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    Taking Things As They Come.

    Monday, April 12 2010
    Alexis confesses, Dante is thrown in jail, Luke defends Ethan and Melinda is out for blood.

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    Posted by aussie-gal at Monday, April 12 2010 05:57 PM

    mamajj, absolutely!

    Posted by BeanCounter at Monday, April 12 2010 06:31 PM

    Courtroom scene-As eloquently as Dante is when he is on his soapbox, I think he upset Morgan more than testifying in court.

    Alexis/Mac-I wonder if they had to get a writer to come in to write this scene as it has become rare that a character actually takes responsibility for her actions. I think Alexis needs a good lawyer right now. Although Diane is up to the task, she has her hands full with Sonny.

    Sonny/Dante-That scene reminded me of Return of the Jedi when the Emperor tried to turn Luke Skywalker to the dark side. I personally don't see anything wrong with ambition as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Dante should also remember that evil prevails when good men do nothing. If he continues to have conflicting loyalties perhaps he should do the PCPD a favor and resign.

    Maya/Lucky/Kristina-I really like the way Lucky and Maya were talking to Kristina. Unfortunately, I am beginning to think of Kristina as the woman from Airplane with people lining up to smack her.

    Ethan-He is supposed to apologize to Kristina? Really. He is a victim as well and he is overdue IMO for a apology.

    Alexis/Melinda/Kristina-As much as I can sympathize with a grieving mother, I hope Alexis finds her inner Cassadine and remind this woman what her son did to Kristina.

    Claire/Sonny/Jason/Jax-I like that Claire did not allow Jax to back her down. Also, I have to think that she is either very brave or very stupid.

    Posted by Cynic at Monday, April 12 2010 06:37 PM

    Off topic reply to yesterday's comments

    I'm delighted to hear that Runnergirl is having success with the crock pot; although it is hard to have a failure as they are just about foolproof. Still, doing a roast is a big improvement over a big Mac and fries. I like mine for two reasons: one is the timing factor, allowing me to come home to a cooked meal when I have been out all day; the other is that they do not heat the kitchen and use very little electricity, a BIG plus in Florida.

    Kitty's sneezing appears to be an allergy, which is not surprising as we are sweeping up the pollen by the shovel full right now and he is fond of rolling in the fallen leaves. I mistakenly thought he was coughing, but it was the sound of his explosive wet sneezes. It came as a shock to be woken up by one full in the face the other night. He doesn't know to put a paw in front of his nose to stop his sneeze showering the room. Now I just try to grab a tissue for him when I see one coming.

    Posted by isitso at Monday, April 12 2010 06:41 PM

    Kristina did not deserve to get beat up - but she does deserve punishment for her lies. I'm tired of everyone saying "oh it's ok". No it's not ok. The only thing Ethan did wrong was not walking away. I would had a few choice words for her and kept walking. He shouldn't have kept arguing - but NO he does not need to apologize.

    Alexis and Kristina - what a joke... Kristina said to her mother "oh I know it was an accident - you wouldn't have it in you to do it on purpose". Oh really??? Does she know her mother's history??

    Jax and Claire - the funny thing is that exactly what I said about Jax character for the Friday board on here is exactly what Claire told him. He couldn't answer Claire because she was right - he is an undercover snake who will bite anyone he can to get ahead. He's Sonny - just with a corporate title.

    Sonny - he can't be that crazy.... He said "if she was a man - we might have to arrange an accident". Jason had to remind him even she was a man that it's a FEDERAL prosecutor. How did this guy get to be a boss? Talk of that... This Lt. Pelletti storyline they keep bringing up... If Ronnie and Dante knew from the street that Sonny had him killed....there is NO WAY law enforcement wouldn't have locked up Sonny back then. Especially not the NYPD. They would stop at nothing. Every informant they have on the street or in prison would be working overtime to find out. That seems a little too unrealistic to me.

    Posted by BlueCow at Monday, April 12 2010 06:43 PM

    Hello to all...and especially the other Califonians!! We survived another one!!
    **OFF TOPIC** I just risked life and limb in a horrible rain/thunder/lightening...oh and hail!! I have never seen rain and hail come down so hard!! I was on the freeway with the rest of the idiots of my town. The lightening would strike and within 3 seconds...the Thunder!! by the time I made it home, I had over 4" of hail on the hood of my truck.
    **On TOPIC**
    Why is Ronnie still in PC?? Doesn't he have family to get home too?? I agree with others of you who suspect that he had something to do with Mr. Perletti's (sp) murder.
    **OFF TOPIC**
    mamajj, when I lived in Los Angeles (last year) I ran into a few soap stars. If you do see Steve make sure you take pictures!! I live in the cental valley now.

