap him?

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Thursday, April 15 2010 01:59 PM

    Canadagirl17, Happy 2nd B-day to your little sweety.

    All together now, 1, 2, 3 sing


    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, April 15 2010 02:01 PM

    From time to time, I’ve wondered why so many women are more drawn to so-called “bad boys” than “nice guys”. I think the usual answer is that they are attracted by even the slightest hint of “danger”, but I think that’s a really vague, almost too easy explanation. I think a more realistic reason is that men who appear to be unbound by normal social conventions (“bad”), offer the possibility, or fantasy, of uninhibited sex to women who are otherwise expected to conform their sexual desires to the tastes of their partners, whom they choose for their stability, being a good provider, and a loving husband and father (“nice”). It’s the thrill of the unknown versus the comfort of predictability that is at the heart of many relationship problems, the premise being that sex becomes routine, and thoughts of “Is this all there is, or ever will be?” arise.

    We see this scenario played out from time to time on General Hospital, with Maxie / Spinelli / Johnny as a recent example. But I have reached an inescapable conclusion about one couple which I will share:

    Lucky and Liz are Lousy Lovers. It’s the elephant in the room.

    Lucky and Elizabeth’s relationship was built on a traumatic event, just at the time in their adolescent lives when fantasies about love and sex bump into reality. Patterns are established, and played out over and over again throughout adulthood. After her first brutal exposure to sex, Lucky and Liz fell in love with Lucky being extremely sensitive to her understandable misgivings about having a physical relationship. He was patient, and over time, Liz finally felt reassured and confident enough, to begin a healthy adult relationship with the man she loved.

    It’s often overlooked that this was also Lucky’s introduction to sex. From that beginning, Lucky has always been very low key, and no doubt gentle with Liz when it comes to sex. I believe that since that time, whether consciously, or out of habit or instinct, he thinks of Elizabeth as that fragile teenage victim, and still treats her accordingly. That probably explains his empathy for Kristina when he chewed Ethan out for losing his temper with her.

    Once something in Liz was awakened by Nicholas, the fact that she felt the need to continue her affair with him at all costs speaks to her feelings that something vital was missing in her relationship with Lucky. If Lucky is honest with himself, he’d probably admit that sex with Liz wasn’t all that great for him either.

    That’s why I hope they don’t get back together. It would be a step backward in their personal development as well adjusted adults. They both need to find new partners who can give them what they need, both emotionally and physically.

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