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You've Got Some Mother.

Tuesday, April 06 2010
Dante lets out his anger, Kiefer meets his end, and Ethan is still on the hook.

As Sam and Molly drive, they see Kiefer's SUV on the side of the road. They drive further and see a person in a ditch. When they eventually find Kiefer, Sam calls for help and Kiefer comes to. He says he was hit by a car, but can't get out the words to say who struck him.

In the hospital, Dante gently questions Kristina until she admits Kiefer is the one who has been beating her all along. He probes further, as Alexis sits by her side and Sonny secretly listens in from behind the curtain. After getting all the details, Dante promises his sister this will never happen again, as Sonny walks in the room. Kristina begs her dad not to let Jason hurt Kiefer. Steve returns to draw another blood panel and get Kristina settled in her room.

At the Haunted Star, Lucky and Jason discuss the possibility of Kiefer being Kristina's attacker. Dante calls Lucky, confirming Kiefer is the guilty one.

Lucky comes to the hospital and talks with Dante about Kristina. Dante says he put out an APB and Lucky knows the Bauers will fight this. Dante says they have to find Kiefer before Jason does, but Lucky has faith in Jason.

Jason meets with Sonny outside Kristina's hospital room and gets caught up on what's going on. Jason assures Sonny Kiefer will pay, but they have to be smart about this. Sonny doesn't understand why Kristina went to such lengths to protect Kiefer.

Warren Bauer meets with Jax about business and then they talk about Kiefer, Kristina and the possibility of Sonny being convicted. Olivia runs up to tell Warren Kiefer was hit by a car and is on his way to the hospital.

Kiefer is brought to the ER as Sam and Molly follow. Steve tells them Kristina was beat up again and is on another floor. Lucky comes to question Kiefer, as his parents walk in. Warren pulls Lucky out of the room yelling at him for questioning his son while he is in this condition. Lucky tells Warren Kristina was attacked again and that Kiefer has been named as her assailant.

In Kristina's hospital room, Alexis assures Kristina she did nothing wrong and that she won't let Sonny hurt Kiefer, as she flashes back to hitting him with her car. As Sonny approaches her door, Kristina tells Alexis she felt comfortable talking to Dante because she feels like he understands. Sonny sees Dante and asks for a minute alone. Molly and Sam come to Kristina's room and try to cheer her up. Alexis tears up looking at her girls and says they will get through this. Alexis leaves and Kristina asks Sam to make sure Jason doesn't hurt anyone. Sam promises to take care of it and leaves. Kristina breaks it to Molly that Kiefer is the one who hit her. Molly is sorry she didn't know and for always defending him. Molly then tells Kristina that Kiefer is in the ER after getting hit by a car.

Sonny and Dante go to the rooftop and Sonny thanks his son for helping Kristina. Dante lashes out at him for being the reason she lied about her attacker in the first place because she was afraid he would kill Kiefer. Dante chastises him for being a bad father to all his kids, but Sonny thinks he's just looking for reasons to hate him because somewhere deep inside he wants him to be his father. Dante retorts he doesn’t ever want that. Olivia finds them and Sonny blames her keeping them apart. Olivia storms off and Sonny tells Dante he has 'some mother'. Dante punches Sonny, who says he is his son, but he can only push him so far. Dante yells, "You think I push you too far? You come and get me!"

Steve sees Jason near the elevator and expresses his hope that he won't cause any trouble. He accusingly says Kristina was afraid he was going to kill Kiefer, but Jason tells him he will talk to Kristina himself. After Steve walks away, Sam approaches Jason to ask him not to hurt Ethan. Jason tells her Kristina admitted Kiefer is the one who hit her. Sam asks him where he went when he found out. Jason assures her he didn't go after him and then learns about Kiefer's accident.

Alexis comes down to the ER and finds out that Kiefer has been brought in. His monitors go off and Steve says his spleen has ruptured. Alexis watches as the medical team rushes to try and save him, but ultimately fails, as Kiefer flatlines.

Ethan tries to defend himself to Maya at the mansion in regards to Kristina. He says he won't wait around for someone to believe him and will leave tonight. Skye walks in and says that would be a huge mistake.

Ethan and Skye go to the Haunted Star to wait for Luke who wants his son to stay in town. Ethan explains he was fencing some items at the time of Kristina's latest beating and Luke wants his fence's name so they can use him as a witness. Lucky comes aboard to tell Ethan Kiefer has been named as Kristina's attacker. However, Ethan isn't free and clear yet because Kiefer was hit by a car and his front fender is smashed in.

Next on General Hospital:

Warren wants justice.

Lucky arrests Ethan.

Dante forgives Olivia.

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