    Posted by BlueCow at Monday, April 12 2010 06:46 PM

    Aussie... are you traveling for business or pleasuer?? I envy you my friend!!

    Posted by STORM04 at Monday, April 12 2010 06:49 PM

    Good evening GH fans, hope everyone is doing well!

    What exactly did Claire do that is so evil? Claire is evil, because she put an 11 year old on the stand and dare to ask him to tell the truth about something he knows, and that just happens to be the ...TRUTH!

    I just love the “cops and prosecutors are suppose to be above reproach, because they are the good guys and the bad guys are suppose to be BAD and that is expected.” A bunch of crock!

    I wonder if all that subscribes to that belief would feel the same if they were a victim of a crime (daughter, husband, sister, brother was murdered) and the only witness that could testify to that and get the murderer convicted was the 11 year old son of the person who committed the murder. I am sure the prosecutor would get bombarded with phone calls telling him/her that to put that 11 year old on the stand is devious and constitute abusing his/her power especially since that entails him testifying against his dad.

    I love the fact that Claire is the bad guy, but Carly is mother of the year, when her 11 year old son is lying about a murder and I am sure as a parent, I would love not know my 11 year old daughter knows about a crime. It is totally ok for Diane to put Sam and Carly on the stand knowing they are going to perjure themselves…but it ok that she breaks the same oath that she took along with Claire, because she defends criminals, so it is expected….but yet the system is broken and unfair solely because of bad prosecutors, corrupt judges and bad cops.

    And there is this minor nuance that the state is wasting money (tax payers’ money), time, and resources to try a case that probably should have never gone to trial…why? Because Carly, Sonny, Diane, Jason decided that they were going to make a mockery of the system to cover a crime….but Claire is the bad guy and the system is not about justice at all.

    I keep forgetting that the defense attorneys who defend murders, pedophiles, mobster, criminals in general, do it out of the goodness of their heart and not for MONEY AND PRESTIGE…. they too do not cut corners, lie, manipulate, and put people on the stand that perjure themselves…oh right, I keep forgetting, they are the bad guy, so it is expected.

    I am so ready for Dante to give up his badge… It is actually funny that the word ETHICS came out his mouth…guess what Dante, if you had told the truth about Sonny shooting you, there would not be a trial where your little brother would have to testify against his own father, so spare me the righteous indignation you hypocrite! You got a stand, put your hands on a bible, swear to tell the truth and you dishonored the bible, the justice system, and the badge by lying, yet you have the audacity to question other cops and the prosecutors integrity. Please…put down the kool aid and please good look up the definition of the word ETHIC.

    I hope that Keifer’s mom scratch out Alexis' eyes. I wonder if Alexis would have been as understandings if Claudia had run Kristina over for killing her baby…I suppose grief is relative.

    Kristina was about to take Ethan’s head off when she thought it was him who ran Keifer of the road, but since it was her mommy who is a law abiding citizen who values human life…. well, ”oh ok, I forgive you”. After all you forgave me when I caused an accident that killed a baby and you covered it up…UGH!

    Lucky- What is there to say other than I think he might be back on the pills? I could not believe that he had the audacity to say to Ethan that he should apologize to Kristina…yeah patsy, why don’t you go apologize to Liz for screwing your brother and lying about it…because , it is the gentleman thing to do.

    I am glad Luke called him out on his crap!

    Posted by aussie-gal at Monday, April 12 2010 06:55 PM

    Off topic:'s all pleasure my friend.
    I've been to LA many many times and the only time I ran into soap stars was at the Emmys.

    I envy you guys who live in CA.

    Posted by poodles at Monday, April 12 2010 06:58 PM

    i had to read two bedtime stories and do the bedtime dance, but I'm happy to report, the little darlings are sound a sleep. My husband on the phone talking to my brother in Sweden, so I thought I would check-in one last time.

    Bean: I think your right, they had to find a special writer to write for a charater actully confessing to a crime that they did DO.

    lil: I will have to remember your sundae bar idea. I can see, where that would be a big hit.

    ****spoiler talk******

    rans, reported/read that a body will be found this week. Does anyone know who this might be?

    Posted by aussie-gal at Monday, April 12 2010 06:59 PM

    STORM, great post. Much more articulate than I could've said it all.

    I agree about Alexis. She is only the law unto herself. She's hypocritical at best.

    I do admire Luke's loyalty to his children. Whatever they do, he is there to guide them. Well, along w/ drinking and gambling of course.

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