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    You've Got Some Mother.

    Tuesday, April 06 2010
    Dante lets out his anger, Kiefer meets his end, and Ethan is still on the hook.

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    Posted by lilmafia at Tuesday, April 06 2010 06:55 PM

    Well the kids are sound asleep and hubby just headed up to the spa with a bottle of wine. I wasn't specifically invited, but I think I'll join him anyway. Good night and happy posting.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Tuesday, April 06 2010 06:59 PM

    Sonny/Dante/Olivia-The guy just doesn't get it. He can't understand why Kristina would protect Keifer. Maybe she doesn't want to be responsible for someone else dying. As for Dante, I don't think he has to look very hard for reasons to hate Sonny as if he has nothing better to do. I am glad that Olivia stands behind her decision to keep Dante away from him. I am glad that someone has the nerve to punch Sonny. BTW Sonny might want to remember that Dante has a gun as well. I also noticed he didn't seem too concerned he was about to have an innocent man killed. Just treated it like it would have been a minor inconvenience.

    Kristina/Alexis/Sam/Molly-Alexis as always seems to be concerned that Kristina couldn't talk to her than about the fact she lied about her attacker. I can understand that everyone will rally around her but I do hope that someone will have the nerve to tell her she was wrong to name Ethan.

    Alexis/Keifer/The Bauers-It appears Alexis is witnessing the consequences of her actions or lack thereof. Frankly she looks ready for a room at Shadybrooke. I think its a shame that Keifer died as there was more of this story to explore but then again I don't think Guza is up to the task.

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Tuesday, April 06 2010 07:00 PM

    Hello everyone:
    Finally Kristina told the truth.Hopefully Alexis will do the same regarding Kiefer. I won't be sad to see him go. Dante has the same anger as Sonny.Alexis is still in shock of what happen with Kristina and hitting Kiefer with the car.It not sinking in yet for her. Kristina needs therapy for the abuse that happen to her.
    Sonny needs to give Dante time to accept him as a father. Sonny is in Dante face too much.Hope Sam will behave like a normal woman instead of what she is mouthing off to Ethan.I want more romance like Jason and Sam, Lulu and Dante, Alexis and Mac, Kate and Coleman, Maxie and Spinelli.
    Off topic:
    Hello to all new posters. Enjoying reading your comments.
    Hello to all regular posters and happy for you Smurf that your husband found a job. Good Luck to him.

    Posted by christiangrl1988 at Tuesday, April 06 2010 07:05 PM

    omg i just love general hospital

    Posted by Billievk at Tuesday, April 06 2010 07:17 PM

    I can not believe you are killing Keifer off. This was an important lesson on teen age dating and for girls not to take abuse from the guy they are dating. He should have had to pay for what he did---go on trial---not be accepted to Harvard and his parents to realize what type of son they raised ----Very disappointed in the outcome to this story line.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, April 06 2010 07:20 PM

    Hold the phone Batman! Did Keifer actually die or did he just flatline for a cliffhanger?

    Posted by lillybee at Tuesday, April 06 2010 07:26 PM

    If Kiefer didn't die today, he will surely die tomorrow or shortly thereafter.

    Posted by Starlett at Tuesday, April 06 2010 08:07 PM

    ring-Not only has Lucky not posted in a few days, but Storm hasn't either. Hope everything is okay.

    been-I'm with you, it couldn't hurt for Alexis to have the police chief in her pants, I mean pocket. Your comment about Diane being flexible had me LOL!
    I do have to say Alexis rocked her scenes today. Looked like she'd been run through a wringer and came out soapy wet!

    Smurf-I was glad to read your good news. Good for YOU and hubby. Tears of joy are good.

    enad-From all appearances Kiefer's parents have as much money as Prince Nikolas. Mr Bauer probably has the governor on speed dial. Those corporate sharks (CS) are vicious. Mobsters kill people, but CS make people kill themselves. Alexis will need all the help she can get! I do believe that this time she will come clean with Mac.

    REALMEN-Welcome! Loved your post

    Luke, Tracy, Edward (and I believe Skye) know that Ethan and Maya were in a fender bender. I wonder if either of them will think to mention it to Lucky. This arresting Ethan every time the trash doesn't get picked up is getting old.

    ran-LMAO..."too bad she didn't jump"

    Alexis and Kristina need to book a room at Shadybrook. I'm sure they can get a mother/daughter discount.

    aussie-Kiefer died today. Now its time for his dad to take center stage. He's going to want THE BIG PAYBACK!

    Posted by poodles at Tuesday, April 06 2010 08:14 PM

    Hi everyone:

    Smurf: Congrats to you and your husband on his new job.

    Aussie: Kiefer- He's a goner! If Dr. Webber, spent more time careing for his patient, instead of harassing,a good looking mob enforcer. maybe he would be around to see another day.

    I know, not a CSI expert, but why or how, would the Police, not be able to tell the difference, between the body damage of a car involved in a minor accident, to what the damage would have been, if that same car was involved in a predestrian hit and run??????

    I was somewhat shocked, when Sonny's reply to Jason saying that he didn't kill Ethan was--Thank GOD. I guess, I expected more of a reaction and relief.

    Posted by lillybee at Tuesday, April 06 2010 08:15 PM

    And of course, Ethan again must be arrested by his brother. Doesn't the PCPD have a clue about forensic evidence. For example, check Kiefer's clothes for paint transfer, Alexis drives a white Pirius, Ethan I think drives an SUV. To the person who posted upthread it was a good idea that Alexis could try the Toyota defense.

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