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    You've Got Some Mother.

    Tuesday, April 06 2010
    Dante lets out his anger, Kiefer meets his end, and Ethan is still on the hook.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:45 PM

    Oops, meant Dante is going to end up being a lot like his daddy. Got that cute Ethan on my brain.

    Posted by willowk at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:50 PM

    I agree Kristina needs counseling. I think what's bothered me, and some others is that everyone was quick to condemn Ethan, yet today, there were few really expressions of shock or sorrow that they had all contributed to making him feel he had not a friend (except Luke) in the world. Even with the apologies coming, its telling the difference in the reactions. Since I've calmed down a bit since my last post, it does make sense that Dante would blame Sonny, he's already mad at him, at the world really that Sonny's his dad. And he's just as quick to get mad and it seems strike out physically as Sonny does. Although I can't remember the last time Sonny actually punched someone? Anyone remember?

    And one last thought--I think having Kiefer hit by a car right after the incident and die is a cop-out. And to have been hit by Alexis! I'm sure Alexis will feel she can't come forward, that people will think she did it on purpose, and Kristina will feel guilty. So there'll be a cover-up, although you'd think they'd realize the truth always comes out--it does in soap-land at least.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, April 06 2010 04:55 PM

    Smurf: Wonderful News! Thrilled for your family and for having the faith to hang on.

    Seaqagirl: I love the verse : " and a child shall lead them" Great quote! But my all time favorite is : Forgive them for they know not what they do"....

    I wish Sonny would press assault charges or even police abuse against Dante. That would be great for his case! Dante would be off the witness list and maybe in jail where he belongs for hitting , no punching a man twice his age. He is a abuser and assaulter.

    How would Olivia know to go to the roof of a hospital? Too bad she didn't jump.

    Jason says to Steve "mind your own business" ! Great advice!

    Alexis hardly let Sonny see Kristina so I really don't see how Sonny can be blamed for Kristina's upbringing. And It wasn't the right time, as Kristina has just been admitted to a hospital, to yell at her about lying. But, I do hope people hold Kristina responsible for her actions.

    They say love and hate are a close feeling and I think that is what Dante is feeling about Sonny. He loves him and hates himself for that feeling. Just a matter of time. Like Luke and Lucky...we will have Dante and Sonny.

    Luckyinlove...You have those babies?

    Posted by Mama to LA at Tuesday, April 06 2010 05:00 PM

    Bad parenting is one of my pet peeves. Alexis telling kristina she did nothing wrong was horrible. I am not saying she should have berated her while she was in the hospital recovering, but when Kristina said she messed up Alexis should have said yes you made a big mistake. She should have pointed out to her that an innocent man was arrested and could have been killed. She could have then said right now while you are recovering is not the time to get into this but after you are home we are going to have to adress how you handled this.
    The scene with Dante and Sonny. Wow just when I thought things couldn't get any worse between the two of them. I don't think I completely agree with Dante that Kristina not telling it was kiefer was sonny's fault. I think Kristina's reasons and motivations for lying were complex not only that she was afraid her dad would kill kiefer. That may have been a part of why she lied, but not the only reason.

    Posted by Mama to LA at Tuesday, April 06 2010 05:09 PM

    One more thing. The characters who have been condemning Ethan are not rushing fast enough to apologize to Ethan to please me.

    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, April 06 2010 05:14 PM

    Rans..You know the rule at the hospital....
    If you can't find someone first place to look
    is the roof top. You know Chief Weber should
    really put some table & chairs up there.
    People could lunch up there. LOL

    Posted by Redlobster21 at Tuesday, April 06 2010 05:27 PM

    realmenlovGH, that was funny.

    Posted by EmCaiss at Tuesday, April 06 2010 05:31 PM

    Urghhhh! I had to leave 15 mins before the show ended today and I missed the punch! Sounds like it was a good scene!

    Everyone is right about Alexis, she needs to stop telling Krissy she didn't do anything wrong and start telling her that lying about Ethan was wrong and that she should have told the truth about Kiefer the first time it happened. I understand Alexis is emotional right now b/c of the state Kristina is in so maybe once everyone calms down she will make her accountable for lying. I'm sure the only thing on Alexis' mind right now is that she ran over Kiefer and needs to come forward and tell the police. I'm sure she is also feeling guilty as ttoyou said for trusting Kiefer. It was an accident but my guess is that Sam will convince her not to say anything b/c everyone will think she did it on purpose and I hope Sam doesn't say he got what he deserved.

    Willowk you are right about Kristina, she did not name Ethan to protect Kiefer from Sonny and
    Ringleader you are right about her naming Ethan b/c she resented his behaviour towards her and also b/c she was protecting him from having a record and ruining his chances at Yale. Also, she was afraid of Kiefer. Isn't that why abused women protect their abuser, b/c they are afraid?

    I don't think it had anything to do with Sonny otherwise she would have said she didn't know or that she was afraid to say because Sonny would kill them. She said Ethan and I'm sure she didn't want Ethan dead. I realize they were pressuring her to say who did it but she could have just said nothing instead she named Ethan b/c she was mad he rejected her and b/c she was protecting/afraid of Kiefer.

    I also think Sonny is feeling remorse for almost killing his best friends son as he said so today and I bet he will apologize to Luke and Ethan, what does everyone else think??

    I also think Sonny might end up killing Kiefer's dad if he finds out he is a physical abuser to women like Deke was and ultimately will think he should be held responsible for Kiefer and his actions on his daughter. Anyone else think so?

    Cheers everyone!

    Posted by Redlobster21 at Tuesday, April 06 2010 05:32 PM

    When and who did Alexis killed before?

    Posted by lillybee at Tuesday, April 06 2010 05:35 PM

    But Ransomha, Luke never shot Lucky point blank in the chest.

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